Number 32 - 3rd February 2001


Paramount have plans for Tom Cruise, together with Paula Wagner, to produce an adaptation of David Fisher's book The War Magician. First published in 1983 the book tells the true life story of Britain's Jasper Maskelyne who adapted his magical skills to aid the allied war efforts. Stationed in Egypt as part of the Royal Engineer's Camouflage Corps, Maskelyne worked with mirrors to hide machine-gun nests, turned tanks into supply trucks, and even produced decoy armies in the desert. Praised by Churchill and hunted by Hitler, Maskelyne ended his days in relative obscurity as a farmer in Kenya. The War Magician could begin shooting in the autumn, and may well star Tom Cruise in the lead. 3.2.01


The Blackpool Convention is just three weeks away now, February 23rd - 25th. German magician/illusionist Topas will be lecturing, giving a master class, and performing on the Gala Show. See What's On for details, and how to register. 3.2.01


Ben Harris sends news of The CyberWizard Project - a project inviting participation in the development of online magic effects. Currently the site has an interactive ESP Test that you can enjoy showing your friends, as well as three effects that use a deck of cards in conjunction with an internet connection. Some amazing material is slated to appear over the next twelve months. It's worth a visit to try the ESP TEST alone. This is based on a very old principle, but has been dressed in a nice attire. Visit: 3.2.01


Siegfried and Roy's names came up on Channels 4's Stars Behaving Badly last Saturday. Make-up artist Dennie Passion, who worked for them in Vegas for six years, said of Roy "the craziest incident, which actually finished our relationship, was that he wanted me to gold-leaf his hair. He was insistent upon it - he felt that he should be covered in gold." And why not? We're on Roy's side! 3.2.01


Steve Lewis phoned with news of a new magic club that he has set up in Burnham, Buckinghamshire. With plans to meet fortnightly the first meeting got off to a good start and attracted twelve magicians. For information call Steve on: 01753 541991. 3.2.01


The Bradford Magic Circle present their annual Hey Presto Magic Show at the Bingley Arts Centre on March 10th at 7.30pm. Starring Christian, Tony Rix, Patrick Maddison, Hayley-Anna, Paul Sunderland, Barnaby Wild (juggler) and the Spotlight Dancers. Tickets: 5 adults, 4 concessions, obtainable from Keith Pickles: Phone: 01274 818305 Email: or by phoning Bradford Theatres on 01274 752000. 3.2.01


The Society of Young Magicians (USA) - The Online Home of Youth Magic now have their own website: There is an active forum for young magicians, and more planned for the future. 3.2.01


The War Magician is available to order from in association with MagicWeek Click Here to order. 3.2.01


Anthony Owen features in the current MagicWeek Magic Profile - Anthony's magic career goes from strength to strength. I've just finished designing a new website for Colin Rose, Click Here to visit the site. And Click Here if you'd like to find out about having your own website produced. Colin Rose will be appearing on the Bristol Day of Magic Gala Show in May, details under What's On. That's it for this week - see you next week, Duncan. 3.2.01