Number 159 - 12th July 2003


Max Maven heads the line-up at the second Escape from the Asylum day on Sunday, November 16th (10am to 7pm). Once again a full day of mental magic is promised at the Waterfall Studios, 2 Silver Road, London W12 7SG. We'll bring you full registration details and more news when it comes in (make a note of the date in your diary now though!). Last year's event was a great success. 12.7.03


Mandy Muden is organising two all-star shows at The Magic Circle on September 6th to raise money for DreamFlight - the charity that takes terminally ill children to Disneyland, Florida. The first show at 3pm is a family magic show (children welcome!) which will also feature close-up magic and pre-show entertainment. Tickets are £6 for children and £12 for adults. The second show at 8pm is an adults only show that includes pre-show close-up magic as well. Tickets £12. Email Mandy Muden directly for tickets: 12.7.03


Mel Harvey's new "Mafia" magic act joins Jimmy Cricket and Don Maclean in The Funny Guys at The Princes Theatre, Hunstanton, on Saturday 19th July and at the Marina Theatre, Lowestoft on Sunday 20th July. Mel takes over from Bernie Clifton in the show. If you're in the area then this is magic to die for! 12.7.03


Nicholas Einhorn's Spooked - The Ultimate Haunted Deck is now out on video. "From a borrowed deck, a card is freely chosen and returned. The deck is isolated on the floor, away from the magician. Under complete control, the deck eerily begins to cut itself to a card in the centre. The card 'jumps' out and away from the deck and is revealed to be the chosen card. Everything can be handed out for immediate examination." Available from who have just given their website a new look. 12.7.03


Scott Penrose is currently researching the magic of Joseph Michael Hartz, well known in the mid to late nineteenth century for his trick The Devil of a Hat, and would like to hear from anyone that has any information on him. In particular he'd like to track down the whereabouts of Hartz's magic shop catalogues or books (such as Hartz’s New Book of Magic or Tricks and Diversions with Cards). Rather like Scott's recently recreated 'Devant Educated Fish' seen at The Magic Circle a few weeks ago (photo) he is now hoping to recreate some of Hartz’s forgotten miracles. Email Scott Penrose: 12.7.03


False Impressions present 'The Magic Cavern' at London's Barons Court Theatre starting in August with a two week run featuring magic and illusions from Richard Leigh. The Magic Cavern, Barons Court Theatre, 28A Comeragh Road, West Kensington, London W14 9RH. Just two minutes walk from Barons Court Tube or West Kensington Tube. Thursday 21st to Monday 25th August at 8.00pm (matinee on Saturday 23rd at 4.00pm). And Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st August at 8.00pm (matinee on Saturday 30th at 4.00pm). Tickets £10.00 (Concessions £8.50). Box Office 020 89932 4747 or If you are interested in presenting/showcasing your magic or close-up act at The Magic Cavern on one of the above dates email: for more information. 12.7.03


Paul Gordon's latest book, Card Magic Companion, together with his other books, is now available from The new hardback features 50 tricks, 45 tips and hints and 156 illustrations in its 208 pages. For more information visit: 12.7.03


Top Secret Magic now have The New Encyclopedia Of Stage Hypnotism by Ormond McGill in stock. "The most extensive book ever to be published on stage hypnotism. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone contemplating a career in the field. Truly a goldmine of knowledge." Paul McKenna. "The most comprehensive text ever to be published on stage hypnotism, this book also has widespread therapeutic applications and contains work never previously published, providing new skills for even the most experienced practitioner of hypnosis. The book's structure ensures that the reader fully understands each aspect before progressing on to the next area. Ormond McGill totally demystifies hypnotism, dispels many of the myths associated with it, and, in his own inimitable style leads us into his spellbinding world of hypnotism." Available now from: (under 'New In' on their website). 12.7.03


Andy Charlton is back for a fourth consecutive year at the Party in the Park in Boston, Lincolnshire this weekend. Andy will be entertaining the crowd with walkabout magic for all ages on Saturday and Sunday. There will also be bands, fairground rides, a Beer Festival, catering and Radio Lincolnshire broadcasting live from the event. For more details Click Here. 12.7.03


Here's a quick reminder - Jeff Sheridan lectures for International Magic on Saturday afternoon, July 19th, at the Cittie of Yorke Pub, 22 High Holborn, London WC1. (See Map). Sheridan was one of the highlights at last year's International Magic Convention. To be sure of your ticket call International Magic on 020 7405 7324 a.s.a.p. or email: - they are nearly sold out (£10 each). Photo (1977) by William Bigart, from Street Magic now published by Kaufman and Company in the States. 12.7.03


Sean Heydon will be performing his comedy magic on stage at a poetry festival at Northamptonshire's Wicksteed Park on Sunday July 13th and will then perform mix 'n' mingle magic (with a touch of poetry) throughout the day. 12.7.03


TV show Stars In Their Eyes goes live on tour this year and launches with a Gala premiere at 7pm on Sunday 27th July 2003 at Her Majesty's Theatre in the heart of London's West End. Magician Daren Rotherham will be performing his close-up magic at both the pre-show party and during the interval. The Gala Show, supporting the NSPCC, will feature past winners together with some of the best contestants ever to have appeared on series. For tickets call: 020 7494 5051. For more information from Daren email: 12.7.03


David Copperfield is interviewed in The Houdini Myth on Wednesday, July 23rd, on the UK History channel in a documentary that explores the huge impact that Houdini made in his time (and since). Featuring interviews with historians and newly restored archive footage of Houdini's escapes: TV Magic • This week there's another is the series of articles from Kevin Gallagher, this time discussing "making contact" Click Here • "Harry Potter Fan's Magic Attempt Sets House Ablaze" to read the full story from Reuters Click Here • Best of luck to all the competitors in The Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year Competition on Sunday - we'll bring you the results next week • Your magic news is always welcomed. That's it for this week - have a magic week, Duncan. 12.7.03