Number 101 - 1st June 2002


"Gasp with amazement at the gothic house and garden, be bamboozled by the close at hand tricksters and intrigued by the wondrous and fantastical magical show as a finale..." It can only be Simon Drake's House of Magic - a spectacular evening of magic and illusion washed down with fine wine, food and dancing. Reservations are strictly limited for the next two open nights, on Friday June 21st and Saturday July 13th. Doors open at 7.15pm with drinks in the garden and red room, and Haunted Cellar Tours and a chat with the "Whispering Chair." From 8.15pm onwards Close-up Magicians circulate and the three course buffet dinner starts. At 10pm Simon Drake's 50 minute Magical Extravaganza commences followed by dancing in the auditorium or drinks in the Drawing Room upstairs. For more information telephone Emma on 020 7735 4777 or e-mail or visit the website: and tell them that MagicWeek sent you! 1.6.02


Tim Saiet appeared on new breakfast TV show RISE last week talking about the impact David Blaine's vertigo stunt made in the UK. Tim is the featured magician in June's Magic Profile and specialises in close-up and cabaret magic for the corporate market. 1.6.02


Ricky Jay's X Files appearance is being repeated on Thursday 13th June on Sky One. "On the Santa Monica pier a magician amazes the crowd with his superior ancient magic tricks. However Mulder and Scully are soon brought in when the headless corpse of the magician is found in his car... leaving only his twin brother, Albert, and his rival, LaBonge, as suspects." 1.6.02


We've added two articles this week: "Why the heck would you tell anyone you were a mind reader? Having done so why would you then try to prove it by having them go through some torturous sorting process before they write down their 'choice'... it just ain't logical, is it?" writes the Black Hart in Mentalism! You must be mental. And Jonathan Shotton takes a look at "Personalised Magic" in his piece: Click Here 1.6.02


Uri Geller's Life Signs : Transform Your Life Through Your Personality has just been published. I'm not too sure about its intended use but the contents may be of interest to anyone who's dabbled in mind magic. For more information or to order a copy from MagicWeek in association with Click Here 1.6.02


Drew Perry has just released a new e-book entitled "Close-Up Ex-Perry-ence" it's full of tricks with Cards, Coins, Matchboxes, Rubber bands, Rings and his rather ingenious one-handed double lift. The book is available to purchase as a download from - we've had a quick look and it looks very good, with plenty of photos to make it all clear. 1.6.02


The War Illusionist - The astonishing story of Jasper Maskelyne, the magician who played a vital part in the North African campaign in WWII. An accomplished illusionist, Maskelyne used extraordinary lighting effects to camouflage the Suez Canal to prevent aerial attacks and create mirages of British tank squadrons in the empty desert. At 8pm on Thursday 6th June on the History Channel, see TV Magic 1.6.02


Two new magic books are nearing completion: from Paul Zenon "A Hundred Ways to Win a Fiver" and from Nick Einhorn "The Art of Magic" - both due out in September, we'll have more details nearer the time  David Redfearn appeared on This Morning last week with some razor sharp magic and was immediately invited back  The fifth in the "Breaking the Magician's Code" series is on tonight on Sky One - exposing more classic illusions amongst the dross. A great shame that Actors Equity or Variety in the States never tried to put a stop to these shows years ago, see TV Magic  That's it for this week, your news and reviews are always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 1.6.02