Number 48 - 26th May 2001


The brilliant Graham P Jolley live on stage at the Stars of The Magic Circle Romanian Appeal Show on Wednesday evening "mid mind read." For the second year running Janet Clare staged this event to raise funds to help re-house 500 orphaned handicapped and needy children living in appalling conditions in Romania. The show was emceed by top funny man Noel Britten, who introduced Roy Davenport in a silent routine presenting the magic of great grand father Lewis Davenport (great billiard ball manips), Pat Page (name any card and he's got it), Graham P Jolley (the WORLD'S funniest mind reader - great stuff!), and Daniel Dean and Company (illusions with dance). 26.5.01


Wayne Dobson, together with partner Marianne and her son Julian, have just returned from a visit to the States that had a very magical twist. On the trip to Las Vegas they had to change planes at Cincinnati when who should be in the check-in line with them but magic legends Siegfried and Roy! Chatting on the flight they invited Wayne, Marianne and Julian to be guests at their show, and really made the whole visit to Las Vegas very special. Wayne also gave a private lecture, and performed and lectured at The Magic Castle. For more on Siegfried and Roy visit their new website: Click Here 26.5.01


Mark Leveridge Magic are advertising on MagicWeek, starting today. The business came into existence almost by accident. Mark presented his first lecture in 1977 and produced some lecture notes and one or two items for sale afterwards. A second and third lecture were put together and the number of associated lines started to grow. Eventually Mark released some effects which were not linked to a lecture and this started a process of invention and marketing which is still going strong today. His catalogue now contains about 100 unique items, all of which have a consistent high standard in both production and routining. Visit the site for secure online ordering today: 26.5.01


MagicWeek advertisers have just introduced an affiliate programme for anyone with a 'magic' website. Affiliates will be able to earn a commission on sales via a link from their website. For more information Click Here 26.5.01


Congratulations to Nick Rushton for his excellent performance on the World Magic Awards II on Friday evening - one of the highlights on an otherwise 'over inflated' show. Did anyone else think that the guy escaping from the boot of the second hand car looked more like someone who should be trying to sell you one? 26.5.01


Magic mogul Marvin Berglas presented his FISM 2000 lecture Marketing with Marvin at the Magic Circle on Monday evening. It traced the Marvin's Magic story (so far) and offered an insight into the reasons for its success. There was a strong emphasis on how magicians could, and should, improve their marketing strategies as well. And a glimpse of what is planned for the future. An excellent evening. 26.5.01



Sunday night approaches. This must be the most magic to be televised on a single evening in the UK ever (virtually five hours). 9.10pm David Blaine, 10.10pm Derren Brown, 11.10pm Robert Gallup, 12.15am Penn and Teller, all on Channel 4, and over on ITV at 10.50pm John Lenahan in Hoaxbusters. Missing from this line-up is David Copperfield's new show, which I saw recently on tape and am now not so sure that we'll be seeing here. But who knows? Photo: John Lenahan promoting Hoaxbusters on ITV's Good Morning. There's more information on these websites:

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MagicWeek TV listings: Click Here 26.5.01


It was very good to see Fergus Roy of Davenport's on Monday evening at Janet Clare's Charity Show, following the heart attack that he suffered last month. Fergus has since had a triple by-pass, and is making a strong recovery back to full health. Keep an eye on the For Sale and Wanted ads in MagicWeek - some really interesting items come up. There is a full report of this years Bristol Day of Magic (photo) from Mandy Davis this week under Reviews. Contributions in the form of reviews, articles, and news always welcomed. Well that's all for now, it's sunny outside - what on earth am I doing on the computer! See you next week, Duncan. 26.5.01