Number 9 - 26th August 2000


David Blaine, the first magician to rival Copperfield's world television dominance, can be seen in his second TV special David Blaine Magic Man on Bank Holiday Monday on Channel 4 at 10pm. The Radio Times have given it a 'choice' rating: "Suddenly it's hip to be a magician, and David Blaine is the hippest of them all." Blaine has certainly given TV magic a well deserved shake-up. His first TV special captured the essence of magic like no other. David Blaine - Magic Man review: Click Here 26.8.00


David Lang has set up Mentalists Asylum a new internet discussion group for amateur, semi professional and professional magicians with an interest in mentalism. Only magicians may join the group, either by being known to an existing member or by corresponding with the list moderator. Methods and effects (established and new) may be freely discussed on this group and members are encouraged to post ideas for discussion by the other members. The rights to an idea or new effect belong to the person initially posting it and members should credit the original source accordingly. For further information: Click Here You won't find it if you do a search on E Groups because it is deliberately unlisted. 26.8.00


Magician Dominic Wood will bring his spellbinding magic to the role of Cinderella's best friend, Buttons, this Christmas in the best loved pantomime of them all Cinderella at the Theatre Royal, Bath. Dominic hit the headlines last Autumn when he became the first children's presenter ever to have two series running simultaneously on both BBC and ITV. 'Animal Magic' on BBC1 and 'Jungle Run' on ITV (the biggest game show ever made for Children's ITV). And on 'Record Breakers' he achieved the World Record for the highest number of card tricks ever to be performed in one minute. Thursday 14th December 2000 - Sunday 21st January 2001. Dominic Wood, Marti Webb and Tom Owen star. Box office telephone: 01225 448844. Tickets 7.50 to 17.50. 26.8.00


Our magic advertisers have all made recent changes to their websites: have had a total design make-over making their site far more 'hands-on' and a real pleasure to use. have now completed a redesign and upgrade of their web site. Many new products have been added in addition to several new features. who were our first magic advertisers run an excellent service from the States. Their content is constantly being updated with the latest magic. Please support all our advertisers as without them there would be no MagicWeek. 26.8.00


John Lenahan has just completed a cruise for P&O our spies tell us. Meanwhile his one hour TV show Hoaxbusters, that was postponed from a number of weeks ago, still hasn't been shown, but rest assured it will be. (Or was it all just a hoax?!) 26.8.00


Marc Salem's Mind Games is reviewed by Tony Walker this week: Marc Salem Mind Games or see under Reviews. There's a new magician featured in Magic Profile this month. The Coin Purse is an excellent web site for all coin magic enthusiasts and is listed under Links/Various. Kevin Gallagher responds to Tony Griffiths's article of last week, in this issue. Have you tried using the Magic Search from Google (see button under links) for searching the internet? It really is excellent. Well, that's about it for now, let MagicWeek know YOUR news.

Duncan Trillo. 26.8.00