Number 131 - 28th December 2002


Monkey Magic Show One goes out on Sunday, January 5th, on Five. Expect to see magic and more (shaken, not stirred), from Ali Cook, Pete McCahon, Jonathan Goodwin, and Pete Firman every week for the next seven weeks. The show has just had a four-star review in the February edition of Maxim magazine: "Sure there's a novelty value to it all, but that can't disguise the brilliance of some of its ingenious trickery." 28.12.02


The Blackpool Magician's Club 51st Convention is just around the corner... taking place on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd February 2003. Artistes already booked: Mick Miller, David Acer, John Mendoza, Aldo Colombini (photo), Jay Mattioli, Gaetan Bloom, Kevin James, Duncan Trillo, Sophie Evans, Jim Casey & Eli Woods recreating Jimmy James & Co., Nicholas Night & Kinga, Craig Dickson, Darwin Ortiz, Daryl, Michael Vincent, Victor Voytko, Tre McCamley, Noel Britten, Junge Junge, Quentin Reynolds, Richard Stupple, Terry Seabrooke and recording stars Bucks Fizz. There are several new innovations planed for this year - more information on the website where you'll also be able to print out a registration form. - A world-class magic event... book early! 28.12.02


Registrations for the Paul Daniel's Master class in March and April next year are being snapped up. Paul regularly advises internationally known magicians and has a wealth of invaluable knowledge at his disposal to help you develop your magical and business skills. The Master classes are now being advertised on MagicWeek and full details can be found by visiting 28.12.02


Martin Breese has just released Harry Stanley's GEN magazine in digital format on four CD Roms complete with a 161 page index compiled by Dr Michael Collie. The magazine ran for 26 years starting in 1945 and contained nearly 9,000 pages and 13,500 photos. Harry Stanley published, and it was edited by Lewis Ganson. Hundreds of well known performers contributed to the GEN including: Al Koran, David Berglas, Ed Marlo, Billy McComb, Ken Brooke, Robert Harbin, Juan Tamariz, Roy Walton, Jack Avis, Dai Vernon, Fred Lowe, Bob Driebeek, Fred Kaps and many, many more. For more information, and to order, visit 28.12.02


A number of new dates have been added to John Derris's lecture tour, which has received some excellent reviews: "Members gained some real gems" Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians, "Brilliant - John showed magic that everyone can do and it was one of the best lectures we've ever had." Bexleyheath Society of Magicians, "Members were able to take away magic that they could apply, and importantly, use!" Peterborough Society of Magicians. See What's On for dates and details. 28.12.02


More Derren Brown Mind Control dates are in. You'll be able to see Derren Live on Stage at the following venues next year: Swansea Grand Theatre, Bacon Theatre Cheltenham, Wyvern Theatre Swindon, Alexandra Theatre Birmingham and the White Rock Theatre Hastings. See What's On 28.12.02


The Miracle Flash Frame from Colin Rose is fantastic! Here's the effect: A chosen card is returned to the deck, the spectator is asked to call out the name of their card, at that moment you spring the cards at the frame... and there, behind the glass, is their chosen card! If you prefer you can simply blow at the frame to make the chosen card appear! For more information visit: 28.12.02


The Ilford Magical Society present Before Your Very Eyes on Sunday night (29th December) at 7.30pm. All seats 8. Venue: Queen's Theatre, Millet Lane, Hornchurch, Essex RM11 1QT. Box office telephone: 01708 443333. 28.12.02


Here are some links to magic products that you may have missed! If you are into mind-reading type magic Click Here, for some excellent close-up magic Click Here, like card tricks? Click Here, or coin magic, Click Here 28.12.02


John Milner and Tracie Hughes, who run The House of Magic are opening a School of Wizardry at their magic shop in Stourbridge. John Milner, a member of The Inner Magic Circle, said: "Since opening The House of Magic we have repeatedly been asked to give lessons to aspiring conjurers. We have therefore taken the decision to set up the school to accommodate this demand. If the apprentices become competent enough they will be able to audition for local magic societies and ultimately audition for membership of The Magic Circle." To read the full story reported in the Express and Star Click Here 28.12.02


Marc Paul did an excellent job on the Parkinson Christmas Show on Christmas Eve presenting a number of mind reading type stunts in rapid succession  That's it for this week, your news is always welcomed... Happy New Year, Duncan. 28.12.02