Number 116 - 14th September 2002


Fay Presto, John Lenahan and Andy Nyman are all on the bill for the first ever Soho Tricks hosted by Mandy Muden and Danny Buckler on Monday 7th October. The show starts at 8.30pm at Barcode, Archer Street, London W1 (Map - thanks to It should be a great night, with the next one two weeks later. For a review of Mandy and Danny's recent Edinburgh show Click Here 14.9.02


Steve Cohen arrives in the UK shortly for his Chamber Magic: A Demonstration of Modern Conjuring performances at the Langham Hilton. Keep an eye (and ear) out for Steve... On the 29th he'll be interviewed by Gyles Brandreth on LBC, on October 1st he's a guest on the Nicky Campbell Show, BBC Radio 5 11am, on October 2nd he'll be on "Midweek" BBC Radio 4, 9am, with Libby Purves, and he'll be appearing live on the Gloria Hunniford Television Show, Channel 5, on the 3rd. MagicWeek will bring you a review on October 5th. Book early for what promises to be an excellent evening of magic - telephone: 020 7636 1000. See What's On for more details. 14.9.02


Paul Zenon launches his Off the street, On the road tour tomorrow night at the Quays Theatre, The Lowry, Manchester. For a review of the show, that was a virtual sell-out in Edinburgh, Click Here. See What's On for tour dates. 14.9.02


MagicBox are now advertising with MagicWeek. The company has been in business for 10 years selling magic tricks, books and videos to professional magicians via their two shops in the North East. For the past five years they've also been running a successful mail order division and have built up a solid reputation as one of the country's leading magic dealers. Just released: Close Up Encounters - a series of three videos shot with three broadcast-quality cameras. These videos feature real-world material that you will actually use containing tricks and routines using cards, coins, rubber bands, sponge balls and other everyday objects. Visit right now! 14.9.02


In 1973, Uri Geller bent a fork on television using only the power of his mind. Since then this charismatic showman has faced an ongoing battle to convince the world of his special powers... Reputations - Uri Geller, 9pm on Thursday 19th September, on BBC 2.


A new video based on The Goodliffe Memorial Lecture presented by Fr. Roger Crosthwaite to members and friends of The British Magical Society on October 27th, 1998 has just been released. Introduced by Mike Gancia (BMS President, 1997-98) it contains an interview "Memories of Goodliffe" conducted by Dr. Bernard Weller and showcases a number of advanced magic techniques and handlings, some of which have never appeared on video before. Roger believes, as did David Devant, that "magic occupies a far higher plane than that of the actual means it employs." This tape touches on that higher plane, the art of magic itself, and is therefore essential viewing for any magician who wants to understand the thinking behind Roger's performance and apply it to their own work. The effects cover mind reading, gambling, and magic and are visual and direct, with uncomplicated and clearly perceived plots. This is the kind of card magic that Goodliffe liked and, in one instance, actually used. "Terrific card material" Stephen Tucker. (90 minutes, PAL only, produced by The Magic Video Company) Cheques only for 20 (includes postage) to: The Magic Video Company, 17 The Moat, Puckeridge, Herts. SG11 1SJ Email: 14.9.02


Paul Gordon's latest book, Professional Card Magic Miracles, has been receiving some excellent press: "If I had to describe Paul Gordon's approach to card magic, I'd say "casual and natural"... a delightful approach. We would classify this material as requiring intermediate card skills, but it's within the reach of anyone willing to practice. The entertainment value is excellent. 32 tricks, 56 illustrations, 125 pages, beautifully produced foil-embossed hardback. 25/$37 post-paid. See" David Goodsell, M-U-M Magazine (The Society of American Magicians) September 2002. There's a special offer running until November 1st... Anyone who purchases the new book gets a free copy of The Millennium Bug, a card trick released by Paul and Mamma Mia Magic (Aldo Colombini). 14.9.02


Celebrity Extra on Sunday 15th September features Tania Bryer revealing "the magician who is trying to steal David Blaine's crown." (see TV Magic) 14.9.02


Plans are underway for a Weakest Link all-magician's special edition. The Magic Circle were originally approached but wisely declined to submit a team... who'd dare? We'll let you have transmission dates and details as soon as we have them. 14.9.02


Sad to report the death of British Ring President Elect Peter Laing on Friday morning. He died of a heart attack. Current President Mike Gancia will continue for another year. 14.9.02


Could it be Magic! Mike Danata stars in "Could it be Magic!" at 7.30pm at the Barrington Theatre, Ferndown, Dorset. September 25th. Tickets 5 - 7. Telephone: 01202 894858. Two hours of Magic, Music and Song featuring special guest, 14 year old James More, performing his manipulation act. 14.9.02


Mac King's Tricks With Your Head  Hilarious Magic Tricks and Stunts to Disgust and Delight, has been selling really well - so I thought I'd run it yet again! To order from Click Here 14.9.02


Expect to see a new TV series from Derren Brown next February, followed by a tour in March and April  For all the latest Eastbourne Convention news Click Here  What's new? see Cool Magic  Think you know search engines? Then try this reflective look at elgoog and don't forget to type backwards!  Bobby Bernard appears on the day-time quiz show 15 to 1 on Tuesday, September 24th on Channel 4 (thanks Drew)  That's it! Your magic news is always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 14.9.02