Duncan Trillo / Covent Garden 1982


Old habits die hard I guess.


Throughout most of the 80s I performed full-time in London's Covent Garden as a street performer. I'd do my show, which was free, and at the end audience members would make a contribution, but only if they wanted to. Street performing is an odd business model, but a rather nice one. There's a real purity about it.


When I launched MagicWeek back in July 2000 I decided to use a similar formula. So MagicWeek is free. To generate income I'd run magic dealer ads.


Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat... they hadn't been invented, nor had the Smartphone/iPhone, so the way people used the internet was very different.


MagicWeek took off and I'm pleased to say that today it is as popular as ever, and read by thousands of magicians every week. But the number of magic dealers that advertise has decreased a little in recent years, due, amongst other things, to the rise of the almighty just mentioned Facebook, Twitter, YouTube...


As MagicWeek heads towards its 1,000 edition, and as I'd like it to continue from there to the 2,000 edition, I thought I'd introduce a 'MagicWeek Backer' scheme.


In a nutshell, if you enjoy MagicWeek, and would like to support it (from just 1 a month via 'PayPal Subscription' so that you won't even notice it, or with a one-off contribution), then please do. It would be very welcomed.


MagicWeek will always be free, but the street performer in me is now passing the hat to help it along.


Duncan Trillo (7th July 2018).


Duncan Trillo / Covent Garden 1983


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