Number 109 - 27th July 2002


Blackpool Magicians' Club is gearing up for their 51st Annual Convention (21st, 22nd, 23rd February 2003) and have just released details of some of the artistes and events lined up so far. Artistes already booked: Mick Miller, David Acer, John Mendoza, Duncan Trillo, Aldo Colombini, Jay Mattioli, Gaetan Bloom, Kevin James (photo), Sophie Evans, Jim Casey & Eli Woods recreating Jimmy James & Co., Nicholas Night & Kinga, Craig Dickson, Darwin Ortiz, Daryl, Michael Vincent, Victor Voytko, Tre McCamley, Noel Britten, Junge Junge, Quentin Reynolds, Richard Stupple, Terry Seabrooke and recording stars Bucks Fizz. There are several new innovations planed for this year - full details on the website where you'll also be able to print out a registration form. A world-class magic event... book early! 27.7.02


QVC are presenting the Uri Geller Jewellery Collection tonight at 7pm on the QVC channel. What is it that makes me think that even stripped of his amazing spoon-bending abilities Uri would have possessed the magic touch? All power to him. TV Magic 27.7.02


Martin Breese has just purchased a collection of more than 1,000 magic books. They are slowly being catalogued and the first 70 or so are now up on his website, listed under Second Hand Books. Titles to be added include The Harbin book, Goldston Locked books and some of the Robert Albo series. Martin's website will have a secure shopping facility shortly. 27.7.02


The biggest just got bigger - Black Artefacts, Europe's largest manufacturer and dealer in weird and bizarre magic, has this week released their latest printed catalogue. Company boss, Keith Hart, commented: "We recognise that not all our customers and potential customers are on the internet, so we have updated the printed catalogue to include all of the items currently on our website. This is the biggest and best catalogue that we have ever produced, however it is still free. Our policy has always been not to charge customers for what, in effect, is browsing through our shop." The new catalogue can be ordered by telephone, in writing or of course by email. Contact details for your free catalogue: Tel: +44 (0)121 743 5724 Email: Address: Black Artefacts, Dept 666, 50 Sunnymead Road, Birmingham B26 1LJ, England. 27.7.02


Billy McComb appears as Walter Wilder in Lord of Illusions (18) on the Sci-Fi channel on Thursday 8th August. TV Magic 27.7.02


Jon Allen's routine One Trick Two Names, Jon's variation of The Dream Card, is featured in 'Revue de la Prestidigitation' for May/June. Boris Wild has a new column that features the work of selected magicians every issue. 27.7.02


Jack Delvin's show One Man's Magic mentioned in MagicWeek just a few weeks ago is now sold out (Friday 13th September). However if there is sufficient interest an extra performance will be staged on Saturday 14th September. "The doors and bar open at 6.30pm The show starts at 7.30pm. The show ends at 10.00pm, the bar closes at 10.30pm. My life story in tricks and tales. 40 tricks and goodness knows how many tales - it isn't scripted that tightly. A relaxed evening of total magic indulgence." Telephone Jack Delvin on 01689 826169 if you would like to go. All seats 10, suitable for all ages. 27.7.02


James Anthony is looking for illusions for his new show If anyone has illusions just lying around, and would like to see them put to good use James would like to hear from you on 0161 612 2268. "Basically we are looking for help until we get fully established, but until then we can give full credit to any companies on advertising literature etc. If you'd like to see our act and would like performance details please get in touch. Would like to hear about items like Crystal Casket, but if possible rarer illusions, as everyone uses the Crystal Casket!" 27.7.02


Illusion creator Jim Steinmeyer is interviewed in Italy's top internet e-zine Magia e Illusionismo - the site also features other interviews with international magicians and more (thanks Richard). 27.7.02


Philip Partridge can be seen performing at the Merseyside International Street Festival this weekend. On Saturday at 1pm (Bootle Strand) and 3.30pm (Southport Arts Centre) and on the Sunday at 12.30 (Southport Arts Centre) performing close-up magic. Then on Thursday 1st August at the Bluecoat Courtyard, Liverpool performing The Magic Philip Show. 27.7.02


Illusionist Chris Boyer presents The Magic of Chris Boyer for a second year running this year on November 6th and 7th, at a larger venue, The Marine Hall, The Esplanade, Fleetwood, Lancashire FY7 6HF. Tickets are 6 for adults and 5 for children and senior citizens. The show will also feature dancers and a guest magician. 27.7.02


Here's a little more info for those who have been having email virus problems, taken from the Symantec (Norton) website, re. a virus called W32.Klez.H@mm. "This worm often uses a technique known as 'spoofing.' When it performs its email routine it can use a randomly chosen address that it finds on an infected computer as the 'From:' address, numerous cases have been reported in which users of uninfected computers received complaints that they sent an infected message to someone else. For example, Linda Anderson is using a computer that is infected with W32.Klez.H@mm. Linda is not using an antivirus program or does not have current virus definitions. When W32.Klez.H@mm performs its emailing routine, it finds the email address of Harold Logan. It inserts Harold's email address into the 'From:' portion of an infected message that it then sends to Janet Bishop. Janet then contacts Harold and complains that he sent her an infected message, but when Harold scans his computer, Norton AntiVirus does not find anything - as would be expected - because his computer is not infected." To buy Norton AntiVirus 2002 Click Here  The first three magicians to respond to last week's "Featured Performer Link" offer, under the Magicians links section,  were (in order!) Paul Gordon, James Freedman and David Redfearn  That's it - see you next week, Duncan. 27.7.02