Number 60 - 18th August 2001 The UK Directory of close-up magicians, cabaret magicians, hypnotists, mind-readers and illusionists, launched on Tuesday August 14th. The directory features a comprehensive selection of professional performers who perform at company functions and trade shows, at banquets, wedding receptions, festivals, private parties, themed events, on television, on board cruise ships and so on. Already the directory features over 60 of the UK's top magicians. 18.8.01


Here's more news of who you can expect to see at the British Ring Convention in September. Children's Showtime 2001 takes place on Saturday 15th September at the Spa Theatre, Scarborough. Doors open at 10am - All seats 3.50. The line-up includes: Tony Rix, Sly Smith, Bob Wooding, Tony King, The Kallini Puppets and Pat Fallon & Tanya together with the IBM clowns. And artistes announced for the Saturday night convention gala show include: Illusionists Thierry & Sylvie, Japan's FISM winning manipulator Ninji Minemura, Magic Elixir, The Great Fiasco aka Terry Herbert (put him on after a manipulator and he'll destroy!), Norbert Ferre who went so well in New Orleans with his original choreographed ball and card manipulations, Illusionist Rossignol, specialty act Kristalleon, funny man John Archer and MC Steve Walker. 18.8.01


Derren Brown Mind Control II will be shown next week on Channel 4, Saturday August 25th, at 10.20pm. Expect the unexpected from Britain's leading mind manipulator. 18.8.01


Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee appear on The Other Half - Celebrity Special tonight (Saturday) at 6.05pm on BBC 1. 18.8.01


BBC 1's The Horror of Retirement in which David Schneider takes a 'dry' look at retirementon featured a number of magicians on Monday evening. Here's Roger 'mid chop.' 18.8.01


Dale Shrimpton sent in this really fun link, It is an online game involving all the characters from the from the current Heineken "Stop the Singing" ads in cartoon form, including a mini Debbie McGee and Paul Daniels, and offers you the chance to win a trip to Japan - to get as far away from them as possible I guess (Sorry!). And here is another link that talks about the same commercial: Click Here 18.8.01


Secrets of the Street Magician Revealed will be networked for the first time on ITV on Monday 27th August. This is the show that exposes a lot of the close-up magic used by David Blaine in his specials. I've just been sent a video of a new Masked Magician TV Special made in Japan but have only watched the first 15 minutes so far. Valentino is such a poor performer, masked or not. There can be a positive side to these dreadful productions in that they can stimulate an interest and fascination in magic, but of course we'd all prefer it if they simply didn't exist: TV Magic 18.8.01


Magic dealer Tony Curtis is selling his much loved car number plate 'F TRIX' - offers and enquiries to Tony Curtis on 01622 862932. 18.8.01


Congratulations to Ali Bongo on being awarded the Crandall Comedy Award at the Abbot's Annual Get Together a couple of weeks ago I'll be lecturing at The Young Magicians' Club 2001 Junior Day in October (see last week's news) together with Nick Einhorn so look forward to seeing many readers there. Tickets are selling well so do register your interest now by emailing the contact address in last week's issue That's all for this week, see you next week, let MagicWeek know your news, Duncan. 18.8.01