Number 6 - 5th August 2000


Derren Brown will be appearing at this year's MindMagic 2000 seminar, which will be held in London on November 12th. At last year's event he made a huge impact. Andy Fisher wrote in his review: "For me, the highlight of the day came in Derren Brown's performance. By using his principle of 'invisible compromise,' an extraordinary chain of direct mind reading and trance-inducing suggestions were presented to a dumb-founded audience. Derren is doing things that most of us have held to be little more than pipe dreams. His thinking on mentalism and magic in general is ground-breaking and I would urge you to seek him out if he is lecturing in a country near you!" A world-class performer. Visit Derren's web site at More on MindMagic 2000 mid September. 5.8.00


"The Protection of Magicians' Secrets should help performers, creators, and manufacturers of magic understand and appreciate the choices available to them in protecting the essence of their art. It will also provide a starting point for attorneys interested in assisting the magic community in protecting magic secrets. Summarising each area of the relevant law in America, it contains a brief explanation of the possible application of the form of protection, and contains a practical summary of the advantages and disadvantages associated with the protective theory. The Protection of Magicians' Secrets will help members of the magic community determine whether they wish to consult an attorney in order to obtain the protections that the law provides. The report also contains innovative ideas which could advance the cutting edge of the law in the protection of magic secrets." Although written for the American market I am sure that this would make worthwhile reading for anyone concerned with intellectual copyright, magic, and the law. The price is $25.00 (U.S.), including priority shipping. For more information, contact: Abb Dickson, International President: World Alliance of Magicians, through the website: 5.8.00


Zippo's Circus now feature more magic and illusion in their shows, and are currently on tour. Ticket prices start from 6.00 for adults and 4.00 for children. For further information, and the tour schedule telephone: 07050 121416. 5.8.00


Alakazam Magic was formed by Peter and Jenny Nardi in 1995, its aim being to supply the latest effects from all around the world. In August 1999 they launched the web site and business has since grown dramatically. Stocking magic from all the major manufacturers, they also release their own unique close-up effects. Do visit - now advertising in MagicWeek. 5.8.00


This week there are more Articles and Reviews (from Anthony Owen), plus a number of new links. Do visit Connoisseur Conjuring and Magic Ian's Corner - if you haven't already; they're both listed under 'Various.' 5.8.00


Congratulations to Mandy Davis whose e-mail (see Mail Box) won the Marvin's Magic sponsored Collectable Card Tricks prize for best mail sent to the Mail Box during MagicWeek's opening month -  sent it in on the 30th... tactics eh? I'd still like more news from individual magicians... where are you performing? what's happening? that sort of thing. See you next week when I'll be adding the webs fastest search engine to MagicWeek - to help you boldly search where no magic search has gone before! Duncan. 5.8.00