Number 153 - 31st May 2003


Birmingham now has its very own magic night spot. The Magic Club will feature both booked magicians and comedians and newcomers in an "open wand" spot on the first Sunday of every month. Held at the Boundary Hotel, Walsall, (Map) the doors open at 8pm. The first evening, this Sunday, features Saxon Tylney, Steve Evans, Keith Bennett, Karen Bayley (photo) and Russ Stokes. 31.5.03


Paul Daniels is giving just one lecture this year in Milton Keynes on Thursday 19th June. To book (12.00), and for more details, contact Eugene Matthias on Freephone: 0800 298 5884. 31.5.03


International News: America's love of magic and magicians is a matter of record and the great names from the "Golden Age of Magic" have all been suitably interred and their final resting places duly marked. All except Harry Jansen, professionally known as Dante. Now, 47 years after Dante's death The Dante Memorial Fund has been set up to purchase an inurnment niche for Harry and Edna Jansen at The San Francisco Columbarium. The Honorary Dante Memorial Fund Board has been created, with Dr. Bob Albo, Dr. John Booth, Prof. Edwin Dawes, Mary Jansen Glazier (daughter), David Goodsell, Ray Goulet, Dorothy Jansen Haines (daughter), Jay Marshall, Norm Nielsen, Channing Pollock, Mary Schreiber (granddaughter), Byron Walker, and Phil Willmarth serving as members. "Soliciting funds for any cause is never easy." Fund Chairman Phil Temple states. "Donations in any amount for this project are welcome, but if every IBM, SAM, Magic Circle or Collector's Association member were to donate just $1.00, we would reach our goal - and rewrite magical history." Donations can be sent to: The Dante Memorial Fund, c/o WestAmerica Bank, PO Box 47, Novato, CA 94948, USA. 31.5.03


The Albion Magic Company are now advertising on MagicWeek. The company's run by award winning comedy magician Alec Powell. Alec is well known for his "Amnesia Magic Company" who have won a number of national titles, including the Ken Dodd Comedy Award, the British Ring Shield Competition. Most of their props, including the classic "Terry and Norma" range of children's effects, are made in their own workshops. New products are constantly being introduced for children's entertainers under the guidance of Marc Dominic who can be seen on the company stand at conventions throughout the UK. For more information visit the new website, which is being added to all the time: 31.5.03


Two news items concerning Guy Hollingworth reached us this week. First, in a new partnership, has been appointed the preferred online retailer of Guy Hollingworth products. Carl Fraser of said, "Guy is widely considered to be the country's finest sleight of hand artist and we are delighted that his product team have selected us to supply the complete Hollingworth collection to our customers worldwide." For details visit Also from Guy's management team, we learn that the Yahoo web based discussion group first reported in MagicWeek in 2000 has now been made the Official Guy Hollingworth Internet Group. All future news about Guy, new products, public appearances and shows will be announced on the Group site. Membership is free, to join Click Here. 31.5.03


Having sold out last time around Eugene Matthias is once again presenting an "Evening of Magic" at the Halfway Restaurant and Bar in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, this time on Wednesday June 4th. Terry Seabrooke (left) tops the bill with special guest "Rodan" together with Harry Valentine, Brooke Bond (the man who taught James Bond everything!), Geoff Whiting, Ian Levitt and Phil Shepard. The whole evening costs 22.00 and includes a three course dinner together with close-up magic and the show. To book telephone the Halfway Restaurant and Bar on 01582 609938. 31.5.03


Magic Management were in the news again last week. The World Economic Forum have published an international report on "trust" and James Freedman represented the company on a BBC World Service discussion programme explaining how Magic Management uses the psychology of magic in business. 31.5.03


Kevin Gallagher (left) recently received an award for the 'Best Speaker' in a series of talks presented to business advisers for Business Enterprise Support Limited and members of the National Federation of Enterprise Agencies. The talk on Communication, described by attendees as "brilliant, amusing, entertaining and very different" was in reality a Mental Act themed for corporate training days - effects were used to illustrate the effectiveness (and failings) of communication in a tongue-in-cheek presentation. These talks are specifically aimed at filling the difficult and, for most speakers, undesirable 'immediately after-lunch spot' the idea being to settle delegates in readiness for important keynote speakers to come. 31.5.03


Professional magician Sean Heydon has a number of residencies in Northampton at Chicago Rock Cafe, TGI Fridays, Bella Pasta and Cafe Brio and is always happy for magicians to introduce themselves, have a meal, and see some magic when in town. 31.5.03


