Number 44 - 28th April 2001


Moulin Rouge opens in cinemas across the UK later in the year. Don't expect to see any Magicians on the bill but do expect to be hurled into the visually stunning and musically invigorating world of the gaudy, glamorous, infamous, Parisian nightclub, Moulin Rouge, at the turn of the 19th century in Director Baz Luhrmann's (William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet) movie starring Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. 28.4.01


Former Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year Michael Vincent will be presenting "The Magic of Networking" in front of an audience of up to 20 chief superintendents in May. The two five-hour courses, which cost 3,000, are designed to help officers build better relations with members of the public. Michael said he will use "illusions as a metaphor for real-life situations." Dave Rodgers, vice-chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation said: "We all love a magic trick, but will bobbies be pulling rabbits out of helmets or making poodles out of balloons? The Met needs to get value for money and should think carefully about where it is spent. We can all have ideas that appear good on paper but does it actually work?" A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "This is part of our ongoing effort to develop the professional and personal skills of senior officers." The story made the front page of the London Evening Standard on Friday. 28.4.01


Paul Zenon emailed to say that it was his decision not to do anymore 'Street' specials for channel 4 as he wants to move on to concentrate on other formats. My apologies to Paul for my inaccuracies last week. Paul's three TV specials achieved excellent ratings for channel 4, and have also done very well abroad. Expect more from Paul in the future... 28.4.01


The Bristol Day of Magic is just two weeks away now and will be held at the Winter gardens and Playhouse Theatre, Weston Super Mare, on Sunday 13th May 2001. During the day there will be lectures from Simon Lovell, Tony Rix and Pat Page. Close-up sessions by Mike O'Brien, Shaun McCree, Tim Shoesmith, and Simon Lovell, and in the evening at the Winter Gardens Playhouse Theatre a Gala Show with Colin Rose, Scott Penrose, Duncan Trillo, Daniel Dean, Pat Page, Simon Lovell, and MC Mandy Muden (photo). All enquiries to Registration Officer, Andy McLaren: 28.4.01


Houdini's Box is the 'Book of the Week' on BBC Radio 4 this week - daily from 9.45am starting Monday. To order a copy from Click Here 28.4.01


Martin Breese is releasing Sherlock Holmes and the Prince of Ventriloquists, a CD audio book, scripted by Val Andrews and read by Martin Dore. Arthur Prince a distinguished ventriloquist from the past and the story involves Sherlock Holmes in the investigation of the mysterious disappearance of the dummy, and its equally unexpected return. What crime has been committed and what does Sherlock Holmes discover? The CD should be ready for release early in May. The majority of Sherlock Holmes pastiches by Val feature some magical interest and popular titles include: Sherlock Holmes and the Egyptian Hall Mystery and Sherlock Holmes and the Houdini Birthright. Although Val Andrews's titles can be found in selected UK bookshops they are big sellers in the USA where Val has an enthusiastic following, with his books on sale on and in most of the major bookstores. The CD (which has not been published as a book) will be priced at 12.75 plus postage and the programme may also be available on audiocassette. Magicians who would like to know more about Val Andrews Sherlock Holmes stories can find full details of these books together with titles from other writers on Martin Breese's Sherlockian website: 28.4.01


The "Guy Hollingworth Group," set up by 'Justin Elias' last year, now has 99 members. If you'd like to make that 100 then join the group to discuss Guy's inventions, writings and performances. For full details visit the Yahoo Groups website: Click Here 28.4.01


Rob McKenna writes, help if you can: "Information wanted on the location of this 'Thin-model sawing in half illusion.' Last seen residing within the 'Illusions Plus' studio in June 2000. Please contact Robert Mckenna on 07940 952910 or  urgently if you have you have seen the apparatus or know of its location. Originally a Peter Diamond built illusion it had subsequently been converted to an "Alive at both ends" and then back again to its original format. Unique identifying features include the heavy weight round chrome table legs and the ability to dismantle, to "flat pack" each box section for transportation." 28.4.01


BBC Radio1 DJ, Mark Radcliffe, is set to front a new TV talent show Next! for Sky One. The 13 part series is open to singers, dancers, magicians and performance artists in general. To be produced by independent production company Talent TV. 28.4.01


Dominic Wood appeared on Don't Try This at Home! on Saturday risking all in a Russian roulette type routine involving daggers (photo). Wayne Dobson is appearing at the Magic Castle next week, April 30th - May 6th, and also lecturing whilst in the States. Tenyo, the company that launched many a magician, now have an English website with information on all their new releases and more, Click Here. There's lots happening magic-wise at the moment, visit What's On for dates, and TV Magic for current terestrial and satelite listings. MagicWeek is now read by thousands of magicians every week. We'd still like more input from readers in the form of reviews, of both UK magic events, and new magic tricks and books that come onto the market. And even if your Magic Society isn't on the web yet we are still happy to promote any up-coming events. That's it for this week... see you next week, Duncan Trillo. 28.4.01