Number 66 - 29th September 2001


Paul Daniels In a Black Hole, BBC1, Thursday October 11th, tells the tale of England's Paul Daniels as he makes his way across America as an 'unknown' in an effort to 'make it.' At the outset all seems to be going well... but will Paul succeed in his quest? TV Magic 29.9.01


Magic themed Daydreams, Nightdreams (cert. 18) is on at 4.10am on Saturday 13th October on the Fantasy Channel. "A downtrodden female assistant in an attorney's office has her fantasies fulfilled when her miserable boss is replaced by the magician from her dreams." (No doubt there'll be a few magicians signing up for satellite TV this week. Hmmm) 29.9.01


In the States Richard Robinson's All Magic Guide is the number-one resource for 'all things magic' but we've never had a permanent link to the site. So we're introducing a new page to MagicWeek: Miscellaneous links. Here you'll find links to the world's finest magic websites and magicians. New sites will be added as and when... 29.9.01


Michael Vincent lectured at The Magic Circle on September 17th "The pace and presentation of the routine was stunning, fully deserving the standing ovation that followed." Read the full review from Ian Chambers this week: Click Here 29.9.01


News just in, emailed from Philip Hitchcock onboard the Renaissance R6 (Saturday 29th 3pm) "Dear Duncan, Jane and I are on The Renaissance ship R6 along with 370 crew and no passengers. We have been stuck floating around at sea for 13 days awaiting information of when we can all get home. The port authorities will not let us dock as there is no money to pay the port fees. Early this morning we tried to pick up fuel but the request was refused as there is no money to pay for it. We have approx 3 days of fuel left to keep the ship running and so we are hoping for some good news soon. Ships moral is dropping day by day and we are all very concerned about our future out here. Philip Hitchcock" See story below. 29.9.01


Renaissance Cruises have just issued this statement: "As of today (28.9.01), Renaissance Cruises has ceased all cruise operations. Passengers and crew currently onboard our vessels are being disembarked and travel arrangements are being made to get them safely home. Customers with upcoming bookings should contact their credit card companies or travel agents for refund arrangements. Information about our bankruptcy case will be available on this web site soon. We apologize for any inconvenience you will experience and thank you for your prior support of Renaissance Cruises." A great shame, Renaissance operated 10 cruise ships and have provided a lot of employment for magicians world-wide for a number of years. 29.9.01


Mind Spy (Peter Nardi) has been creating quite a buzz and will be demonstrating this truly versatile wallet at MindMagic 2001. To view a video demonstration showing just one of many possible routines that this multi faceted wallet is capable of Click Here 29.9.01


Andrew Van Buren appears alongside Geoffrey Durham, who tops the bill, at the famous City Varieties Theatre, Leeds, to launch the Autumn season of Music Hall. Andrew will be performing his high-speed juggling, plate spinning and trick cycling act and Geoffrey his magic. Dates: Friday 5th and Saturday 6th October. More information: Click Here 29.9.01 produced by Richard James has just had a full make-over. This is one of the best magic sites in the UK - if you haven't visited before do so now! 29.9.01


Nottingham's Canal House restaurant is the venue for the first of what is hoped to be a series of magical cabaret evenings, starting in October. The city hasn't had a regular magic venue since the Malt Cross Music Hall closed its doors two years ago, despite the popularity of regular monthly showcases for local talent. Now five Nottingham magicians - veteran Bunny Neal, illusionist Andrew Morrison and son Shane, along with Graham Harper and organiser Nick Brunger - are on the bill for a try-out dinner and cabaret night on Thursday October 11th. If it proves to be a success, restaurant owner Chris Bruce - a magic fan, though not a practitioner - says he will make the evenings a regular event. Nick Brunger, who specialises in stand-up, close-up and mentalism, says: "We'll be performing close-up around the tables as the guests arrive and between courses with a cabaret-style presentation to end the evening." Tickets for the show, including a three course meal, are 17 each. Reservations: 0115 9555011. 29.9.01


Colin Rose lectures at the Norwich and District Magic Circle on the 2nd of October at 7.30pm. All magicians welcome: 47 St. Giles Street, Norwich. 29.9.01


A British toy shop chain is refusing to stock Harry Potter products as they think that children will be drawn to 'the occult'. Gary Grant, the owner of toy shop chain The Entertainer, has banned the toys from his 28 outlets in the UK, according to the Daily Telegraph. "My concern is that children start off with something quite innocent which can get out of hand. As a parent I do not want them drawn into ouija boards and the occult." Author JK Rowling has hit back, saying the books were "very moral" in their representation of the struggle between good and evil. 29.9.01


The Hampstead Theatre's website, listed a couple of weeks ago, now have more details of Marc Salem's Mind Games show: Click Here If you're submitting news, or a classified ad, please don't use 'ALL CAPITALS' or 'all lower case' as we don't have the time to re-type everything! That's it for this week - see you next week, Duncan. Send your news and reviews to MagicWeek. 29.9.01