Number 31 - 27th January 2001


The Bristol Day of Magic takes place on Sunday 13th May 2001. During the day there will be lectures from Simon Lovell (photo), Tony Rix and Pat Page. Close-up sessions by Mike O'Brien, Shaun McCree, Tim Shoesmith, and Simon Lovell. And in the evening at the Winter Gardens Playhouse Theatre, Western Super Mare, a Gala Show with Colin Rose, Scott Penrose, Duncan Trillo, Daniel Dean, Pat Page, Simon Lovell, and MC Mandy Muden. The Bristol Day of Magic is one of the main events in the UK magical calendar. All enquiries to Registration Officer, Andy McLaren: 27.1.01


Michael Jackson is to be best man at Uri and Hanna Geller's wedding. The ceremony will take place at Uriís mansion in Sonning, Berkshire, in the second week of March. In actual fact the couple married ten years ago but now want to exchange vows in a traditional Jewish ceremony. Uri said: "It is going to be a very quiet and spiritual event. Michael and I go back many years, we have done spiritual things together. We are very close." Hanna had originally hoped to hold the ceremony at Stonehenge, but this wasn't going to be possible. "Hanna and I were going to get married in Budapest in 1991. We travelled there because we wanted to get married in the main synagogue where my parents were married. But when we went there it was shut down for repairs. So we had a civil ceremony." said Uri. 27.1.01


The Second Magic Circle Heritage Weekend runs from the 4th to the 6th May 2001. Incorporating the 26th Collectors' Day, this three day event includes video presentations, top international speakers, a magical tribute compiled and presented by John Fisher, Jim Steinmeyer presenting a lecture, 'The Physics of the Looking Glass,' and the Heritage Auction (more below). All events are open to both members, and non-members, of The Magic Circle. For more details and booking information visit What's On 27.1.01


An Evening with Tommy Cooper, a play by John Fisher, will be presented by Lee Menzies and the actor Patrick Ryecart this Autumn, in London's West End. Directed by Alan Ayckbourn the play is about Tommy Cooper's last night on stage. Tommy Cooper, one of Britain's best loved comedians famed for magic routines that never quite worked out, made his television debut in 1947. During the 60's and 70's his career took off; he was one of those rare entertainers that everyone seemed to love. In the spring on 1984, while performing on a Live from Her Majesty's show, that actually was transmitted live, he collapsed on stage in the middle of a routine that involved a giant 'dressing gown' and lots of props - the audience didn't realise at first that something wasn't right. He died minutes later on the way to hospital. 27.1.01


The Magic Circle Heritage Auction takes place on 6th May 2001. This Major Auction will be held as part of the Second Magic Circle Heritage Weekend (above) at The Centre for the Magic Arts in London from 4th - 6th May 2001. The Appeal Auction held at the First Heritage Weekend in 1999 caused much interest and set new records, with collectors bidding from all over the world. This new auction will feature similar items superfluous to The Magic Circle collection, but will also accept Lots, of magical collectable interest, from other vendors for which a commission of 15% will be charged by The Magic Circle. There will, however, be no buyer's commission, and advance bids will be welcome by letter, fax or e-mail. Full details will be in the Catalogue price £10 ($20 inc airmail postage) that will also give entry to the Auction on Sunday 6th May. The Catalogue will not be available until early April, and will be advertised separately. As the number of Lots will be limited, if you wish to submit item(s) of magical collectable interest, please apply NOW for a form to the Auctioneer: Henry Lewis FSVA MIMC, The Magic Circle, The Centre for the Magic Arts, 12 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HD, England Phone 020 7387 2222 Fax 020 7387 5114 Email: Lots may be submitted by both members, and non-members, of the Magic Circle. 27.1.01


Ricky Jay starred as The Amazing Maleeni in The X Files (repeat) on Sunday night, (with Jonathan Levit) and literally made heads turn in a fun episode. On Thursday 'Angelo The Illusionist' appeared on BBC 1's Passport to the Sun (photo). Why do some performers spend vast sums of money simply to imitate others? Paul Daniels and Mandy Davis pitted their wits against each other on Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4, Friday morning, discussing the pros and cons of women in magic, "Can we look forward to the day Paul when Debbie will be cutting you in half?" asked presenter Martha Kearney. 27.1.01 have been granted exclusive UK wholesale distribution of Ben Harris effects ( This places their magic firmly in the UK allowing other UK dealers to order from and not have to worry about freighting stock all the way from Australia. So, if you're a UK dealer and would like immediate stocks of Cosmosis: The Original Floating Match, or Quarks & Quirks, Ben Harris' new book, then simply contact See MagicWeek's Dealer listing for contact details. Magician Tony Antoniou has created a new online magic forum simply called Magic Forum UK. Users need to register before posting, but this is very quick. For more information visit: Paul Daniels was featured in The Sun on Tuesday in an article titled "You'd have to be a magician like Paul to conjure up flood insurance payouts" it looked at the problems faced by recent flood victims in their quest for fair settlements with their insurance companies. I hope to have an article on 'ethics, magic and magicians' soon - see you next week, Duncan. 27.1.01