Number 165 - 23rd August 2003


Master showman David Blaine is currently gearing up for what can best be described as the ultimate mental and physical endurance test. Suspended by a crane above the River Thames, Blaine plans to spend 44 consecutive days in a perspex box measuring just 7' x 7' x 3' - with one tube supplying water and another to remove waste. "I will have no food, no sex, no phones, no books, no music, no television, no privacy and no other stimulation. It will be a public isolation that I will have to endure by adapting and surviving as an animal on instinct" said Blaine. The stunt will form part of his new TV Special Above the Below which is being made by controversial film director Harmony Korine. Sky One will show live coverage of Blaine entering the box, near Tower Bridge, London, from 8pm on Friday September 5th and will also show his exit, all being well, on Sunday October 19th. Sky One will also stream the whole thing live every day on its interactive digital satellite TV service. Channel 4 will show highlights on September 8th and October 20th and will feature the endurance test as a part of their planned Magic Month in October - which will also include Britain's master mind manipulator, Derren Brown, who is going to try his luck at Russian Roulette - live. 23.8.03


James Randi appears live on Channel 4 tonight in the Ultimate Psychic Challenge as part of Channel 4's Psychic Night (TV Magic) on Channel 4. We don't normally cover psychic stuff in MagicWeek but thought that tonight's show may be of interest. 23.8.03


The Portsmouth and District Magic Circle Jumbo Day takes place on Sunday, October 26th from 9am. The day features "bring and sell" stands (no charge - they provide the table space and you do the selling), lots of magic dealers, an auction run by Mervyn Cole, a lecture from Terry Herbert, video sessions with Bob Hamilton, close-up sessions with Neil Austin, Stephan Barney, James Brown and Stuart Wilmott and in the evening a gala show starring Tensai, Peter Wardell (photo), Loki, Nick Keys and David Bonsall. For full details visit their website Click Here. If you've never seen Peter Wardell work now is your chance. 23.8.03


The Downtown Magic Club, Ashford, Kent, present An Evening with Colin Rose on Monday, September 15th. Colin will present his excellent lecture "On Tour with Richiardi" together with a dealer demonstration featuring magic from his exclusive range. For more information contact Miki Travis on 01233 620120 or visit the website: To see the fine range of magic that Colin Rose produces Click Here. 23.8.03


Nicholas Einhorn recently appeared on CBBC's Xchange and is seen here with the presenters. Nick's performance, originally scheduled to last just four minutes, was extended to eight, when the producers realised just how strong the impact of Nick's magic was on the studio audience. Nicholas will be back again later on in the series. 23.8.03


Uri Geller had fun on Saturday night when he participated in a special edition of ITV's Stars in Their Eyes singing She as Charles Aznavour. And very good he was too! Uri Geller can be seen in On Holiday with... the Gellers on Sunday night at 11.10pm on Channel 4. TV Magic. 23.8.03


PH Marketing are advertising with MagicWeek again. Run by Paul Hallas this mail order company have, over the past six years, built up a loyal following by specialising in close-up magic and mentalism. PH Marketing often obtain items in small quantities that are not available elsewhere, and also have a number of their own 'exclusives.' Paul has just published a new booklet on the Mene Tekel deck by Chris Wardle, which includes background information, variations on the deck and tricks with it. Also, there are just a few copies left of Small But Deadly - soon to be republished in the USA by H & R Books in Texas. Visit the website today: 23.8.03


International Magic have just had a special range of Tally-Ho cards produced especially for close-up and stage workers. Printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company they match the standard cards perfectly and are available in both the 'Fan' and 'Circle' designs. For full details of all the individual cards that are available (sold in sets of 20) telephone International Magic on 020 7405 7324. 23.8.03


Brighton's Klub Magic presents Mel Harvey, Mandy Muden and John Archer, introduced by Mark Worgan on Monday, September 1st. Tickets are 10 each and the doors open at 7.00pm with the show starting at 8.00pm. The venue has recently been redesigned and seats 300 cabaret style, allowing guests to enjoy food and drink. For upcoming dates and to book visit the website: or telephone 01273 647100. 23.8.03


Predicta is a brand new effect seen at FISM and now available from "This completely fried everyone in the shop when we saw it. You ask your spectators to name any four two-digit numbers between 10 and 99. You draw a four-square grid on a sheet of paper and ask your spectator to do the same, telling them to place one number in each square, saying you will attempt to duplicate their actions. When you compare answers, you have not been too successful (although occasionally you may be) but then, you reach into your wallet and remove a lottery type scratch card, with four foil squares on the face. The spectator scratches off the foil panels, and below, printed on the card are their four, freely named, numbers!" Visit: 23.8.03


Mark Worgan MMC will be lecturing at the Medway Magical Society on September 9th and the Associated Wizards of the South on September 16th. Mark's lecture covers children's magic, close-up and comedy cabaret and includes tricks and explanations, thoughts on presentation and magic theory. A full evening of entertaining chat and magic is promised. Mark can be contacted at: 23.8.03


Scotland's Gary James, recently appeared in garage band SKAMM's new pop video "Jefferson Shuffle" coming up soon on MTV. 23.8.03


Last week you may remember that I mentioned the new video/DVD from that features 90 minutes of non-stop magic. Well MagicBox kindly sent through a copy and I can now report that not only is the idea a good one, but that so is the finished disc. There's really no better way to judge a trick than by seeing it performed on the public and these guys clearly had lots of fun as they went out and about in Newcastle to make this disc. The whole project has "the Geordie touch" stamped on it (mishaps and all!) and I can really recommend it, either as a DVD or video. A great way to see 50 items, and great value at under 5.00 as well. 23.8.03


The Magic Cavern at Barons Court presents Simon Coronel: "Warm, welcoming and downright amazing sleight of hand expert from Australia" on Monday 22nd September at 8.00pm. Barons Court Theatre, West Kensington, London. Box Office 020 8932 4747 The next 'Magic Cavern' date is Monday 6th October. If you are interested in presenting your act/show at The Magic Cavern (now booking to April 2004) contact Richard Leigh. 23.8.03


International News, from Jose Angel: XV Jornadas Internaciaonales de Magic in Victoria, Spain features four gala shows (stage, close-up, outdoor, children's), five lectures, a magic fair, a dealer show, a magic dinner and more... September 19th, 20th, 21st 2003 Registration 28.00 ($40.00 or 40.00) For more information visit: 23.8.03


How do you review a book that's all about real mindreading? I don't know but I've had a go this week, Click Here ITV are looking for a magician to perform the classic "catching a bullet between the teeth"' illusion on a high profile network entertainment show. Can you help? For more details call Matt O'Connell on 020 8614 4466 Following on from a couple of weeks ago here's another Edinburgh review link: Click Here Tony Osborne is selling his late father-in-laws magic collection which includes a number of Supreme items: "We have quite an assortment to sell - much of it very good quality older 'Supreme' items and are keen for them to go to loving homes at fair prices." Telephone 01753 541818 (Slough, Berkshire) to arrange a visit That's it for this week, your magic news is always welcomed (and really appreciated), see you next week, Duncan. 23.8.03