Number 138 - 15th February 2003


Kevin James will present a brand new illusion at the Blackpool Magician's Club 51st Convention next weekend. This is the world's largest magic convention attracting around 3,500 magicians and magic fans from all around the world. This year there are a number of new events being staged, together with world class lectures, close-up, and stage magic. Dates: 21st, 22nd, 23rd February. 15.2.03


David Blaine's best selling Mysterious Stranger is reviewed by Ian Carpenter this week, "Mysterious Stranger's fabulous visual style bursts from the page, like Houdini from a prison cell. Unusual and superbly reproduced photographs, truly beautiful draughtsmanship and an abundance of elegant typographical flourishes, lend to the whole an almost tangible richness." Click Here. 15.2.03


Derren Brown is Richard & Judy's special guest on Thursday 20th at 5pm on Channel 4. The show goes out live - you'll see Derren at his very best. The new six part series that was shown only on E4 is now set for transmission on Channel 4, starting on Friday 28th. See TV Magic and What's On. 15.2.03


Paul Daniels is running a special promotion for tickets for his Birmingham Masterclass on Saturday 22nd March 2003. If you book online during February, you can bring a friend along free... in other words "buy one get one free!" The website has now been updated and includes useful details about the event, as well as a downloadable video featuring Jeff McBride, Lance Burton and Eugene Burger amongst others. The first Masterclass event in Sydney, Australia was sold out, and it seems those that attended were delighted to hear some of Paul's closely guarded secrets for the first time. More details can be found at: 15.2.03


Chris North is featured in Magic Profile for February. "When I was 17 years old I worked as a photographer at Pontins and had the pleasure of meeting and watching a magic and illusion act from Wales called Al & Dorothy Roberts and I thought I would like to do that (not realising at the time how long it would take to actually achieve anything!) Click Here. 15.2.03


IBM Ring 85, The Irish Ring, will stage their annual convention at The Limerick Ryan Hotel, Limerick, Ireland, on Saturday 3rd, and Sunday 4th May. The Convention will be hosted by The Munster Society of Magicians, and the HQ hotel offers special rates. Alex Elmsley will be lecturing this year. For more information email Peter Levins or visit the website Click Here. 15.2.03 is currently offering Free Shipping on all orders (including international Air Mail deliveries) received during February. As long as your order is just $14.00 or more shipping is free! Discover what's made one of the world's finest online magic shops Click Here. 15.2.03


Mark Mason of JB Magic has just returned from an 8 week US lecture tour - their shop will be open over the Convention weekend from 10am to 5.30pm on Friday, Saturday and Monday, and 10am to 3pm on the Sunday. The team will be on hand to demonstrate from their range of over 1,600 items! Map: Click Here. 15.2.03


Etienne Pradier has just released his first volume of card tricks, French Bred Winners, which features ten routines with something for everyone. Although most require some sleight of hand there is nothing here that would phase an intermediate card magician, and just for good measure there are a number of effects requiring no skill at all. Tricks include 'Flash Kings and Aces', 'Digit Date', 'Give me One More Chance', and 'Doing the Business' (this is one of the routines that earned Etienne the title Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year in 2000). The book consists of 30 bound glossy pages. Guy Hollingworth writes in the forward "I have no doubt that you will find many things of interest in Etienne's lecture notes, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to find some people regularly using some of his routines in their professional repertoire. Etienne always impresses and entertains me, whenever I see him perform." Etienne's close-up work is excellent, presented in a smooth, almost self effacing way, that audiences always warm to. To order a copy send a cheque for 15 (plus p&p) made payable to "Etienne Pradier" to: 29 Church Street, Wye, Nr Ashford, Kent TN25 5BN. Telephone: 01233 812810. Email: 15.2.03


Craig R Dickson, AIMC, Past National President of The Society of American Magicians, will present a lecture entitled For the Entertainer at The Magic Circle on Monday, February 17th at 7.30pm. The material for Craig's lecture comes in part from workshops given by Craig at the legendary FFFF Convention in the US. The Magic Circle lecture is restricted to members only, but you'll also be able to see Craig both lecturing and performing at this year's Blackpool Convention, 21st - 23rd February. You can see Craig's full 2003 schedule at 15.2.03


The Magic Wand Shop are now advertising with MagicWeek - time to buy a real magic wand... "The Magic Wand Shop have been providing the wizarding and magical communities with fine hand-crafted magic wands since 1485. Their fine wooden wands are enchanted with feather of peacock or feather of phoenix, and make the ideal travelling companion for any young magician, witch or wizard embarking on a lifelong journey along the road of magic. Each wand comes in its own silk lined presentation box, making them wonderful Christmas or birthday gifts. The Magic Wand Shop also supplies Fantasia-style wizards' hats, and T-shirts of a magical nature for children." 15.2.03


Osmosis by Alex Lourido is now available from "Make the label on a beer bottle melt right through the glass! The performer displays a full bottle of beer and explains that by manipulating two of three characteristics that all bottles share, he can turn the bottle inside out! With amazing force and speed, he slaps the bottle, and upon turning it around, the bottle is indeed inside out. The labels, which have been in plain view are now on the inside of the bottle! The performer pops the top of the bottle and pours himself a drink. And yes, inside is real beer. The bottle is then handed out for inspection. There is nothing to find!" 15.2.03


Jack Delvin's show One Man's Magic is on again, this time at The Jermyn Street Theatre, 16b Jermyn Street, London (nearest tube Piccadilly Circus) on Sunday 30th March 2003. All seats are 10.00 Book on 020 7287 2875. The Magic Circular wrote: "The show ranged from a very cheeky close-up routine through a baffling and very funny mind reading section and a hilarious escape to a big illusion finish that sent the audience home with aching sides and warmth in their hearts." 15.2.03


Harry Anderson reveals the tricks behind cons, swindles, and wagers that are the mainstay of carnivals, casinos, racetracks, and con men in his 161 page book from last year, now available from, Click Here. 15.2.03


The Magic Video Depot has just had a major overhaul. The site features over 250 magic clips and a forum, and is run with real dedication by Amadeus and Stephan, who are based in France. 15.2.03


Men in Coats get up to all sorts of tricks every week on BBC 2's Live Floor Show combining visual 'gags' with mime, movement and magic. See TV Magic Here's another in the series of articles on "everything magic" from Kevin Gallagher: Click Here Christer Nilsson emails from Sweden to say that he has all kinds of magic memorabilia for collectors for sale including, photos, programmes, publicity and more. Visit his website or email for more information That's it for this week, see you in Blackpool! Duncan. 15.2.03