Number 90 - 16th March 2002


Marc Salem's Mind Games returns to London on April 30th for a 10 week stint at the New Ambassadors Theatre in London's West End. Following on from the success of last years run at the Hampstead Theatre Marc will once again set pulses racing as he reads minds like no other. Box Office: 020 7369 1761. Times: Tuesday-Saturday 8.45pm, Sundays 7.00pm, Matinees: Saturday at 2.15pm and Sunday at 4.00pm. Prices: 15.50-27.50 Performance length: 1 hour 30 minutes. Ends: June 10th. 16.3.02


The Bristol Day of Magic, one of the UK's top conventions, takes place on Sunday 12th May at the Winter Gardens and Playhouse Theatre, Western Super Mare. From the States and making his first UK appearance is Whit Haydn (photo). The day also features Geoffrey Durham, Terry Herbert, Roy Davenport, Keith Cooper & Carol, Rousseau, Martin James & Company, Richard Pinner, Sean Carpenter, Alistair Cook, Martin Cox and the Daniel Dean Dancers. Lectures, Close-up, Dealers, a Magic Circle Young Magician's session and a Gala Show. For more information, and a registration form, visit their website: Click Here 16.3.02


The Leeds Magical Association are holding their annual convention on Sunday 19th May. Performers include Colin Rose, Andy Nyman, and from the States, Doc Eason (photo). The day will feature the usual mix of lectures, workshops, close-up, and dealers and should be a great day. On the Saturday evening the society are holding their President's Dinner and Cabaret (featuring the above performers and President Harry Nicholls). The convention is now in its 5th year. For more information visit: 16.3.02


John Lenahan presents A Week of Monday Night Magic at Upstairs at the Gatehouse, North Road, London N6 4BD (Highgate tube) from Monday to Saturday, May 20th to the 25th, at 8pm nightly. Box Office: 0208340 3488, Tickets 6-12. If you plan to go bring at least "two friends per magician" as the show is really aimed at the public. 16.3.02


Alistair Cook was interviewed in The Stage last week in Ben Dowell's column Look Who's Talking. It mentioned his background and upcoming appearances on the next series of The Jerry@Trick Show for Channel 5. Alistair has also just finished a short film of Bar Magic directed by the team behind "The Naked Chef," and made for It will be shown on the large plasma screens found in hip Clubs and Bars around the UK. 16.3.02


Paul Nardini had some good coverage following his recent competition success at the Blackpool Convention with his act "The Great Nardini" which also features his wife Mhairi. Click Here to read the story from Inside Scotland. 16.3.02


Rob Page is the new secretary of The Young Magician's Club, run by The Magic Circle. As well as being a professional magician Rob often oversees the staging of special events at The Magic Circle's HQ in London. If you are aged between 10 and 18 and would like more details about The Young Magician's Club Click Here 16.3.02


Magic Management were in the news again last week in an article in the Financial Times Business Magazine focusing on the upsurge in the popularity of magic in the UK. Harry Potter, David Blaine, Guy Hollingworth and Paul Zenon were all discussed. Magic Management talked about how their company uses magic in contemporary business presentations, "It's about making the key messages of a presentation memorable and effective" said company director James Freedman. Magic Management have made cars, watches, and CD-Roms appear from nowhere, and even arranged for knives to be thrown at a chief executive - all in the interests of teambuilding of course! 16.3.02


A new website has just been launched by Peter Nardi ( and features video clips of all their latest releases, profiles of magicians, and a magic forum. This month, as an "opening offer" a Mind Spy wallet worth 50.00 can be won. It will be presented to whoever makes the most interesting contribution to the forum in its first month. Pay them a visit today: 16.3.02


Black Artefacts have just released two new items: Cartouche, an effect with an Egyptian theme featuring a superb miniature sarcophagus and Talisman, a Medieval themed effect where a magickal talisman disappears only to reappear inside a deck of Tarot cards. New accessories released this month include a De-Luxe Rune set, a silver plated chalice, and a Medieval style Pentagram pendant. If you want something different then look no further: 16.3.02


An appeal has been launched by Ray Sparks to raise funds to erect a statue of Tommy Cooper outside the Devonshire Park Theatre in Eastbourne. More information from: The Tommy Cooper Memorial Fund, PO Box 509, Eastbourne BN22 0BX. From the Equity Journal. 16.3.02


Bizarre Bath, Bath's original comedy walk, starts its 11th season on March 25th running through until September 29th. "You'll laugh yourself silly when you join the celebrated stroll which takes an irreverent look at the city of Bath. You'll experience unforgettable mysteries, thrills, and surprises that stretch the traditional image of the city." Bizarre Bath leaves the Huntsman Inn, North Parade Passage, Bath, every evening at 8pm and lasts approximately 90 minutes. Highly recommended. 16.3.02

Sunday's Observer featured a two page spread on Magic in Las Vegas by James Flint - and it pulled no punches. On Melinda Saxe: "As she dances her way through the kind of set-piece illusions familiar to anyone who's seen more than a couple of big magic shows everything falls slightly flat" - but on Lance Burton: "Slick, knowing, friendly, flash, and refreshingly self-aware, Burton's everything you want a magician to be." To read the online version Click Here James Flint's novel "52 Ways to Magic America" is published on July 3rd by Fourth Estate. 16.3.02


The Downtown Magic Club meets at the Downtown Dinner, Park Street, Ashford, Kent. Some of the highlights in its upcoming schedule include evenings with Ian Keable, Ray Sparks, Mark Raffles (photo), Mike Cassidy, Lynn Thomas, and Bob Read. For more information on the clubs activities, or to join, contact the clubs president Miki Travis on 01233 620120. 16.3.02


Previews for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (featuring the car that can fly MagicWeek 75) commence on March 19th: The London Palladium, Argyll Street London W1A 3AB. Box office telephone: 0870 890 1108 Tickets 10.00-37.50  Last weeks link to new advertisers "Mr E Enterprises" was pointing to his performing site for a couple of days instead of his new retail site. That was my mistake... sorry Eddie! Click Here to visit his new online site for mentalists, magicians and hypnotists  David Hawkins has a "magic" domain name for sale on this week: "" if you fancy making a bid Click Here - hurry though - only a few days left!  Tha Tha Tha That's all folks, see you next week, Duncan. 16.3.02