Number 42 - 14th April 2001


Paul Daniels was interviewed on Tonight with Trevor McDonald on Thursday evening in a special report on the current ambitious and controversial proposals to introduce Las Vegas style casinos to the once thriving seaside resort of Blackpool. In the interview Paul explained why he thought casinos would be so good for the town, and MagicWeek agrees! The possibilities are exciting: superb hotels, state of the art conferencing facilities, stunning showrooms, 10,000+ new jobs, employment for magicians(!), tourists from Europe... but they'd certainly need to 'up the ante' for it to work. This project could put live magic back on the map here in the UK. 14.4.01


The April issue of MAGIC features David Copperfield on the cover 'on TV,' and inside in an interview with publisher Stan Allen. Wayne Dobson phoned the office to say that he'd just seen a tape of the new show and thought "it's his best ever" - other reports have also been very positive so it's good news all round after a five year gap from television the magic of David Copperfield is back! I've got a feeling that we will get to see this show on terrestrial television in the not too distant future. To visit the MAGIC website, Click Here 14.4.01


Close-up expert Michael Vincent heads a strong line up of magicians at an up-coming Gala fundraising dinner hosted by the CIWF campaign (Compassion in World Farming) to be held at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London on Saturday April 28th. Tickets 120 from: Emma Tolley on 01730 264208 or Email Visit the website: 14.4.01


MagicWeek advertisers' are now featuring video demonstrations of their tricks online using 'Real Player' which most of you will already have installed on your systems. I've just taken a look and it certainly brought the magic to life. Click Here to go straight to their site. 14.4.01


The Barnsley Magical Society are now online with a new website and are actively seeking new members by offering an online membership application form. If you live in the area do pay them a visit. 14.4.01


MagicWeek advertisers' (see their link under Dealers) have just had a complete website makeover, courtesy of AllMagic's Richard Robinson, and very good it looks too. The navigation is excellent, and graphically the whole site works 'as one.' International were the first dealer that I ever ordered mail order magic from in the 70's and I'll never forget the excitement of coming home from school to find a parcel, with my name on it, waiting for me on the kitchen table! Now chiefly run by Martin MacMillan the company continues to innovate, and of course presents the International Magic Convention every December in London. 14.4.01


The British Juggling Convention takes place in Cardiff from Thursday 19th April to Sunday 22nd April. More information on their website. 14.4.01


Old Tommy Cooper television shows keep popping up on various satellite channels. Click Here to visit a website that features some classic Cooper one-liners. Tommy Cooper - 10pm on Sunday 15th April. (30 minutes) on Granada Plus. 14.4.01


And finally here are a couple of websites that I'd like to mention this week. The first is the comprehensive Paris produced offering links to magic sites the world over, and more. The second, the home of Pelham Puppets which will bring back happy memories for many readers I'm sure (brought to my notice by Roy Marsh). Well that's all for this week, have a relaxing Easter weekend, see you next week, Duncan. 14.4.01