Number 142 - 15th March 2003


International Magic present an afternoon lecture from Etienne Pradier, next Saturday, 22nd March, at the Cittie of Yorke Pub, 22 High Holborn, London WC1. (See Map). Etienne, a former Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year, is one of my favourite close-up magicians, combining French charm, originality and sleight of hand, in a performance that is always free-flowing, natural, and never 'forced' (a trap that too many close-uppers fall into). Martin MacMillan has organised a number of "one off" events like this one in the past, and they are always a great success. The relaxed 'afternoon' format is perfect for a lecture. I think this one will sell out. To be sure of your ticket (10 each) it is best to telephone International Magic on 020 7405 7324. (Or email: 15.3.03


Five of Hearts Magic Productions have lined up a series of workshops as we head into the Summer featuring Colin Rose (3.5.03 and 14.6.03), Patrick Page (24.5.03 and 21.6.03) and John Derris (31.5.03 and 28.6.03). Colin will present the "Card Spinning & Manipulation Workshop" Patrick Page "How to Perform Close-up Magic" and John Derris "How to Market Yourself & Your Magic." Each workshop runs from 10am to 5pm and includes lunch and refreshments. The Card Manipulation workshop covers Fans, Flourishes, Waterfall Shuffles, Riffle Shuffles, Split Fans, Card Spinning and more... Pat Page covers: How to get the best out of your routines, which effects to use and why, how to present your magic to specific audiences, and more. And John Derris covers Photography, Publicity, Marketing, Selling and more! The fee per workshop is 100.00. For more information email: or telephone: 01775 840103. 15.3.03


The final episode of the new series of Jonathan Creek goes out tonight at 9pm on BBC 1. "Jonathan is hired to shed light on the mystery of how a man can physically transform himself into another person, in front of a witness's eyes. His investigations lead him into a tale of tragic suicide, Groucho Marx and a parrot named Harvey." Magic consultant and coach to Alan Davies: Duncan Trillo. 15.3.03


Come On Productions Limited are offering a novel way for magicians to market their services at a time when competition is reaching new heights. The BizEcard is a CD Rom in the size and shape of a traditional business card. This unique tool can hold video, audio, websites and text. In other words it offers a complete presentation of your skills that you can carry in your pocket. Come On Productions, who design the cards, have devised a number of ways for magicians to use them. From DIY kits which allow you to burn your own BizEcards on your PC, to a complete creative package, which includes creating a broadcast quality showreel. "We have even had a number of magicians using BizEcards for tricks and lecture notes" explains Marketing Director Nicola Preston "all with great results." For further information on BizEcards email Brittany at Come On Productions or visit the website: 15.3.03


Melanie Partner is advertising with MagicWeek from this week. Melanie is now producing and marketing the effects of the late Wally Boyce. These items are made to the same standard as the original Wally Boyce range and will give years of service. If you're a children's entertainer Click Here! 15.3.03


Just Jayne and stage partner Gary Jones raised over 2,000 recently for the special Baby Care unit at The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital where Jayne's twins were treated after being born prematurely in January, 2002. "Without Exeter baby care unit I wouldn't have Max and Evie. I wanted to do something to thank them" said Jayne. The magic duo presented an evening's cabaret to raise the money, that also featured other local performers, including jugglers, a comedian, and dancers. 15.3.03


Patrick Page lectures at The Cotswold Magical Society at 7.30pm on Wednesday March 19th. Visiting 'bone fide' magicians may attend as member's guests, with the prior permission of the President (or Secretary or Treasurer in the President's absence). Permission must be sought before the night. Visiting magicians will be required to pay an entrance fee of 5.00. Contact President, Rosemarie Sansom, on 01452 618146 and Treasurer, Phil Iredale on 01452 532717. Pat has a great magical knowledge combined with a real sense of fun... should be a good evening! 15.3.03


On Tuesday evening, The Order of the Magi, Manchester, held their annual Cabaret Competition. For a record fourth year running Philip Partridge won 1st prize with an excerpt from his Camp Comedy Conjuror act, and was also awarded the Max Jacobson Award for comedy. 15.3.03


Escapologist Tom Lyon appeared on Richard & Judy on Tuesday. Tom talked about his passion for escapology, showed off his collection of handcuffs, and then proceeded to perform a live escape routine. Firstly his hands were secured in a pair of handcuffs, then he was restrained in a straight jacket before making a swift escape. He finished off by handcuffing Richard & Judy together much to their surprise! 15.3.03


Mark Parker is launching a brand new Illusion Design book. The contents include: Seven brand new illusions fully illustrated, Two unique illusion concepts for TV, An essay on audience attention span by Tony Clark, A contribution from David Mendoza, and Illusion sketches and general thoughts on illusion. The book has been produced in full-colour throughout, which is a bit of a first! For more information visit: 15.3.03


Magician Theo was asked to step in at the last minute to perform in cabaret for the Charity Ball organised by Victim Support Kingston last week. Organiser Annie Risley had been let down at the last minute and was delighted to have found Theo on the internet, "Theo was very funny and entertaining with his comedy magic show... I loved the way it interacted with all the guests." 15.3.03


Mark Mason of JB Magic presents his dealer dem at the Downtown Magic Club on April 14th and Ali Bongo (photo) lectures on May 19th. As always visiting magicians from other clubs will be admitted on production of their Membership Cards. For more information contact Miki Travis on 01233 620120 or email Website Click Here. 15.3.03


Tony Griffith will be presenting his Creative Magic lecture for the Bexleyheath Magical Society on Wednesday 2nd April. Contact Mark Styles on 01689 818984 for further details. This is the lecture that Tony recently presented in Basel, Geneva and Zurich. 15.3.03


Geoffrey Durham is live on stage tonight at the  Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh. Telephone: 0131 665 2240  The Independent comments on Derren Brown's recent work in an article on advertising: Click Here  Wayne Dobson lectures for Stourbridge's School of Wizardry Click Here  MagicWeek will be off-line (as in "not found") for a few hours during the week due to essential server upgrades  See you next week, Duncan. 15.3.03