Number 18 - 28th October 2000


The 25th and final Reading Junior Day took place on Sunday the 22nd, and was a great success. The two competitions formed the core of the days events, and I must say that I thought the standard high. The close-up attracted just four entries yet all presented well constructed routines, and a lot of ad-libbed humour. In the main they were free of the "scripted slickness" that often alienates audiences from magicians performances. Well done to all, and especially close-up winner Mathew Duggan. The stage competition had eleven entries. Clearly a lot of work had gone into these acts. Many had an original theme and some manipulative or skillful magic. They performed well but nearly all the silent acts let themselves down with their choice of music - it often clashed with their magic, instead of complementing it. And far too high playback levels didn't help here either. Alex Lodge (main photo) won with a manipulative act that included dove productions and a number of original ideas.  He managed to introduce some light and shade into his performance and chose the just right music for an intricate thimble manipulation sequence, before building to the end of his act. Well done Alex - top man!


The runner up was Joe Knight, the Comedy winner Will Britles, and the Most Promising Newcomer Hayley-Anna Dancy. Next year the event will be staged by the Magic Circle at their London HQ; we'll have more on this nearer the time. 28.10.00


This is Andy Nyman! Better know to MagicWeek readers as a mentalist and mind-reader Andy is in fact a busy actor and has just completed filming on a new movie. Based on the best selling novel by Martin Amis Dead Babies (18) will have a cinema release in December and stars Andy playing the role of  Keith - "Small, repulsive, and with no redeeming features" - so nothing new there then. (Oops!) 28.10.00


Scott The Magician and Miss Muriel star in the International Gala Show at the Blackpool Convention, 25th February 2001. This is the act that won them the Grand Prix at FISM 2000 - the highest competition award in Magic. More on the Blackpool convention in the coming weeks. 28.10.00


In this week's Radio Times there is a one page feature on world wide magic websites titled Web of illusions. "Become the David Blaine of your neighbourhood by wandering into the wizard array of magic websites." MagicWeek advertiser are mentioned, with a reference to their site's discussion area. It all ties in with David Blaine's recent visit to the UK of course, and gives magic a good boost. 28.10.00


The Big Issue (October 16th) ran an article that charted the rise and fall of child stars and talked to Guy Kent (photo - circa 1975) one of Britain's youngest ever professional magicians. From 1975 to 1982 Guy Kent made a big impact on the British magic scene with his very slick silent act appearing on television and in live shows all over the country. He finished with magic when he was 22. "I do wonder where those kids coming out of the Italia-Conti stage school will end up. Kids don't want to watch magicians now - they just want to play on their Playstations." 28.10.00


In the UK MagicWeek means MagicWeek, but in the States it has a new meaning. Society of American Magicians National President Jann Wherry Goodsell has just proclaimed the week of October 25 to October 31 as "Magic Week." For more than forty years the Society of American Magicians has been recognizing the anniversary of the death of Harry Houdini with a special week throughout the United States and Canada. Houdini, a past President of the Society, died at 1:26 p.m. October 31, 1926. He had been president during the previous nine years and was the Society's most famous member. For more on this story visit the SAM website by clicking here 28.10.00


MagicWeek will be exhibiting at The Magic Circle Dealers' Day, Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way, London WC1 from 10am until 5pm next Saturday November 4th. (Entrance: non members 5, members free) Do come along to the Trillusion stand and say "hi!" There is a new magician profiled in Magic Profile this month. Have a look at Articles to see what's new. We'd still like to have more news from the various magic societies up and down the country - MagicWeek is a great way to instantly let the rest of the country know what you're up to, lectures, events, shows, and so on... let us know! All contributions are always welcomed. Thank you. See you next week, Duncan. 28.10.00