Number 50 - 9th June 2001


Kate Winslet is involved in negotiations to star in The Magician's Wife alongside Geoffrey Rush with François Girard ('Red Violin') directing. Shooting to commence this Summer (provisionally). Release dates to be announced. 9.6.01


At The Wheeltappers (compiled from the original TV series The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club - Affiliated) goes out on Granada Plus late Saturday night, June 16th, at 1am and will feature Paul Daniels at, for me, his best. These early TV appearances from the seventies reveal Daniels "pre-fame." You'll be able to see the fine balance that he set for himself, between being brash, and being charming, as he took control and performed "conjuring tricks" in the tough Northern Clubs... "You'll like this - not a lot - but you'll like it." Classic Daniels. Back to the future and Paul Daniels (photo) can be seen tonight live on stage at The Spa Theatre, Bridlington. See What's On 9.6.01


Paul Zenon can be seen in the current in-flight entertainment on board Britannia Airlines medium haul flights this Summer. If you think that "street magic" is a little passé you'll be pleased to hear that Paul is performing "Beach Magic," complete with beach wear, and making a very good job of it too. 9.6.01


MagicWeek reader Stefano Rezzonico writes from Switzerland: "I am a magician who live in Switzerland I am interesting in magic since 20 years. I really love this Art, I am writing this few words only for ask you a great favour; I would like to know if there is a way I can change some video tape with television shows with other people? It is only for TV shows and not for other product like commercial video tape. I have new and old material I collected over the years. I see in your web site (thanks it is a pleasure to read every weeks) recently some great show like Heroes of Magic and Mystery Show Trilogy with Penn and Teller. Unfortunately here in Switzerland I do not have the possibility to see it. I am very sad about this because I also like the history of magic and having the opportunity to see these wonderful magicians it will be for me simple marvellous. Best Regards, Stefano Rezzonico" Email 9.6.01


News in from Peter Stammers, who now lives in Cyprus, that he and his wife Margaret enjoyed meeting up with London based magician and mind reader Ian Keable (photo) who recently flew out for a number of cabaret engagements. They saw Ian performing his full one hour show, with great success, at the Alantica Bay Hotel, Limassol. 9.6.01


Retired engineer Reg Windsor on reading about the floods last year decided to dust off an invention he'd come up with 20 years ago, The Floodgate. "It is really very simple. It's not heavy and it won't spoil the look of a house - the frame can be fitted in eight minutes" said Mr Windsor. The floodgate is fitted across a door and holds back floodwater up to two feet deep. Amongst his most recent customers are Paul and Debbie Daniels who were flooded twice in their Thameside home in a period of just six weeks last year. 9.6.01


The BBC have a small clip of the Tommy Cooper footage that was recently discovered in a garden shed (MagicWeek Back Issues number 43) available for viewing on their website: Click Here - but to be frank the clip that they are showing is just a bit too short to be worthwhile. 9.6.01


David Lang emailed with the suggestion that I add a 'Print' button to the TV Magic page so that readers can easily print off a copy, and therefore never have to miss another magic show! What a good idea - it's done, thank you David. I am also introducing a 'Submit News' form this week so that it is easier than ever to send in news. As well as typing directly into the form you can 'cut and paste' should you want to send a larger article or review. Please bear in mind that MagicWeek focuses on UK magic news, and please don't take news from other magic sites. Next week I'll have a review of Chan Canasta - A Remarkable Man Volume Two by David Britland, hot off the press from publishers Breese Books Limited, and we'll be taking a look at the line-up for the British Ring Convention in September in Scarborough. That's it for this week, Duncan. 9.6.01