Number 160 - 19th July 2003


Many congratulations to Paul Dabek winner of this year's Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year Competition (seen here being presented with the Derrick Speight winner's trophy by Magic Circle president Michael Bailey). Eight competitors made it through to the finals last Sunday in a competition that was solid throughout. Ed Crafer placed 2nd and Joe Tracini 3rd. Expect to see much more of all the competitors in the future - they did a great job. 19.7.03


International Magic once again present an informal weekend of close-up magic at the Holiday Inn, Kings Cross, London on Saturday and Sunday, 6th and 7th December 2003. Their close-up competition reaches its 20th year this December and they've renamed the trophy "The Kevin Reay Close-up Award" as a tribute to, and in memory of, Kevin, who was their first ever winner back in 1984 and who died tragically last month. The competition is now open for entries, Telephone 020 7405 7324 or visit: Jeff Sheridan lectures for International today - see last week's news. 19.7.03


The Scandinavian Magic Circle have just emailed with news of their bid to stage FISM 2006, and already have a website up and running at "The website contains the presentation and budget for the next FISM in Stockholm 2006. A lot of support is coming from the City of Stockholm which is giving support of 50,000 euros and sponsors announced so far include SAS and Volvo. If Scandinavia is trusted to arrange the event in Stockholm there is a rumour Volvo will raffle a car among the participants of the Stockholm FISM World Championship. A lot of events are being planned and the City of Stockholm wants to open up the event and make it a week of magic and street performances all over Stockholm. A lot of performers will probably be contracted." There are a number of other countries in the running. FISM 2003 starts on Monday: 19.7.03


Two top Illusionists are banking on getting it right with their prediction predicting the winner of this year's Big Brother - or they'll pay 10,000 to charity. David and Angelique Diamond of North-East based 'Corporate Illusion' handed over their prediction in a sealed envelope on July 10th to the HSBC Gateshead branch... never to be touched by them again! The signed and sealed envelope is now securely locked in the bank's safe and will not be opened until the day after Davina has announced the winner live on Channel 4. The prediction not only includes the winner's name but also the number of votes that he or she has received - plus the order in which the final housemates will leave. "We are confident that the prediction will be correct and if we're wrong we'll pay 10,000 to a charity of the winning house-mate's choice," said David. 19.7.03


A new deck of cards specifically designed for card productions and measuring just 10mm thick (that's the thickness of a standard CD case!) is now available exclusively from The "" deck has been produced using a very fine, yet strong, card stock and the cards handle really beautifully. For more information visit 19.7.03


Uri Geller showed the power of positive thought by making a radish seed germinate in the palm of his hand during a visit to a prison near Newton Abbot on Thursday. To read the full story in the Herald Express Click Here. 19.7.03


MagicBox are holding a Video Sale featuring titles from Ed Marlo, Dai Vernon, Daryl, Michael Ammar, Michael Close, Henry Evans, Dan Harlan, Brad Burt, James Swain, Martin Nash and others. All the tapes are brand new. With DVDs becoming more popular the company have decided to offer magicians some real bargains. To see what's on offer Click Here. 19.7.03


The Magic Circle Annual Dealers' Day will be held this year on Saturday 1st November at the Royal National Hotel, Bedford Square, London (Map). Car parking is available both at the hotel and in the street. Entrance is free for Magic Circle members on production of a current membership card and just 5 for non-members (3 for under 18s). The doors open at 10am and close at 5pm. Around 40 dealers will be there, including a number of online dealers that until now you may have known only via the internet. 19.7.03


Tony Griffith's Creative Magic Teach-In Day held on July 6th is reviewed by Grant Willcox this week: Click Here. Adrian Burholt, President of The Bath Circle of Magicians said "A first class day of highly useable and practical material. The definitive course on corporate magic."  Tony plans to hold another day in November. Telephone 01275 837017 for details. 19.7.03


Breaking the Magician's Code... Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed is being repeated yet again on ITV, on Sunday 27th July: TV Magic Good luck to all the magicians from the UK entering FISM this year - we'll bring you the results as soon as we have them Your magic news is always welcomed. That's it for this week, see you next week, Duncan. 19.7.03