Number 107 - 13th July 2002


Jay Sankey heads a strong line-up at Mark Leveridge's 8th British Close-up Magic Symposium on Sunday 6th April 2003 in Bath. Jay will be presenting a 90 minute lecture featuring both his close-up and stand up magic. Also on the bill from home and abroad: Joachim Solberg, Richard Pinner, Roger Curzon, Lee Davis and Sean Carpenter. Registrations are limited to just 100 and all seats are numbered and allocated on a first come, first served basis (and must be pre-booked). Although all seats have an excellent view due to the tiered seating, the earlier you book then the nearer the front you are likely to be. For more information, and to reserve your place, visit the website: 13.7.02


2002 British Magical Champion David Penn was, for a second year in succession, booked to perform backstage at this year's London Mardi Gras. Seen here with boy band Westlife following a major spoon bending session! 13.7.02


Seven top performers from The Magic Circle will descend on the Golden Jubilee Reigate Summer Music Festival in Surrey on Sunday 21st July, to present Magic Circle Magic at the beginning of this week-long festival which is otherwise devoted to music. Alan Shaxon, Terry Herbert, John Archer, Roy Davenport (photo), Scott Penrose, John Styles and Peter Scarlett make up the show. For more information visit the website: or to book tickets (14 each) email Terry Damer:  13.7.02


Fay Presto was back in the news and in court last week defending her right to ride her Citybug rhinestone-clad scooter to gigs in London's West End without insurance. The judge dismissed her appeal against a Southwark Crown Court ruling back in January that the Citybug, imported from Taiwan, was not exempt from insurance under the 1983 Electrically-assisted Pedal Cycle Regulations law stating: "The critical finding of fact in the present case is that it would be impossible for anyone to use this machine safely on the roads if reliance was placed on the pedals alone." 13.7.02


Aha - Alan Partridge now has his own website courtesy of the BBC that includes a video clip of his interview with MagicWeek favourite Tony Le Mesmar, Click Here 13.7.02


The new Paul Harris effect Deep Astonishment is now available by return from (under "Hot List 10" on their website) - and it seems that this one is causing quite a stir: "Deep Astonishment may be the greatest single card effect ever invented!" Mac King. Get clicking. 13.7.02


Close-up magician Rob James reviews Ahead of the Pack this week, the newly published book from Jack Avis and Lewis Jones Click Here (thanks Rob). 13.7.02


Brian De Palma has made some great movies in his time but I've got a hunch (or should that be hutch?) that this isn't one of them. Get to Know Your Rabbit was made in 1972 and features Orson Welles coaching a salary man as he gives up his job to become a magician. Sky Movies Cinema 1, on the 24th. See TV Magic 13.7.02


52 Ways to Magic America by James Flint looks like an essential read. "A wry story of illusion and deception from the fading coastal resorts of England. Marty has been practising magic since he was eight. He loves the attention, not least at school where his deft card tricks offer him a way round the embarrassment of actually talking to girls. But how can any serious magician who dreams of following his heroes Siegfried & Roy to the glittering lights of Las Vegas, still be employing his little sister as his assistant? A post-show drinks party at the Young Magician of the Year at the Crucible in Sheffield, (the last event in the calendar before the World Snooker Championships) offers Marty's faltering career a way forward. The award winning duo of Darren Watt and Terri Electric are going their separate ways and it doesn't take long for Marti to coax Terri into becoming his partner on stage and in bed. Terri is everything Marty could dream of, a talented gymnast, an able assistant and a spitting image of Princess Diana. From cabaret bookings in Brighton, Eastbourne and Worthing the pair finally hit the big time with a summer's booking in the Caribbean. A summer is all it is though. Even before their sun-kissed skin has had chance to fade both Marty and Terri know that the autumn circuit back in the UK is going to be tough. By the time they reach the annual Magician's Convention in Blackpool on a bleak weekend in February it is clear that their act needs freshening up. But it is amazing what can happen when you are down on your luck at the top of the Blackpool Tower on a wet Sunday afternoon..." The Caribbean, the Blackpool convention, Eastbourne... it all sounds a little too close for comfort for me. Just published and available now with a 20% discount via MagicWeek in association with - to order Click Here 13.7.02


The World's Greatest Magic IV is being repeated on Channel 5 tonight at 7.40pm - this is an edited version that runs for just under an hour  Paul Daniels is live in Luton tonight, see What's On  Your magic news is always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 13.7.02