Number 4 - 22nd July 2000


Maria Friedman, Lucie Arnaz, and Joanna Riding play the three high-flying witches in Sir Cameron Mackintosh's production of The Witches of Eastwick which opened at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on Tuesday night. The $7 million Anglo-American production stars Ian McShane as Darryl Van Horne (the Devil) but it is the three witches that have been grabbing headlines as they take off together at the end of the first act - and fly out over the audience!


Are two dancing canes better than one? No. Would two floating balls be better than one? No! But three witches taking off together live on stage? You bet! After Copperfield's flying presentation I've never understood why other magicians would want to duplicate it, but here is the same 'effect' in a theatrical setting, performed for a reason, and as such it will shine. I should add that their flying is more theatrical magic  than magical magic, with a completely different setup to Copperfields. For booking information see What's On. 22.7.00


Ron and Martin MacMillan's 29th International Magic Convention (December 1st-3rd) sees a change of venue for the Sunday events this year. The Sunday day-time events (dealers and Close-up) will be held at The Congress Centre, Great Russell Street, London W.C.1. Situated off Tottenham Court Road it is just a few minutes walk from the old venue. This new venue has separate rooms offering improved performance conditions for the close-up shows. The evening show will once again be staged at Her Majesty's Theatre, Haymarket. Always a great convention. 22.7.00


Joe Pasquale will go on tour from March to June 2001 with 2001 - A Magical Oddity. Pasquale is a brilliant live performer who combines comedy and magic like no other. More details nearer the time. 22.7.00


Big Brother, the Channel4 version of the European Big Brother has a magic enthusiast in its midst! Whether we will see him performing any magic on TV remains to be seen - as does how long he will last in the house. Big Brother, Channel 4, also: 22.7.00 (already known to many magicians in the UK) have started advertising with MagicWeek. The site layout is very clear, it loads quickly, they have a comprehensive range of magic, and their service is first class. All orders to the UK are sent via air mail for one low flat rate. Do have a look at their range. 22.7.00


A number of new links have been added this week Card Flourishes being one of them - they're listed on the 'various' links page. 22.7.00


More News, Views (I don't mind a bit of controversy), Dates etc.. from individual magicians would really be welcomed, as would any Magic Show reviews. There will generally be two or three weeks News here - to find out what came before click the Back Issues button where a complete listing of previous news will be maintained. That's it! See you next week, Duncan. 22.7.00