Number 108 - 20th July 2002


The Magic Circle, founded in 1905 by Neil Weaver, Herbert J Collings and Ernest Adams, will celebrate its centenary in 2005. To mark this important milestone in its history a number of exciting events are being planned. The focal point of the year will be The Magic Circle Centenary Celebrations, to be held from Wednesday 20th July to Saturday 23rd July. The four day event will be packed with special shows, lectures and surprises.

The University of London in Bedford Way, London WC2 has already been booked to house the celebrations. This venue, with its excellent facilities, is just minutes away from The Magic Circle's own headquarters, The Centre for the Magic Arts, and following the main celebrations the Centre will host a Magic Heritage Day on the Sunday and an Open Day on the Monday. These extra days will provide an opportunity for visiting magicians from all over the world to enjoy more magic, and spend time enjoying the facilities. The Magic Circle Centenary Celebrations will be open to non-members as well as members of The Magic Circle, and details will be announced nearer the time. For further information contact: David Beckley, Press Office, The Magic Circle: telephone +44 (0)1483 408 430 email:


David Blaine v David Copperfield - Magic's big boys fight it out in Celebrity DeathMatch at 10pm on Thursday 1st August on MTV in this animated show. No MTV? Click Here for a video clip. 20.7.02


International News New York City - July 6th, 2002, New York based magician Torkova was awarded both the First Prize/Silver Medal in the Stage Competition and the Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Award for Classical Magic at the Society of American Magicians Centennial Convention. When talking about his love for magic Torkova said, "I've always been rooted in the classics of magic which I love performing. My style is reminiscent of the golden age of conjuring which flourished during Vaudeville. My magic reflects my personality." Torkova will be performing his classical magic at Monday Night Magic on Monday, August 19th at 8.00pm. Monday Night Magic is located at The McGinn/Cazale Theatre, 2162 Broadway (at West 76th St.) New York. 20.7.02


Quentin Reynolds' show Adventures In Astonishment opened at Bewley's Cafe Theatre, Grafton Street, Dublin on Wednesday 17th July and plays every Wednesday until September 18th. All seats 10 Euros. The show starts at 8.30pm. The box office number if you are dialing from the UK is 00353 1872 0104. 20.7.02


Magicians Featured Links - There is no charge to have your website linked under Magicians on MagicWeek but from this week onwards you can enhance your entry with a 'Featured Performer' link, with up to 50 words of text Details Here. Those of you with full stat-trackers on your websites will know how many valuable hits come in via the Magicians' page - now you can really stand out. For the online application form, and rates, Click Here. 20.7.02


The Nottingham Guild of Magicians hold their One Day Convention tomorrow at the Arnold Leisure Centre, High Street, Arnold, Nottingham. With Lectures from Eddie Burke, Russell Hall, Derek Lever and Duncan Trillo plus dealers Goodliffe, Magick Enterprises, Mr E Enterprises, Practical Magic and Taurus Magic. In the evening, in the Bonington Theatre, there's a full Gala Show featuring Eddie Burke, Derek Lever, Duncan Trillo, Clive Moore and illusionists Safire. Tickets are 12 for the day only, or 15 including the gala show. Telephone Barry Perkins on 0115 9283080. 20.7.02


Penn and Teller star in the World's Wildest Magic tonight on Channel 5 at 8pm (thanks to Hugo Hadlow for the info. - we'd missed this one on our listings last week!). 20.7.02


We have had a two emails and a letter this week regarding problems with email viruses, asking us to bring this to the attention of MagicWeek readers. I hope that the following helps. It seems that some readers have received an email containing suspect files. It sounds like someone is sending out emails that appear to be from bona-fide magicians (using "real" email addresses). The only advice is NEVER open an attachment no matter who it is from unless you are explicitly expecting that file to be sent to you.


If you send and receive emails, or place your email address on a website, without having state-of-the-art up-to-date AntiVirus software running on your computer you are taking a very large risk - the chances are that YOU WILL contract a computer virus that could do great damage: deleting valuable files, sending emails out automatically to everyone in your address book (containing a replicate virus), locking up your system, rendering some programmes unusable, total shut-down and so on. Often a virus will come from a friend (unknowingly) who has himself contracted it without even realising. A message may read "Thought you might like to see this" or whatever, with an attachment for you to open (the virus). Some viruses open themselves without even being clicked. Curiosity may have killed the cat - but it's killed far more computers.


There is only one course of action to take if you aren't currently protected and that is to install some decent AntiVirus software straight away. Why people spend thousands of pounds on their computer set-ups and then try and save a few pounds by not protecting them, or install free AntiVirus software with a limited shelf life, I've never quite understood. Everyone has heard of computer viruses - they've made headline television news in the past. I've posted on the subject in a couple of magic forums a number of times, yet still people don't protect their systems. If you think "I'm OK" just discuss the subject with a few friends! MagicWeek recommends Norton, the world leader in AntiVirus software, that has kept us virus-free from day one. 


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You can buy Norton AntiVirus from PC World, Dixons, etc... or you can order it right now with a 33% saving and 24 hour delivery from (price 26.65), annual up-dates cost just a few pounds. To buy Norton AntiVirus 2002 Click Here 20.7.02


Spielberg's Minotity Report (written by Philip K. Dick in 1956) offers an intelligent glimpse into the future that would make worthwhile viewing for all "mentalists." This movie sees sci-fi firmly back on track - excellent. For local cinema details vist Guardian Films  Mike O'Brien lectures on Tuesday July 23rd at the Northamptonshire Magicians' Club. Visiting Magicians 4.00. For more details, including directions to the venue Click Here  I look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow at the Nottingham Guild of Magicians Convention when I'll be lecturing on cabaret magic and performing in the Gala show. That's it for this week, see you next week when we'll present more adventures from the land of make believe, Duncan. 20.7.02