Number 74 - 24th November 2001


In a change to the published programme Germany's Hans Moretti, one of magic's greatest ever showmen, has been added to the line-up of top international performers appearing on the Sunday Night Gala Show at this year's International Magic Convention. Another addition to the Gala show is Poland's Salvano. (Vladimir Daniline won't be appearing due to visa restrictions.) Other artistes on the Gala show include Nicholas Night & Kinga (USA), Falkenstein & Willard (USA), Yumi (Japan), Derek Scott (Canada), Noel Britten (UK), Mike Caveney (USA), Daniel Hochsteiner (Germany), David & Dania (USA), Mr Mysto (USA), and from France Norbert Ferré. A really first class line-up. Other international stars of magic who will be lecturing or performing close-up include Bob Kohler (USA), Andy Nyman (UK), Aron Fisher (USA), John Carney (USA), Alfonso (USA), Paul Wilson (Scotland), and five of Belgium's finest close-up performers in a special session. The convention kicks off at 8pm on the Friday (November 30th) evening at the Thistle Euston Hotel. On Saturday the International Close-up Competition takes place, with Lectures in the evening. Then on the Sunday from 11.30am at the Trade Union Congress Centre there's an international dealers exhibition and close-up sessions and lectures followed by the Gala show from Her Majesty's Theatre at 7.30pm. Always an excellent convention. Convention ticket hotline: 020 7405 7324. 24.11.01


I wrote back in issue 58 that Guy Hollingworth's Once Upon a Time promised to be the magic trick of the year, well let's make that this year, and next year as well. Once Upon a Time is a real delight, a magical journey, a fairy tale that comes to life, and everything that magic should be. Once Upon a Time has just been released, and MagicWeek has the world's first review Click Here 24.11.01


Marvin's Magic have just launched an exciting new interactive magic shop within the Toys "R" Us international flagship store in Times Square, New York. The 110,000 square foot multi-level store will offer families a vast array of toys and dramatic retail attractions, with distinctive feature shops such as the new Marvin's Magic section. Marvin Berglas, creator of Marvin's Magic, says "We are delighted that Toys "R" Us view us as the world's premiere magic company and have linked up with us to provide a truly unique magic department." Besides unique products from small Pocket Tricks to Executive Sets a team of Marvin's magicians will always be on hand to amaze guests with spell-binding magic for all ages. The demonstrators have state of the art audio visual equipment to enhance their presentations, with all sorts of sound effects, and even a unique interactive 'live' video stream where Marvin Berglas himself can appear to perform magic and interact with guests from London some 3,000 miles away! Top photo: Marvin Berglas wows the crowd at the store's launch in Times Square New York. Second photo: The new interactive Marvin's Magic Shop within the Toys “R” Us international flagship store in New York. 24.11.01


The Twins have just returned from a highly successful casino season in Portugal, breaking box office records on the way. Aided by 8 dancers the show ran for a total of 7 months and featured numerous illusions, the highlight of the show being the sudden appearance of a helicopter. "The appearing helicopter became the talk of Portugal," said Paul. "As the helicopter suddenly appears pure amazement flashes across the audiences faces, it’s truly remarkable!" The two are currently having flying lessons at Bournemouth International Airport, to gain their private pilots licensees. "Flying a Robinson R22 is like taking a magic carpet ride! There is no better way to travel than by helicopter, you can land almost anywhere" said Gary. "To fly a Helicopter requires an intense level of concentration but it is so much fun!" added Paul. 24.11.01


Last Friday Dominic Wood, star of children's TV show Animal Magic, appeared on BBC1's Children in Need charity show. He used the opportunity to float Sandy, from girl-band All Stars, on an industrial fan. Scott Penrose and Paul Kieve were brought in to advise and help Dominic create this spectacle. Dominic can be seen over Christmas in The Magic Circle Show - see What's On for dates. 24.11.01


Entertainment Services World-Wide and The Petwood Hotel Present "Masters of the Impossible - The Story of Magic" with Labyrinth on January 19th 2002, with a special "Magical Menu" for an evening full of surprises. "The evening follows the progression of magic from it’s earliest beginnings in ancient Egypt through to the most modern illusionist." At the Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa, Lincs. Tickets £25.00 each. Telephone The Petwood Hotel for more information and to book on 01526 352411. 24.11.01


Entertainment Services World-Wide and The Petwood Hotel Present "Licensed to Thrill!!" with Labyrinth, a themed Dinner experience on March 15th 2002. "Did you ever dream of being James Bond, Miss Moneypenny, or even the evil Blofeld?... Well now is your chance. Join us for an evening of glamour, gadgets, mystery, and fine cuisine as we pay homage to the greatest secret agent of them all, 007." At the Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa, Lincs. Tickets £28.00 each. Telephone The Petwood Hotel for more information and to book on 01526 352411. 24.11.01


The enigmatic Uri Geller was Nick Hancock's chat-show guest on You Only Live Once on Tuesday evening on BBC 1. When asked "What do you say to skeptics who claim that everything you do is just a sham?" Uri replied "Bullshit!" Well you can't say fairer than that! An interesting half hour, that included some rare Geller footage. 24.11.01


Britain's Guy Barrett will be performing at the Hansa Theater in Hamburg in December along with his father Norman Barrett who'll be presenting his famous budgie act. Sadly this is the Hansa's final month as, after 107 years, it is finally going to close its doors on December 31st. Probably the most famous Variety Theatre in Germany, many great magicians performed there over the years including Siegfried & Roy. 24.11.01


If you still don't have your own website, or your current site isn't really up to standard, how about having a new one done in time for Christmas? can now register a domain name for you, host the site on a state-of-the-art server, and custom design it within a matter of days, with prices starting at just £150! • The following awards were presented at this year's Magic Circle Banquet on the 17th: Cecil Lyle Award - Richard Pinner, JN Maskelyne Prize - Richard Kaufmann, The Carlton Award - John Styles, The Maskelyne - John Salisse, The Devant Award - John Gaughan, The Devano Trophy - Jon Allen, from all accounts it was a very enjoyable evening. Dame Norma and ex prime minister John Major were guests • I'll be presenting an evening at The Magic Circle on Monday entitled "Invention" that will showcase the work of some of the UK's sharpest magic thinkers, so look forward to seeing some of you there (members only - guest magicians by prior arrangement if signed in by a member, subject to an entrance charge... no one said life was going to be easy...) • Here's an essential link for inventors and here's a good link if you like hunting down old magic books • Right, that's enough of all this magic stuff, see you next week, Duncan. 24.11.01