Number 151 - 17th May 2003


The Joe Pasquale 10th Anniversary Tour with special guest Wayne Dobson is in full swing and doing excellent business across the country. Last Sunday we went to see the show at the Theatre Royal, Windsor (playing to a packed house) and it was quite a night. Joe Pasquali is a real natural - captivating the whole audience from the very start. And Wayne Dobson was in top form with his combination of powerful magic and ventriloqual skills! Tonight the show is in Stevenage at the Cordon Craig Theatre. For ticket availability contact the Box Office on 08700 131030. Highly recommended. 17.5.03


Paul Zenon can be seen, and heard, on no less than seven different TV and Radio shows on Monday. Starting with RI:SE on 5, then The Wright Stuff also on 5, followed by Good Food Live on Living, Chris Moyles Radio1, then BBC Scotland and finally Worst Case Scenario on Bravo which is repeated again two hours later! Worst Case Scenario is a new 22 show one hour series show based on the best-selling book in which Paul presents the official guide to the world's most extreme survival situations. 17.5.03


Phantoms of the Card Table by David Britland and Gazzo is reviewed in MagicWeek this week. "As the book unfolds it becomes apparent that this is very much a real life adventure, or collection of adventures, brought about by Gazzo's quest to find 'his master.'" We loved this real-life "tale of the Jedi." To read the review Click Here. To order from MagicWeek in Association with Click Here. 17.5.03


On Monday June 2nd, the memory of David Devant, the first President of The Magic Circle, will be honoured with the unveiling of an English Heritage Blue Plaque. The Ceremony will take place at 11.00am outside Ornan Court, Ornan Road, London NW3 where David Devant lived at the height of his career. The original application to English Heritage was made in 1996 by the Executive Curator of The Magic Circle Museum, John Fisher. John said last week "I am absolutely delighted that David Devant, who was an important figure in the history of both magic and The Magic Circle, is being honoured in this way. I am also grateful to English Heritage for their support of our application." The Ceremony will be attended by John Fisher and Michael Bailey, President of The Magic Circle. All those with an interest in the history of magic are welcome to attend. 17.5.03


Secrets of Magic is a new (potentially broadcastable) television pilot being produced for primetime Saturday night BBC1 by Objective Productions (producers of Derren Brown Mind Control, the BAFTA award winning Quick Trick Show and other critically acclaimed television magic shows). The four featured magicians are Simone Bienne, Danny Buckler (photo), John Lenahan and Etienne Pradier MIMC. The show is being Produced by Anthony Owen MIMC and Chris O'dell, Executive Producer is Andrew O’Connor MIMC, David Britland is Consultant Producer, Programme Consultant is Andy Nyman AIMC and Magic Design is by Richard Pinner MIMC. The show consists of a series of "sucker tricks" of the kind that are first explained to the audience who are then amazed to find themselves completely baffled when the trick is repeated. 17.5.03


Mandy Muden has just returned from an enjoyable stint at The Magic Castle in LA and is now heading up to Scotland for performances at the Gaiety Theatre in Ayr together with some dates at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 17.5.03


Matrix - A Breathtaking Visual Coin Assembly is reviewed this week. Another in the excellent series of manuscripts from To read the full review Click Here. 17.5.03


Chessington World of Adventures have called in the services of Magic Circle members Roy Marsh and Jack Delvin (Design for Deception) for the press launch of a new attraction, The Hocus Pocus Hall, on Thursday May 22nd. "Fantastical chills and thrills and plenty of happenings of the haunted kind" are to be expected in the fantasy "4-D" walk through experience. Roy and Jack have also produced a book and devised a Magic and Mischief Master Class for the children. Roy Marsh, Chairman of The Magic Circle's Young Magicians Club, told us "I am especially pleased that Chessington World of Adventures have agreed to help promote the Young Magicians Club in the 'Hocus Pocus Book Of Magic and Mischief' - the back page will feature a form to send in to request an application form to join the YMC." Chessington World of Adventures. 17.5.03


Michael Vincent's The Joy of Magic is reviewed by Graham Nichols this week. "Foregoing the latest packet 'fads' Michael takes the classics and shows that they are as strong as ever in this new millennium, given the appropriate care and attention. The Cups and Balls, Dr Jacob Daley's Last Trick, John Ramsey's Cylinder and Coins, and the Conus Aces are presented as gleaming gems, with the Conus Aces being the brightest jewel of all." To read the full review Click Here. 17.5.03


"Magicians claiming they nearly went broke after a television programme aired the secrets of their trade have won a legal fight against Brazil's largest television network." Read the full story from the BBC: Click Here. 17.5.03


Paul Gordon performs at The Top Secret Day of Magic on June 1st (see What's On p.2) and also has a number of lecture dates lined up in Portsmouth, Nottingham, Huddersfield and Edinburgh. Click Here for dates. 17.5.03


Manchester Circle of Magicians urgent notice for anyone attending the Derek Lever Lecture scheduled for Tuesday 20th May at Salford Masonic Hall. Due to unforeseen circumstances this Lecture will now take place on Wednesday 21st May at 8.00pm at Salford Masonic Hall, The Crescent, Salford, Nr. Manchester. Ring Derek Lever on 01253 810113 or check the website for full details 17.5.03


Cast in real English pewter the 'Black Hart' Houlette features bats and a large black heart shaped stone on the front with bat wings and stands 9cm tall. "You can use it for any presentation where you need to display a Tarot card and it is also the perfect size for our rising Tarot deck. We have been building up our range of accoutrements and props to complement our range of weird and bizarre effects. We want to make sure that Black Artefacts is the number one place to shop for magic and props that are really different." Said Keith Hart. For more details visit the website and look under 'Accessories' 17.5.03


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book 5 - Adult Edition) by J.K. Rowling can now be pre-ordered from • "A Magician had his new wand confiscated by cops after it was found to be a prohibited weapon. Malcolm Wilson, stage name Magic Malky, was stunned to find out his £100 Big Bang wand fired bullets." Read the full story in The Daily Record: Click Here • "Channel 4 has announced plans to televise a game of Russian roulette in a one-off special featuring illusionist Derren Brown." Read the full story from the BBC: Click Here and from Channel 4, Click Here • "A young Glasgow magician has been told he can't enter a contest he won three years ago - because he is now too young." Read the full story in the online Evening Times: Click Here • Don't forget the David Stone lecture today, see What's On • That's it for this week, your news is always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 17.5.03