Number 49 - 2nd June 2001


In an effort to be topical during the election week who better to feature in Magic Profile for June than "Socialist Magician" Ian Saville? Ian's work will be known to readers who have worked on the London comedy circuit and in 'New Variety' (as it was called for a while in the mid eighties). 2.6.01


In last week's bounty of televised magic we saw the good, the bad and the ugly. The eagerly awaited David Blaine - Frozen in Time started well, got a little lost in the middle, but ultimately was strong as Blaine was cut free from the ice. There was a very real sense of anticipation throughout. Blaine is the best thing to have happened to magic for years, in this country anyway, stimulating a whole new magic generation. But not everyone agrees, "Pumping hot air into a phone booth and putting ice around it, and standing around without a thought in your head, isn't a trick," said Penn Jillette. Mind you nor is performing the Cups and Balls badly, and with clear cups, as Penn and Teller choose to do, and did, in the middle of their Mystery Show trilogy (I thought they'd out-grown that stunt). If you want to see the Cups and Balls performed as they should be head down to Covent Garden this weekend to see street magician Nick Nicholas, who's just flown in from New Zealand (Nick is one of the best street magicians in the world). Anyway, Penn and Teller's three shows exploring street magic in India, Egypt, and China did make very good viewing. Magic-wise the show from China featured a wonderful magician who has developed a stunning "quick change" routine using masks and methods of his own making - it looked fantastic. 2.6.01


Gallup Extreme Magic - Live on Tour seemed to be trying too hard to cash in on every over-hyped piece of magic going, from "dangerous" escapes to "street magic." A second screening of Derren Brown - Mind Control confirmed my initial impression from last year, Derren is the man - excellent stuff. And John Lenahan had his Hoaxbusters show 'pulled' once again, this time for an election debate (you've got to ask yourself if the whole thing isn't the ultimate TV hoax) hopefully the next time they schedule it they will actually broadcast it. 2.6.01


The Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year Final takes place on Sunday July 29th at the Circle's beautiful Magic Theatre in its London headquarters. Through to the final are: Hayley Anna Dancy, Joe Knight, James Longbone, Shane Lycett, Jez Rose, and James Smith, a strong line-up. Best of luck to them all. Dominic Wood will emcee the competition which runs twice, at 3pm and again at 6.30pm when it is judged. Tickets are 5.00 and 10.00 respectively. SAE and cheques made payable to 'The Magic Circle' should be sent to: Janet Clare, 27 Dudley Lodge, Ferndale Close, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 3RR. 2.6.01


Arvydas Gaiciunas writes from Lithuania "Hello, I am interested in any information about costume transformation tricks. Is it possible to order any material (books or video) about that?" It would be nice if any MagicWeek readers with quick-change knowledge could Email Arvydas with info: 2.6.01


Professor John Brown, Astronomer Royal, Scotland, on BBC 2's Learning Zone on Thursday evening using magic in his lectures, "it's a useful way to make people think laterally - show them a magic trick and they think good grief maybe it could happen." The professor uses the classic 'Professor's Nightmare' to teach Einstein's theory of relativity, and Delite's and Svengali's and more to explain Black Holes! 2.6.01


Geoffrey Durham, Paul Daniels and Joe Pasquale continue to tour all over the UK, dates in What's On. The Doncaster Magic Convention in October has added a cabaret competition to it's events with a 100 first prize. More details from John Turner on 01709 328014. There's more magic on TV this week, Paul Zenon's Trick or Treat on Channel 4 on Sunday and The World's Greatest Magic III part two on Channel 5 on Friday. See TV Magic for listings. Chan Canasta - A remarkable Man Volume 2 is about to be published, advance orders are being taken now at the special price of just 12. More information by emailing Martin Breese Also a small booklet, Afterthoughts, has just been released by Martin Breese International and is free for owners of the original Canasta book. With contributions from Graham P Jolley and Val Andrews it offers further insight into Chan Canasta's world. I'm thinking of adding a new section to MagicWeek, photos of magicians "Before they were famous" - let me know what you think, I've got some real corkers! Well, that's it for now, see you next week, Duncan. 2.6.01