Number 33 - 10rd February 2001


The Blackpool Convention is now only two weeks away! (February 23rd - 25th) Canadian magician/illusionist Greg Frewin will be appearing on this years Gala Show. See What's On for details, and to register. 10.2.01


Today sees a repeat screening of Breaking The Magician's Code (ITV at 2.50pm). Leonard Montano, professionally known as Valentino, aka The Masked Magician exposes magic... 10.2.01


Wayne Dobson live on stage last Friday at the Beck Theatre, Hayes. Seen here performing his classic 'vent' routine that earned him a standing ovation on completion, brilliant stuff! Also on the show with Wayne were illusionists Safire who had a strong set, made great use of their music, and injected lots of fun into their presentation. 10.2.01


MagicWeek advertiser have just produced Basic Card Control and Forcing, an 8 page publication that you can download free from their site Created in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, this 8-page publication covers basic card control using the Overhand Shuffle, the Double Undercut (one of the cleanest and easiest ways to control a selected card back to the top of the deck), the (short card) Riffle Force, and the Classic Force. It features concise text with clear photos and gets a strong recommendation. As does their best selling publication Extreme Magic (Street Magic) also featured on their website. 10.2.01


Martin Breese Magic are advertising with MagicWeek from this issue. Martin will be known to many readers for his solid magic publishing over the last 25 years. His recently published Chan Canasta - A Remarkable Man by David Britland has been snapped up by serious performers the world over... stocks are now low! Do visit the Martin Breese Magic website where you'll find a varied selection of magic publications. Martin Breese Magic deal in both wholesale and retail sales. 10.2.01


The Young Magician's Club magazine The Young Magician has had a design make-over for the New Year. Published six times a year it features a good selection of magic tricks and articles. Members receive it as part of their subscription, together with the opportunity to attend YMC workshops held at The Centre for the Magic Arts in London. For membership details visit the web site: Click Here 10.2.01


We are always happy to receive your free classified advertisements for publication in MagicWeek, but please check that what you are 'wanting' or 'selling' isn't pirated. This is an on-going problem, especially when it comes to illusions. There are a number of people manufacturing copies of illusions that aren't readily available in the UK. The inventors, often based abroad, are then receiving nothing for their creations, and the official manufactures who have paid for the rights to manufacture are also loosing out. If you are not sure of the origins of a trick or illusion then before making a purchase do a little research. Then you won't have the embarrassment of trying to sell it on at a later date! And you'll save me having to reject your advertisement. And, more importantly, you'll sleep well at night. Magic is a creative art - let's keep it that way! 10.2.01


Derren Brown was featured in a three page article in The Guardian's The Guide last Saturday. Journalist Kate Burt set him five challenges that were as much to do with psychology as mind reading in a fascinating piece. Uri Geller has a stimulating fortnightly column in Computer Active covering a diverse collection of topics. Well, that's all for this week, see you next week, Duncan. 10.2.01