Number 3 - 15th July 2000


This year's IBM British Ring Convention (Eastbourne September 26th to October 1st) features a truly international line up: Goldfinger and Dove (making their first UK appearance I think), The Evasons, Murray, Amethyst, Peter Marvey, Steve Bedwell, Peggy Fox, Billy McComb, Tommy Wonder, Crisco, Terry Seabrooke, Versini, Rich Block, Colin Rose, Tensai, W McIlhany, Dominique Duvivier, Shirley Ray, Julius Frack, Carlijn, Mickael and Bethy Ross, Roger Crosthwaite, David Wood, Nicholas Einhorn, Peter Gardner, and Jur Luiten. For a registration form contact the British Ring Secretary, Jeffery Atkins, on: 023 8081 3869. 15.7.00


Jerry Sadowitz, currently starring at The Soho Theatre in the West End (see What's On), is bringing a version of his close-up magic show to television. Titled Jerryatrick the show records on July 24th in south London. 15.7.00


Anthony Owen has contributed some book reviews to this week's MagicWeek, with more planned for the future. Anthony is the editor of The Magic Circular, the house magazine of the Magic Circle, a busy performer, and a partner in the magic group Dynamic Fx. 15.7.00


Paul Daniels has just returned from FISM where he received a standing ovation following his interview with MAGIC's Stan Allen. The recently published Paul Daniels autobiography Under No Illusion is now available from MagicWeek in association with (Everything you always wanted to know about Paul Daniels, but were afraid to ask.) To order your copy simply click on the book and you'll be taken straight through to Amazons web site for secure online ordering with a credit card. Now that's magic. 15.7.00


The FISM results are in. I've included them in MagicWeek, even though normally our news is centered around the UK, because this year we had a number of British acts in the competitions. Apparently there were some major organizational blunders, and a number of headliners didn't appear, but still most registrants had a good time. I don't think anyone in the US has realised that they've got a new FISM champion! Scott has been living in the Netherlands for ten years but he's an American. Here are the results:

Grand Prix:

Scott the Magician (Scott Shawl USA) and Muriel (The Netherlands)

General Magic:
1st place Mask, France
2nd place Yumi, Japan
3rd place a tie between George Saterial, USA and Roxanne, Germany

1st place Kenji Minemura, Japan
2nd place Norbert Ferre, France
3rd place Eduardo, Brazil

Close-up Cards:
1st place Henry Evans
2nd place Mago Migue, Spain
3rd place a tie between Thomas Fraps and Gaston, Germany and Gregory Wilson, USA

Close-up General:
1st place Simo Aalto, Finland
2nd place Manuel Muerte, Germany
3rd place Gery, Austria

1st place der Hexer
2nd place Yunke, Spain
3rd place Zauberteam Flick-Flack, Germany

1st place Michael Ross
2nd place Ariston, Argentina
3rd place Kalle Hakkarainen, Finland

Mental Magic:
1st place not awarded
2nd place Luis Boyano e Isabella, Spain
3rd place Nicola Friedrich, Germany

Comedy Magic:
1st place not awarded
2nd place Zauderer, Germany
3rd place The Maestro, USA


MagicWeek achieved over 1,000 hits (not all unique) in its first 10 days which is pretty good going for a new magic site, so thank you! Please Email your News, Dates, Events, and Views to MagicWeek. See you next week, Duncan Trillo. 15.7.00