Number 148 - 26th April 2003


Ian Rowland lectures for The Guild of Magicians Nottingham at 7.30pm on Thursday, May 1st. This is a last minute change to the planned evening, due to Ian's busy schedule. The lecture (on mind reading and cold reading) will take place at the Ponds Hill Lane Arts Centre, Arnold, Nottingham. Visiting magicians are welcome but they must be current members of a know magic club, and will be charged a fee of 5.00. The rest of the Guild's Summer programme is as follows: 15th May - Kenrick "Ice" McDonald lecture. 5th June - Steve Screen lecture. 19th June - Kevin Burke lecture. 3rd July - Paul Gordon lecture. The club will also be presenting an evening of magic on Sunday, September 14th. The following year they'll stage a convention to celebrate their 65th anniversary. For more information contact President Freddie Wilkinson: Telephone 0115 9614551, Email 26.4.03


Paul Kieve is the magic consultant on the new Harry Potter movie, currently in production. As well as advising on a number of scenes he'll be making a cameo appearance in a scene shot in the "Three Broomsticks pub." The movie is scheduled for release this time next year, and is being directed by Mexican Alfonso Cuaron - whose movie Y Tu Mama Tambien caused quite a stir last year. 26.4.03


Vizage are appearing in The Royal Hippodrome Variety Show at The Royal Hippodrome Theatre, Seaside Road, Eastbourne throughout the Summer. See What's On for dates. Box Office telephone: 01323 412000. 26.4.03


Tony Curtis Magic are now advertising with MagicWeek. Tony started selling magic a number of years ago with a range supplied by famous Dutch inventor Tony Anverdi. Since then he has been involved with Collectors Workshop and has distributed effects for a number of other leading American magic dealers. These days he lives in Thailand but still has a distribution base in England. At the moment his website features a number of exclusive effects, with new items being added over the coming months. Pictured here 'Duel Match' - a clever and direct card routine from Tony's range. Visit: 26.4.03


Michael Vincent and Etienne Pradier have just returned from a trip to The Magic Castle in Hollywood. Etienne lectured and presented the close-up act that he'll be competing with at FISM in July. And Michael took over the following week. More performers have now been announced for FISM 2003 including, from England, Wayne Dobson and Jon Allen. 26.4.03


Escapologist Shahid Malik received some excellent press following his record breaking escape stunt in Glasgow last week: BBC, The Herald, Daily Record. 26.4.03


The Charles W. Cameron Memorial Gathering 2003 (also known as The Edinburgh Gathering) is to be held over the weekend of 10th, 11th, 12th October 2003. This is a biennial event covering Mentalism, Bizarre and Storytelling Magic, attracting performers from far and wide. On Friday in the early evening there's a buffet welcoming party. On Saturday the morning is for the dealers and socialising. In the afternoon there are lectures by Ronaldo and Micheal Diamond and in the evening another buffet and an informal show featuring eight performers. Sunday is really for sightseeing for those who are still in Edinburgh. Accommodation is all arranged by Margaret Clark and averages out at around 20 per person, per night, including breakfast. Registration costs 19.50 but tickets are selling fast. Website: Click Here  Email: 26.4.03


The Edinburgh Magic Circle are holding an Open Night on Monday, May 5th, at 7.30pm in the Pleasance Cabaret Theatre Bar, Edinburgh. Tickets, available on the door, are 5.00 each (last year's event sold out). Featuring top performers from the Edinburgh Magic Circle and surprise guests. Website Click Here 26.4.03


David Lang emails with high praise for Peter Nardi's Stealth wallet, "If you want a 100% reliable, 100% natural looking 'peek' device I haven't seen anything better." Visit: 26.4.03


A new magic forum has just been launched: Talk Magic, "A great place for magicians to chat!" The forum also includes a very useful product review section. 26.4.03


Paul Gordon is offering his new book, Professional Card Magic Miracles, together with his new video, shot live at The Magic Circle, for just 35 including inland postage (saving 12.00). The video was professionally recorded and the book's a hardback, "Excellent writing and magic! - MUM Magazine, USA." For more information email Paul Gordon: or telephone 01903 211785. 26.4.03


The Masked Magician looms - Bank Holiday Monday, May 5th at 4pm on ITV. Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed. TV Magic. 26.4.03


Harvey Keitel plays Houdini in Fairy Tale: A True Story on Sunday evening on Five, see TV Magic  John Derris has added more dates to his current lecture tour, and has recently been invited to lecture in the States as well. See What's On  This year's Northern Magic Circle Easter Parade featured some really first class magic. We have two reports covering two of the main events, Click Here  "A quick-fingered Norwich youngster is hoping to pull off the biggest trick of his life and become the outstanding Young Magician of the Year." (The Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year heats take place this Sunday.) Read the full story, Click Here  Have you seen the new Honda commercial? "The idea for the advert derived partly from the old children's game Mouse Trap, and from the wacky engineering of Caractacus Potts's breakfast-making machine in the Sixties film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." To read the full story Click Here To see it Click Here or Click Here Did you spot David Copperfield at the fasion show on Ali G in Da USAiii on Friday night? That's it, see you next week, Duncan. 26.4.03