Number 23 - 2nd December 2000


Comedy magician Joe Pasquale and illusionist Russ Stevens appeared in a Gala Variety Show in aid of the Anthony Nolan Trust at the London Palladium on Sunday November 26th. Joe Pasquale was in great form, presenting magic's slickest vanishing radio (!), and Russ Stevens (photo), two illusions and his excellent card manipulation sequence. The show also featured "The Fastest Hands on Earth" juggler Wally Eastwood, who flew in from the Tropicana in Las Vegas. Engelbert Humperdinck topped the bill. Directed by Brian Rogers. Produced by Paul Stone. It was an excellent show. 2.12.00


David Blaine's 62 hours in a block of ice hit the headlines all over the world. In the UK he was seen on both ITV's main news and on Channel 5's news. The live website link-up was really excellent broadcasting a continuous, three camera, full screen, live feed to the whole world. What made it so "live" was hearing onlookers comments as they walked around him. Another master-stroke from David Blaine then, and hopefully one that will slow down the pre-recorded "dangerous" magic shows, and perhaps open up TV people to the possibilities, and excitement, that can only be generated by live TV. 2.12.00 have just started to advertise with us, they can be found on the Dealers link page which is proving to be very popular. who have everything from small card tricks and close-up magic right through to large illusions and a number of rare and "unseen" items have taken out a display ad. as have a family run business that stocks a large selection of magic, with customer service being a priority, and free online tutorials that often help customers who may be struggling with a particular move. 2.12.00


A pre-publication First Issue (January 1st 2001) of The Quidnunc, a new monthly journal for card magic enthusiasts, has been sent through from Paul Gordon. Subscriptions are available, depending on the way you subscribe, from as little as 15 per annum (12 issues). Our copy came through as a 12 page "word.doc" email attachment which downloaded in seconds. If card magic is your thing then why not visit the website for subscription information: Click Here. For a few magic Christmas present ideas visit the Book Shop where you'll find a number of new items. The Magic Zone is an International site with many interesting links. The TV Magic page has some new listings this week. MagicWeek now has a banner available for sites that would like to link to MagicWeek, Click Here to view and download. I'm off to The 29th International Day of Magic on Sunday, and will be reporting next week. See you then, Duncan. 2.12.00