Number 132 - 4th January 2003


Ian Keable looks at the careers of those who have made their names reading minds and transmitting thoughts via the radio in Men of Mystery on Tuesday morning on BBC Radio 4. The programme includes interviews with Lesley Hazlitt and mind-reader Marc Salem. Lesley Hazlitt, who now lives in Australia, formed half of the Piddingtons, an act that attracted radio audiences of some 20 million back in the 1950's. Other performers discussed are Uri Geller, Romark and Chan Canasta. Produced by Karl Phillips, written and researched by Ian Keable and David Britland. 11.30am on Tuesday 7th January (35 minutes) on BBC Radio 4. 4.1.03


The Amazing Magic Circle Christmas Show sold out this year - all eight shows... "The most successful Christmas magic show in Britain today, now in its fifth year, grows in popularity proving that live magic does have an appeal to a market that is becoming jaded with nearly 400 TV channels that struggle to provide entertainment." Writes John Derris in his review this week - to read the full review Click Here (Photo, left to right, David Ball, Chris Pratt and Mike Alderman). 4.1.03


Channel 4's 100 Greatest TV Treats of 2002 last week had David Blaine's Vertigo at number 75 and Derren Brown's Mind Control 3 at number 67. David Blaine's Street Magic can be seen on Sky tonight at 11.30pm, and Derren Brown Mind Control 2, on Tuesday 13th. See TV Magic. For Derren Brown Spring Tour 2003 dates Click Here. 4.1.03


Neil Martin Productions are taking on a number of restaurant chains (both large and small) and will be supplying them with weekly entertainment in, and around, London. Primarily they will require entertainment from either 1-4pm or 1-5pm, mainly on Sundays, with a few restaurants requiring performers on Saturdays as well. If you would like to join their 'team' of entertainers, or know someone else that would, call Neil Martin or Chris Banks on 020 8669 3128 during office hours, or email Work is available right now for professional, reliable and proficient entertainers. As is standard with most restaurant residencies the pay isn't great, but it is regular, provides an excellent opportunity to work in new material, and can result in worthwhile professional engagements. 4.1.03


The current Radio Times has a half page feature on page 11 titled The Return of TV Tricksters by Danny Kelly, and looks at where TV magic went wrong "The trouble began when Nixon was replaced as top TV trickster by Paul Daniels" and where it's now going right, "Penn and Teller, David Blaine, The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter..." Kelly, who clearly loves magic, refers to Tufty, Monkey Boy, the Colonel and Papa (the Monkey Magic gang) as magic's first boy band, and gives the new show (Sunday's on Five at 8pm) a solid plug. 4.1.03


Geoffrey Durham appears on Puzzle Panel on Wednesday 8th January on BBC Radio Four. Listeners are invited to email in their puzzles: 4.1.03


This month John Derris is profiled in Magic Profile. John is one of those people who is full of positive energy, loves magic, both as a performer and creator, and has spent a life-time in magic. John is also a member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star. 4.1.03


Back in 1998, Paul Gordon was invited to present the first close-up lecture at the new Magic Circle headquarters in London. After a five year gap, Paul is back on February 10th with a brand-new lecture, which includes new tricks and many golden-oldies, all from Paul's professional working repertoire. Visit (and follow the links) to see Paul's other upcoming UK lecture dates. Paul's card magic is workable card magic, suitable for both strolling, and table, close-up magic work. Paul also has a new range of magic at - including new items from magician Roger Crosthwaite. 4.1.03


The Surrey Society of Magicians have some excellent events lined up: 9th January John Derris, 13th February Mark Worgan, 27th February Charles Gauci, 27th March Etienne Pradier, 10th April Jay Sankey, 24th April Alakazam Magic. Contact John Field for more information, or to join the society, on 01372 275515. 4.1.03


Dominic Wood's Magic Book has just been published by Bodley Head Children's Books. Featuring star-rated, step-by-step instructions and countless photographs of Dominc, this book is ideal for young magic enthusiasts (7-11). The book includes tricks such as "Mind Reader" "Secret Vision" and "Floating Fruit", top tips for a polished performance, and a run down of the greatest magicians in history. To order from Click Here. 4.1.03


The Magic Club of Great Britain is based in Milton Keynes, and meets at the Beacon Pub in Bletchley. In April 2002 they had their first ever Magic Convention at The Stables Theatre, Milton Keynes, which was a great success. July saw the re-launch of their website, which offered a newsletter, special offers and an online magic catalogue. In September they launched a professional 12 part Magic Course, consisting of 12 monthly modules, on either CDRom or Video. Plans are currently underway to stage the first ever Magic Club of Great Britain Variety Show at the Halfway Restaurant in Dunstable on February 19th, 2003. The evening will cost 18.50 and will include a three course meal. During the meal club members will perform close-up magic, and the evening will end with a full-length magic show. The club welcomes magicians from other magic clubs or societies to their club nights. If you would like to visit email or Freephone: 0800 298 5884 for more information. 4.1.03


Kreskin made a few predictions for CNN for 2003... but they all seemed rather lame to me - avoiding any real issues. See what you think, Click Here. I understand that his book, Secrets of the Amazing Kreskin, is rather good though Click Here  Young magicians Steve Dela and Paul Dabek are planning to present a full two hour Magic and Illusion show to audiences in Shropshire later on this year, details when we have them  There's another article from Kevin Gallagher this week, and with the January 31st tax dead-line fast approaching it is appropriately on tax for magicians, Click Here. Shame the British Government isn't smart enough to realise that by only asking for accounts from the self employed once a year no momentum is achieved, so vast numbers of the self employed find themselves failing to hand in their annual accounts on time, if at all. If the law required accounts to be prepared every three months instead things would be a lot smoother...  Don't miss Monkey Magic on Sunday!  Your news, dates, reviews and views always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 4.1.03