Number 13 - 23rd September 2000


The World's Greatest Magic lll was repeated on Channel 5 last Saturday. I find these productions a little soulless. "Booking Boxes" doesn't result in a great magic show - booking "performers," and then letting them perform, does. Two magicians did manage to shine through though: the brilliant and very funny Michael Finney, and Guy Hollingworth, presenting his stunning close-up magic. Even here the production nearly got in the way of the performance as we were "treated" to unnecessary slow motion replays (reminiscent of a certain 60's movie) that came dangerously close to giving the game away. Hans Klok (pictured) was the opening act. Whenever I see Hans Klok performing I get images of Trumpton's Windy Miller running through my mind. Hans is on again tonight in his own show Illusions of the New Millennium, Channel 5, 6.50pm. 23.9.00


Graham P Jolley (photo), David Berglas, and Derren Brown headline at this year's MindMagic 2000 seminar (November, central London). Graham has an almost unique ability in that he manages to combine mind boggling mind-reading with a rapid-fire wit. There's no other performer quite like him in the World. Not to be missed. For more on MindMagic 2000 visit the web site: 23.9.00


Extreme Magic is a new publication from featuring over a dozen of today's most powerful street magic effects. Tricks that you'll be ready to do anytime, anywhere. See this week's Cool Magic selection. 23.9.00


Dominic Wood and sidekick Billy Nibbles present a new 13 part series of The Animal Magic Show from Friday September 29th on BBC 1 at 3.55pm. 23.9.00


Thanks to Mandy Davis who sent in a review of One Man and his Magic - Jack Delvin's show. This year's Reading Junior Day takes place on Sunday October 22nd see What's On for details. A very well laid-out American site that links to other world wide sites is Card Msg - do have a look (it is being expanded all the time). Kevin Gallagher has a 'Magician's Club Room' on his site that is also well worth a visit too: Have you visited the MagicWeek Contact Page yet? The often very funny Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends is back with Louis meeting up with a Las Vegas hypnotist - see TV Magic for details. If you'd like to link MagicWeek to your web site please use the link button below. Well, that's it for this week - we'll have some reports from the British Ring Convention next week I expect - see Back Issues for information on the convention, oh, and don't forget to watch Illusions of the New Millennium tonight at 6.50pm! Duncan Trillo. 23.9.00