Number 21 - 18th November 2000


Graham P Jolley live at MindMagic 2000. Graham gave a quite brilliant performance before a packed audience of fellow Mind Readers on Sunday the 12th. Every so often a performance at a magic event burns itself into ones memory forever - this was such a performance. A unique entertainer who has somehow managed to combine a rapid-fire wit with stunning mind reading and split-second ad-libbing. Ask ANYONE who was there! Another performer who shone was Danny Buckler... for a full review of MindMagic 2000 by Mark Elsdon Click Here 18.11.00


The Society of American Magicians will present a special "Magic Circle Gala Show" at their National Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, (July 12th - 15th 2001). Flying out to perform in the show are: Alan Shaxon, Duncan Trillo, Terry Herbert, Scott Penrose, and Al Carthy, with Michael Bailey and Christopher Pratt emceeing. For more information, and to register for the convention, visit the official SAM website: Click Here 18.11.00


Jerry Sadowitz is back on our screens from tomorrow in The Jerry Atrick Show (channel 5). The show features Jerry's magic and unique comedy. See TV Magic for details. 18.11.00


Magician Paul Daniels rendered Ali G speechless by appearing on his show wearing an 'Ali G outfit' in blue, complete with Tommy Gear hat and glasses. Ali was laughing so hard all he could say was, "What the **** is you doing?" Daniels replied, "I is askin' meself the same t'ing!" The interview was recorded for Ali G's last TV series but was too rude to be shown on television. During their surreal meeting, referring to David Copperfield, Ali asks: "how come 'e got Schiffer and you only got McGee?" The previously unseen interview is contained in a new video, Ali G, Aiii (18), due to be released for Christmas. In the introduction, Ali says: "Me can't believe how many of you bought me last video. You should've nicked it, init? Ain't I taught you nuffin'?" 18.11.00


It is reported that Uri Geller is threatening to sue the Nintendo empire for $100 million. One of the new Pokémon characters, who wields a bent spoon, is called "Yun Geller." Uri Geller claims that the Japanese maker owes him millions in damages; his main concern being the effect evil Pokémon will have on children. Our two and a half year old daughter loves Pokémon, but I'm with Uri on this one! 18.11.00


The Scottish Association of Magical Societies hold their 50th Convention from April 27th to the 29th, 2001. The event includes lectures, close-up, cabaret, children's magic and more. On the Friday night there is a welcome reception and show. Saturday features two lectures, a children's show and a dinner cabaret. And Sunday a close-up competition, lecture and farewell lunch. More information to come. 18.11.00


There's a review of 'Card Concepts' by Arthur F. MacTier under Reviews this week, together with the MindMagic review and photos. We'd still like more news from individual magicians... What are you up to? Where are you performing? That sort of thing. I'll be reporting on the Channing Pollock talk next week, see you then, Duncan. 18.11.00