Number 130 - 21st December 2002


Paul Daniels will be holding a special one day Magical Master Class next year in three locations in the UK, and five across the USA: Saturday 22nd March - Birmingham, Sunday 23rd March - Leeds, Saturday 5th April - London, Saturday 12th April - Chicago, Sunday 13th April - New York, Tuesday 15th April - Orlando, Saturday 19th April - Las Vegas, and Sunday 20th April - Los Angeles. Focusing on the business side of magic the day promises a lot: "How to get on TV, Radio, and into the Newspapers, How to easily triple your income on every show you do, How to radically enhance every magic effect you already own without spending any more money!, How to promote yourself and your shows effectively, with fantastic results, How to tap currently untouched markets the potential for this is phenomenal! How every gig can lead onto at least three more, with no effort on your part!, How to develop a unique stage character that audiences will love - guaranteed, How to easily generate a continual stream of bookings for your show, for little or no cost, How to increase the response of your advertising by 400% - very simply, How to use secret marketing tools to double your salary in 2003." For more information, and to book a ticket, visit 21.12.02


The 25th London Mime Festival opens on January 10th and runs for 16 days. One of the highlights this year is a return visit from Compagnie 111, a hit at last year's Festival. "On a cunningly amplified set created from a series of variously sized wooden boxes, white juggling balls become instruments of dazzling sound and rhythm. Add a dash of aerial skills, flamenco, accordion and acrobatics and you have IJK, a seamless flow of artistry and magic. Performers Aurelien Bory, Olivier Alenda and Anne de Buck trained at France's famous Lido Circus School and worked with Mladen Materic's Tattoo Theatre before setting up their own company in 1999. 'An astonishing blend of performance and sound installation'. Le Republicain." Although not magic I thought you'd like to hear about this show as we've heard great reports. The show runs for 55 minutes with no interval, which is just right. Credit card bookings: 020 7960 4242. Venue: Royal Festival Hall, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX. Online booking Click Here Festival website: 21.12.02


Derren Brown read minds with ease on the Christmas edition of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross yesterday. Derren can be seen live on stage at the Swansea Grand Theatre on March 24th at 7.30pm. Tickets 8.50 - 12.50. Box Office 01792 475715, more tour dates to be announced soon. 21.12.02


Nick Einhorn's The Art of Magic is the second best-selling magic book this year from beaten only by David Blaine's Mysterious Stranger. Nick, who was in great demand during December, entertained at the EastEnder's Christmas cast party in a London nightclub on Friday. 21.12.02


Uri Geller was Michael Jackson's guest on Wednesday's 2DTV on ITV1, and will probably feature again in the future... funny stuff. 21.12.02


Tariq Knight, on BBC2's Working Lunch on Thursday afternoon, at the Marvin's Magic shop within Hamleys of Regent Street. Marvin's Magic is a success story, but Hamleys themselves have been losing money for years, and only recently seem to be getting on top of things with a reported profit of 200,000 for the six months ending in September. (Still poor in relation to the actual turnover, but they're heading in the right direction.) See BBC News. An in-house teddy bear factory also featured in the piece! Music Show CD:UK on ITV1 on Saturday morning (21st) will feature magician Daniel Bowing demonstrating a number of tricks from the Marvin's Magic range to Christmas shoppers Cat Deeley and Gareth Gates. 21.12.02


Friday's Newsround on BBC1 featured a trip to The Magic Circle. Marvin Berglas was interviewed by young magician Sam Cocklin as the two took a tour of the Circle's head quarters. Marvin talked about the surge in popularity that magic has seen over the last few years. Marvin Berglas can been seen on Nickelodeon performing various tricks to camera for 'links' throughout the Christmas season. Marvin's Magic with Marvin Berglas recently celebrated its 7th anniversary with a one hour special on QVC in the UK. 21.12.02


Terry Seabrooke lectures at the Bristol Society of Magicians on January 9th. To visit the society's website Click Here. 21.12.02


Philip Partridge appears in his Camp Comedy Conjuror guise on the Entertainers' Special of the Weakest Link on New Year's Eve at 5.25pm on BBC 2. Apparently Anne Robinson was lost for words when she saw Philip's pink Cosmo flip flops! Philip performs a rope trick during the show. 21.12.02


Jon Allen presents an all new lecture at the British Magical Society on January 14th. To visit the society's website Click Here and for Jon Allen's website, click here: 21.12.02


Criss Angel's Mindfreak, which goes out on Christmas eve, sounds like it will be interesting, although I'm not too sure about the more grusome stunts. In this show he plans to stay in a tank of water for 24 hours! TV Magic 21.12.02


If you're hoping to get a new PC from Father Christmas this year then I can really recommend (because I just bought it!) the excellent Windows XP Home Edition: The Missing Manual written by computer expert and magician David Pogue. It very much is "the missing manual" and will enable you to master Windows XP in no time Click Here. Also from the same author Magic for Dummies - a great beginners introduction to magic. 21.12.02


Norton Internet Security 2003 has just been released and offers both an antivirus solution and a firewall, amongst other useful features, all in one easy to use package. All it needs is for one of your friends to add your email address to their address book and for them to then be hit by a virus for that virus to then be automatically sent to you... To order, with a discount from, Click Here. And for some sensible advice (until you do install some antivirus software!) Click Here and Here 21.12.02


Happy Christmas! To all our readers, contributors and advertisers all over the world from the MagicWeek team: Keiko, Amelia, little Louis and Duncan (Louis runs the complaints department...). And lets hope for a peaceful 2003. Your news is always welcomed. 21.12.02