Number 53 - 30th June 2001


Lance Burton Master Magician will be shown on Channel 5 at 7.05pm on Friday 6th July. This show was recorded at around the time that Lance Burton started his thirteen year contract at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino, Las Vegas. Lance celebrated his fifth anniversary just last week - congratulations! TV Magic 30.6.01


Translucis, the screen-based entertainment network for bars and pubs, which is backed by drinks giant Diageo, is launching a competition to seek the best in "Silent Talent." Magicians aged over 18 who perform a silent act and are interested in competing can find details at there's a two week holiday in the Caribbean for the winner. Heats in Manchester, Glasgow and London. 30.6.01


Andrew Van Buren appears at the Forum Theatre, Billingham this Christmas in Cinderella where he'll be playing one of the bad guys as well as performing magic. The foot and mouth disease impacted on his outdoor appearances, but things are now getting back to normal, with Andrew touring through until September. 30.6.01


Some international news: Stan Allen's excellent MAGIC magazine is preparing to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a special event: Magic Live! How's this for a line up: Topas, Marc Summers, Jim Steinmeyer, Eberhard Riese, Jon Racherbaumer, The Pendragons, Bill McIlhany, Jeff McBride, Max Maven, Bill Malone, Mark Kornhauser, Mac King, Richard Kaufman, David "Silly Billy" Kaye, Rory Johnston, Joshua Jay, Guy Hollingworth, Jeff Hobson, Paul Gertner, Michael Finney, Michael Diliberto, Dana Daniels, Michael Close, Mike Caveney, Lance Burton, Michael Ammar and, we're told, that's just the beginning! Registration is $235 per person. Visit the website: 30.6.01

The Circus Space will hold their fourth London Juggling Convention on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October. Included: a professional show, new acts 'open stage', workshops, and much more. More information nearer the time. Telephone 020 7613 4141. 30.6.01


Tom Lyon (centre) on Blue Peter on Monday making a very professional television debut. 15 year old Tom escaped  from a straight-jacket having first been securely hand cuffed. Next he plans to perform the same escape, but on a tight rope! 30.6.01


A quick reminder that tomorrow (Sunday 1st July) at 9.30am the Kidderminster League of Magicians are holding a Magic Sale and Lecture (Wayne Mattox) at the Swan Hotel, Stourport. With dealers: Practical Magic, Hocus Pocus, and Stephen Tucker, Private tables only 5 - contact Graham Morris on 01299 402620 for details. Admission 2. 30.6.01


Watchmaker Productions are making a programme about Tommy Cooper's personal life apparently. More on this when my man on the inside tells me more! 30.6.01


Yes, MagicWeek is one year old. Many thanks to everyone who contributed articles, news, and reviews during our first year, to our advertisers (the BEST on the net), and of course to you. MagicWeek is now read in the USA, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Israel, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Greece, New Zealand, Norway, Finland, Japan, India, Singapore, Cyprus, Colombia, Austria, South Africa, Mexico, Taiwan, Old style Arpanet, Argentina, Hungary, Poland, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Malta, Russian Federation, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Turkey, China, Estonia, Brunei Darussalam, Ukraine, Iceland, Uruguay, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the UK! In real terms it is still 'early days' internet wise, with some of the big players coming unstuck as their 'brilliant ideas' prove to be nonsense. Where the internet is showing itself to be a huge success is in any niche market, such as magic. Online shopping grew by over 30% in the past year here in the UK, with 34% of the adult population now using the internet. So, thanks for sharing MagicWeek's first year, and here's to the second, see you next week, Duncan. 30.6.01