Number 29 - 13th January 2001


There's a review of Derren Brown: Mind Control this week under Reviews. 13.1.01


Geoffrey Durham has recorded some more appearances for Channel 4's quiz program Countdown (4.30pm Ch4) and can be seen performing two of Presto Magic's exclusive effects on shows being screened this month. On the 25th January Geoffrey performs 'Out Of Order', Angelo Carbone's card effect, and on January 26th Geoffrey performs a special custom version of Presto Magic's 'ImpossiBolt' effect, which uses brass nuts and bolts. Details of these, and other Presto Magic close-up effects, from: 13.1.01


Magician Jon Allen appeared on Young, Gifted & Broke, the late night showcase for new acts on Monday on ITV. "When I actually tell people that I am a magician there are various reactions. Sometimes they say show me a trick and I say if I was a professional boxer you wouldn't ask me to punch you in the head now would you?" Shot on location at the Centre for the Magic Arts, London. 13.1.01


The London Mime Festival opens today and runs through until the 28th. I don't think that there are any magicians performing there this year but it gets a top MagicWeek recommendation none the less! Visit their website to find out who's on: 13.1.01


EuroPro Magic will be advertising with MagicWeek for the next few weeks. 13.1.01


In 'Blink of an Eye' Peter Stammers poses the question "are there better ways to spend your money than on the tricks themselves?" Articles. We'd love to have more articles (long or short) from readers on any magic related topic - just send your writing in as an e-mail. Did you know that every time you buy a book from via the MagicWeek website (by clicking on an Amazon advertisement, or link first, and then directly placing an order) we receive a small commission? It's a great way to support MagicWeek that doesn't cost you a penny! The MagicWeek Book Shop offers a small selection of just some of the magic books and videos available from Well that's all for this week, see you next week, Duncan Trillo. 13.1.01