Number 41 - 7th April 2001


Mind manipulator Derren Brown returns to our screens with two brand new TV specials for Channel Four. Derren Brown: Mind Control II, is currently in production in London and will air in the Summer. His third show will go out over Christmas. Channel Four plan to repeat Derren's first show at the end of May following a screening of the new David Blaine Frozen in Time show. Derren is currently working on a new book, Absolute Magic, which is due for publication in a couple of months. The book will be about performance primarily, and there's also the possibility of a card video being released later in the year. 7.4.01

Janet Clare presents the second Romanian Magic Appeal Show at the Magic Circle HQ on May 23rd and 24th. The show will raise money for the children of the Siret orphanage in Romania who currently live in appalling conditions. Performers announced so far include Noel Britten, Roy Davenport, Daniel Dean, Patrick Page, and Graham P Jolley. An excellent line up and such a worthwhile cause. Tickets are 16 each, cheques payable to: 'The Romanian Magic Appeal' enclosing an SAE to: Janet Clare, 27 Dudley Lodge, Ferndale Close, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Telephone 01892 538211. 7.4.01


Chan Canasta - A Remarkable Man is now almost sold out. There were a number of typographical errors in the book so in about a month there will be a completely free supplement available for original purchasers. Shortly after this Chan Canasta - A Remarkable Man volume II will be published and unlike the first volume this book will be modestly priced. It contains some stunning additional information that arrived too late to be included in the first volume, together with photographs of Canasta, and a reproduction of his promotional brochure. For the free supplement original purchasers should contact their dealer in May - who should then be able to supply them with a copy. 7.4.01


Illusionist Vincent Raven of Switzerland has emailed an urgent request asking for any magicians in the UK who have contact details for J. Antony and K. Pitchford, who run a company called Illusions Plus based in Blandford, Dorset, to let him have them. He has the website, email and postal mail addresses, but no one is responding. If you have dealt with this company please do contact Vincent who will then be able to give you more details of the frightening predicament he now finds himself in: 7.4.01


The Magic Circle Heritage Auction approaches (May 6th viewing from 10.30am starts 1.30pm). Here are some of the lots on offer: A unique collection of old handcuffs, a beautiful poster of Ionia, a rare twelve sheet poster of Dr Walford Bodie, a unique photo album belonging to Harry Blackstone Senior, an authentic Channing Pollock Vanishing Dove Cage and Table, a quite exceptional Great Raymond poster showing the Noah's Ark illusion in spectacular fashion, another spectacular three sheet poster 'Thurston Presents Dante's Vanishing Horse' in superb condition, and a rare and possibly unique Chung Ling Soo poster 'A Dream of Wealth.' The catalogue, which includes entry to the Auction, is now ready and costs 10 ($20 including airmail postage) from: Heritage Weekend Sales, The Centre for the Magic Arts, 12 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HD, UK. Or by fax on (0)20 7387 5114 or by e-mail to: Payment by cheque (payable to 'The Magic Circle' and drawn on a UK bank), or send credit card details (Visa/MasterCard only). Bids by post, fax or e-mail will be accepted up to Friday 4th May 2001. Details in the Catalogue. Don't miss out! See What's On for more information on the whole weekends events. 7.4.01


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is now available on a 14 audio book cassette set from Amazon that is proving to be very popular with children and adults alike. The whole Harry Potter phenomenon has been very beneficial to magic in general. Click Here to order or read the reviews. ( in association with MagicWeek.) 7.4.01


The York Society of Magicians will be holding their annual auction on Wednesday, 9th May 2001 at 7pm. Doors open at 6.30pm. The venue is The Ainsty Hotel, Boroughbridge Road, York. Anyone wishing to enter any items into the auction should contact Mike Shepherd for a lot number on 01904 709500 before Saturday 5th May. 7.4.01


Copperfield! Tornado of Fire aired in the States on April 3rd. British television companies stopped buying Copperfield specials a number of years ago but since then there has been a major surge in magic's popularity here, so perhaps some TV exec. will go for it. Until then, here are some interesting links: 7.4.01


A new one-off magic special is planned from Channel Four this year, once all is "signed and sealed" we'll let you have details and dates. Joe Pasquale 2001 A Magical Oddity - is on tonight (Saturday 7th April) at The Playhouse Theatre, Harlow. For more tour dates see What's On. That's it for this week, see you next week, Duncan Trillo. 7.4.01