Number 106 - 6th July 2002


"Nothing up my sleeve" - Paul Zenon is featured in Magic Profile for July. One of the country's busiest performers Paul can be seen in two "Edinburgh Preview" shows this week, the first at the Glee Club in Birmingham on Wednesday 10th July. Supporting Paul will be up and coming ventriloquist Nina Conti and proceeds from the show will go to the National Missing Persons Helpline, a charity that Paul Zenon teamed up with after being approached by his almost namesake Paul Zanon who is a fundraiser for the group: "The name coincidence, together with the fact that we're both involved with people disappearing, sparked my initial interest. To be honest, I didn't even realise that the organisation was a charity - like many people I assumed that it was totally government funded. Having found out about the invaluable help they provide - they manage to trace around 60% of the missing people that they are contacted about - I'm delighted to help celebrate their 10th anniversary." The second preview is at Southport's Arts Centre on Friday 12th July (proceeds in aid of Cancer Research UK). Paul Zenon will be performing his one man show nightly at the Edinburgh Festival from 2-26 August in the Assembly Rooms, followed by dates all over the country in September with plans ahead for an extensive tour of South East Asia next Spring, ending up in Australia. See What's On 6.7.02


Ahead of the Pack - A Summit Meeting in the Rarefied Atmosphere of Jack Avis and Lewis Jones has just been published and is available by return exclusively from This is a well produced hard back containing 288 pages and 40 photographs and features some excellent practical magic - we hope to have a full review for you next week (I've had a quick look and it looks great!). 6.7.02


Former British Close-up Champion Lee Davis teamed up with Rob James to take the burnt and restored banknote to the extreme by doing the trick with £20,000 in borrowed cash. The two professional magicians from the South West came up with the idea after being hired to entertain at a party thrown by a recent lottery winner. For the effect a £20 note from the 1,000 notes supplied was selected, signed, and locked in a briefcase with the rest of the money. A signed luggage tag was attached to the case which was subsequently sealed in a borrowed box and then destroyed in a bonfire. The host was more than a little worried about his money until minutes later the case along with all the cash, the signed note, and signed tag were found restored and locked inside a safe at the venue. The trick was overseen by security guards (and a rather concerned looking host!) from start to finish. (Photo, left: Rob James, right: Lee Davis). 6.7.02


Bounce Across - Dai Vernon first saw this effect performed at his 80th birthday party and he loved it, proclaiming it to be "the most original effect I’ve seen in years." This is one of those tricks that really entertains because it's funny, impossible and interactive. Visit and click on "Latest Releases" for more information, and to see what else is new from Daryl. 6.7.02


The Mid-Ulster Magic Circle in Northern Ireland are once again holding a Halloween Convention, this year on Saturday, 12th October, at the Fitzwilliam International Hotel, Belfast International Airport. With lectures from Joe Riding, Tony Thursby and David Grist and dealers Peter J. Levins, Banshee Magic, and Adrian Harris. All starting at 10.00am. For more information visit the club's events page Click Here or telephone Joe Glover 02838 325079 or Des Callaghan 02894 453667. "Always a great craic." 6.7.02


The Money Programme - Pension Roulette investigates the crisis in the Pension industry on Wednesday, July 10th at 7.30pm on BBC 2. Magician Philip Partridge is one of three case studies featured in the programme, a self-employed magician running his own business who has decided not to take out a stakeholder pension. 6.7.02


Dominic Wood, Matthew Duggan, Marc Paul, Nick Reade, Fay Presto, Anthony Owen and Mandy Muden were all invited to at the Queen's Golden Jubilee Concerts held at Buckingham Palace last month. The magicians provided pre concert entertainment for those who were fortunate enough to win tickets, both in the Palace Gardens and on the forecourt. They also performed around the Victoria monument for those without tickets who had gathered outside the Palace to watch the concerts on large screens specially built for the occasion. 6.7.02


MindMagic - the Mind Readers' Convention is going to skip a year this year. "MindMagic has proved to be a great success, and sold out last year, but it has always been something of a labour of love and does involve a lot of work. I don't have the time that I'd like to devote to it at the moment, and don't want to cut corners, so a date has been set for next year instead: 9th November 2003. Already two lecturers have been booked, one covering mentalism on the radio with practical offerings in this unusual field, and the other from one of the country's top professionals, who will be presenting a 'hands-on' lecture/workshop for working performers. A number of new features will be introduced in 2003 - details will be posted both in MagicWeek and on the MindMagic website." Duncan Trillo, MindMagic. 6.7.02


Amazing Jonathan's performance on the Jack Dee show is being repeated on Sunday 14th July on Granada Plus, and The World's Most Dangerous Magic II is on Channel 5 tonight, see TV Magic • Al Smith's Abacus magazine will cease to be on completion of August's edition - completing ten volumes in all. It was a monthly magazine that always arrived on time and featured mostly card magic and chat together with reviews that were never sugar-coated • International Magic are about to release two new video tapes with Andrew Galloway presenting, and explaining, John Ramsay routines. Keep an eye on International for the release date • Dale Shrimpton has emailed a link to a website full of all-sorts of interest to magical historians Click Here (thanks Dale) • Your news, event listings and reviews always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 6.7.02