Number 82 - 19th January 2002


Avner the Eccentric appears today and tomorrow at the 2002 London International Mime Festival, Purcell Room, South Bank, London. "One of the world's greatest theatre clowns" Variety. Avner Eisenberg is a dazzling magician, a master of just about all the circus arts, and a great performer. Bookings telephone: 020 7960 4242. Book online: Click Here Visit his website Click Here 19.1.02


Richard Robinson's excellent is launching a new website streaming high-band videos from both magic dealers and performers. We had a sneak preview last week and it's looking very good. 19.1.02


Black Artefacts are now advertising with MagicWeek. They are Europe's only major manufacturer and dealer specialising in weird and bizarre magic and are a division of Black Hart Productions, a corporate entertainment company providing in 'Haunted House' nights and 'spooky' entertainment. Founded in 1996 as a spin-off from 'Meeting of the Mages' the UK's first Bizarre Magic convention Black Artefacts was the brainchild of company boss, Keith Hart. "So many of the Bizarre effects I read about in magic magazines and on the internet are pure theory, as a professional Bizarre magic performer I know that they would never work," says Keith. "All of the things I sell, have been proven in real life commercial performing situations." The company manufacture most of the items themselves. "This is so that we can keep control of the quality and presentation of our products" says Keith. Black Artefacts - a magic manufacturer and dealer that really is different, in more ways than one. Visit the website: or click on the advertisement to the right. 19.1.02


Derren Brown has just released a new book and video - both now available to order online. Following the success of Pure Effect, Derren Brown offers a detailed study of the most difficult task facing any close-up magician: how to make magic convincing, in Absolute Magic. This is a rich and witty journey through the mind of Britain's foremost current magical performer, whose television specials have revolutionised mentalism and drawn massive viewing figures. And on video, The Devils Picturebook offers nearly three hours of highly sophisticated magic and mind-reading with playing cards. It was with his card-magic that he made a name for himself and this tape contains all of that world-class card repertoire. For more information visit the website: or click on the advertisement to the right. 19.1.02


Paul Daniels appears tonight on At The Wheeltappers, a repeat of the now cult 1970's TV show that put Daniels firmly in the spotlight some 25 years ago (11pm on Granada Plus). See TV Magic for all television listings and What's On for current live dates. 19.1.02


Marc Salem is back! Mind Games opens on Tuesday April 30th for an eight week run at The New Ambassadors Theatre in London's West End. Last year Marc's show was a great success with both the public and press alike. For reviews of some of Marc's previous performances in the UK Click Here 19.1.02


Paul Zenon was one of a number of magicians featured in Saturday's It Shouldn't Happen to a... TV Performer. Here, a volunteer got drenched in beer as the "glass of upside-down beer trick" went very wrong! Pauls quick-thinking ensured that nothing was exposed in this good humored sequence that resulted in Paul also getting a tad wet! 19.1.02


Magic featured in two sketches on Big Train on Monday evening on BBC2. In the first actor Mark Heap sent-up "street magic" by working a crowd that included a number of over-hyped audience members who were actually stooges. He performed some simple magic tricks but what was interesting was that the stooges reactions rubbed-off on genuine audience members as well. The second sketch had "Marlon Brando" (in Apocalypse Now mode) pulling his thumb off! The show doesn't quite make it for me (it's not quite as clever as it thinks it is) but it does have its moments. Mark Heap was himself a street performer, years ago, winning the Time Out Street Entertainer of the Year award in 1987 with his polished comedy juggling act. 19.1.02


Much sought after Harry Potter luxury playing cards complete with "magic box" are now available from Marvin's Magic 19.1.02


Here's a report of Tuesday's inaugural meeting of the Manchester Circle of Magicians that successfully attracted over 120 magicians, Click Here 19.1.02

Pace Micro Technology are to launch a new 100 digital TV adapter that will allow users to receive digital broadcasts on their current television sets. It's a simple plug-in device that will receive about 10 free channels without subscription such as BBC Choice, BBC Knowledge, BBC News 24 and ITV2 (and there are plans for a BBC3 and BBC4). The Government hope to convert the whole country to digital by 2010. More and more magic shows are now only available on digital. More information Click Here 19.1.02


The Sussex Magic Circle is holding its 50th Birthday Party on Thursday February 21st at Southover Grange, Lewes. The Society would like to contact as many past members as possible. Please telephone Andy Hart (Secretary) on 01903 750677 or Mark Worgan (President) on 01273 206562 for an invitation if you're a past member and haven't yet received one. Past president David Berglas will be there. 19.1.02


A number of readers have seen the new Allstars pop video featuring illusions and reported in MagicWeek a few weeks ago - but I still haven't seen it! Geoffrey Durham appeared on Radio Four's Puzzle Panel on Wednesday both posing and solving mind puzzles The Magic Circle Regional Day takes place this Sunday, January 20th in Cardiff - see What's On for details That's all for this week, your news and reviews are always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 19.1.02