Steve Cohen, whose one-man show sold out last year when he performed at the Langham Hilton in London's West End, is interviewed by Lukas Alpert for Expect to see Cohen back in London in September. 31.5.03


Blackpool News: At the Annual General Meeting of Blackpool Magicians Club on Thursday it was announced that Ian Ogilvy was retiring for business reasons as Joint Convention Organiser. The Blackpool Magicians Convention will now be organised solely by Derek Lever helped by two assistants Harry Robson and Alan Mylecraine. Other appointments were as follows: David Plant was elected as the new President and Secretary, Alan Mylecraine as President Elect, Steve Eastham as Treasurer, Arthur Casson as Registration Officer, Derek Lever as Entertainment Officer, Jeremy Guest as Librarian, Joe Snowball as Welfare Officer, Harry Robson, Mike Haworth and Jim O'Toole as Committee Members and John Duncan and Cyril Critchlow as Hon. Scrutineers. The Blackpool Convention will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 20th, 21st and 22nd February, 2004 at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool and will have over 100 dealers located in the Empress Ballroom and the adjoining Arena making it the World's Largest Dealers Fair at the World's Largest Convention. The Registration desk opens June 30th. 31.5.03


As promised last week... Brett Sherwood has just released a set of cups that I think will soon establish themselves as being the "Crown Jewels" of close-up magic. I've had a look at the sterling silver set and they are quite stunning. Very ornate and very magical in appearance, and beautifully made too. For details visit: 31.5.03


"Federal appeals court throws out magic suit against Fox." But this time it's another masked magician doing the suing - unbelievable! To read the story in the Herald Tribune Click Here. 31.5.03


During a recent visit to the Isle of Wight Uri Geller's powers were put to the test as he was challenged to find dinosaur remains on a beach at Brook. Followed by a film crew from Meridian TV and a photographer from a local paper Geller found a fossil in just a few minutes. Clare Taylor, who turns fossils into jewelry, issued the challenge and said she was amazed by the find, although Geller himself admitted it looked like any other rock to him. Clare Taylor is now converting the find into a piece of Jewelry for Geller to wear. Thanks to Dave Russell for the news. 31.5.03


Objective Productions have been commissioned to produce a new four part dark comedy magic series for Channel Four, having first shot a pilot last year. The show features Scottish magicians Stuart MacLeod and Barry Jones and will be broadcast on Saturday nights in the Autumn. The programmes are being Series Produced by Anthony Owen (Objective's Head of Formatted Magic Programming), Executive Produced by Andrew O'Connor and Produced by Ross Welford. Consultant Producer is David Britland and Programme Consultant is Andy Nyman. Stuart and Barry were selected for the project after responding to a request on MagicWeek last year. "Stuart and Barry sent a promo CD which they had written, shot, edited and scored themselves." says Anthony Owen. "They absolutely understood the tone of the programme we were looking to make and stood out from all those who sent promos or publicity which were heavily influenced by David Blaine and Derren Brown. They read the notice on MagicWeek, understood what we were looking for, took action and now have their own series on Channel Four." 31.5.03


Award winning magician and concert pianist Neil Kelso and international comedy awards champion Owen Richards are teaming up to present a One Night only show. Titled "The Great Escape... from reality," it will be presented at the Theatre Royal, Winchester on Thursday 26th June at 7.30pm. "An explosive mixture of magic, music and infectious humour." For ticket information telephone the Box Office on 01962 840 440. 31.5.03


Radio drama The Magician's Wife starts on Monday June 9th on BBC Radio Seven. "A magician and his wife are sent to Algeria by the French Emperor Napoleon III to try to impress the native people with magic and give the emperor time to conquer Ageria." See TV Magic. 31.5.03


An Irish illusionist is to recreate the brutal murders of an 18th century magician who killed his female assistants on stage. To read the story Click Here Teenager Christopher Williams has taken the first steps to emulating his hero, illusionist David Blaine, by becoming the youngest member of Plymouth's own Magic Circle. To read the full story from This is Plymouth Click Here "Wizard school opens ready for Potter book five. Waterstone's are training up loads of actors to play wizards, to keep you amused as you queue up for your copy of Potter book five." To read the full story from the BBC Click Here Went to see Matrix Reloaded last week - Matrix Re-bored more like. Not good. That's it! Your magic news is always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 31.5.03