Number 181 - 13th December 2003


Astounding Celebrities, ITV's new "street magic" show featuring young magicians performing close-up magic to celebrities, starts on Monday December 22nd, at 5pm. Featuring Trevor McDonald, Carol Vorderman, Cliff Richard, Claire Sweeney and Jade Goody. In the photo David Penn performs for Trevor McDonald. See TV Magic for listings. 13.12.03


Keith Fields' m@gic.comedy. "He's fast, he's sharp and he's always entertaining" Time Out. "With a distinctive blend of stand-up comedy, magic and cutting edge computer technology, Fields is responsible for devising a show that will propel comedic entertainment kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. So sit back and journey to the edge of reality and reason where magic, mind reading and mutilation ensue… all for the sake of a good laugh." Keith Fields brings his unique production to London's West End as part of the Soho Blast Festival 2004. Venue: Soho Theatre (Studio), 21 Dean Street, London W1D 3NE Dates: January 20th (7.45pm) and January 22nd (9.15pm). Tickets: £8 (£6 concs). Box Office 020 7478 0100.


Paul Zenon coaches supermarket manager Martyn Moore as he attempts to realise his dream and become a magician on The Test at 10.35am on Wednesday 31st December (30 minutes) on ITV1. See TV Magic. 13.12.03 are advertising with MagicWeek from today. Founded by Stefan Schroetter after a lifetime's interest in magic the shop sells to magicians all over the world. "As I am a mathematics and science teacher I started to enhance my lessons with different mathematical magic tricks and scientific mysteries. I fascinated my students and I also became more and more interested in magic and also started creating some tricks myself. I created my first magic homepage on which I started to offer some magic items. I improved the design of the homepage several times with the help of a Swiss magician and started to add video clips and later added clips from magic suppliers. The whole magic adventure started only for German speaking magicians. After that I received more and more interest from around the world (UK, USA, Russia, Hong Kong... ). So I decided to create an English language version. And this is now the point where we are standing at. Our shop in English is open now!" Visit today! 13.12.03


International News: Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger bring their unique magical teaching programme to Europe next year in a special 'Masterclass' presentation which will take place in Amsterdam in April. The sessions focus on close-up, platform and stage magic. Each session begins with performances by Jeff and Eugene. Session 1: Achieving Your Magical Dreams, Your Goal is a Dream with a Deadline, Getting the Attention You Deserve, Growing in Magic, Creativity Exercises and Brainstorming Techniques, Two Masterclass Style Presentations with Feedback. Session 2: Power, Passion and Performance, Getting the Most Out of the Magic you Already Perform, Routining Your Show: The Seven Steps of Show Flow, Character Development: Finding Who You Are, Business and Marketing Secrets: Selling Your Act for More Money, Four Master Class Style Presentations with Feedback. Session 3: Taking Your Magic to the Next Level, Play Big and Pack Small: Maximizing Your Impact, Theater Arts: Props, Blocking, Movement and Music, Four Master Class Style Presentations with Feedback, The Forbidden Secret of Magic, Real Questions/Real Answers. For further details email Romany: 13.12.03


On Monday December 22nd Channel 4 are running David Blaine: Above the Below Update, a documentary revisiting David Blaine's endurance feat when he lived in a Perspex box for 44 days without food. The programme looks at the build-up to the event and follows the moments following the stunt when Blaine was taken to hospital to commence his recovery programme, and includes previously unseen footage. That's all well and good but Channel 4's decision to run, back to back, repeats of David Blaine Above the Below (getting in the box) followed by David Blaine Above the Below (getting out of the box) just days later on Christmas Eve for two solid hours from 12.30 to 2.30am is a little puzzling to say the least. Is that really the best Channel 4 have to offer on Christmas Eve? A bit like many an endurance stunt what Blaine did was "of the moment" and worked well, but has little merit second time around. Who's in charge of scheduling at Channel 4 these days? - stick 'em in a box. 13.12.03


The Bradford Magic Circle present their annual 'Hey Presto' Family Magic Show at the Bingley Arts Centre on Saturday 6th March 2004 at 7.30pm. Lined up this year: Martyn James, who is a recent winner of the British Magical Championships. Terry Herbert (photo), who has been at the top of the magical comedy business for over 30 years. Robert Temple, a finalist in this year's Young Magician of the Year competition, Tom Johnson, Stevie B, Ken Mitchell, 'The Jacksons' and the Spotlight Dancers. Tickets are £6 for adults (£5 concessions) and are available from all Bradford Theatre's booking offices and agencies, or by phoning 01274 432000. Further details can be obtained from Keith Pickles, the current President of the Bradford Magic Circle, on 01274 818305. 13.12.03


Noel Qualter and Martin Cox appear in The Magic Cavern at Barons Court on Monday 9th February. Venue: 'The Curtains Up', 28A Comeragh Road, West Kensington, London W14 9AU. Box Office 020 8932 4747. If you are interested in performing at The Magic Cavern during the season (April to August) contact 13.12.03


Mind Control - Unleashed by Jez Rose and Marc Paul has just been published and is available exclusively from Sections Include: Learn to mentally relax, Memory improvement - remember names, faces, speeches, numbers, anything you like! By following these very simple techniques, in no time at all, you'll have a memory that amazes you and your friends alike!, Public speaking tips, Conquering any fear quickly, easily and permanently, Stopping bad habits, Developing self-confidence, Mind control of others - rapport, instant rapport, spotting a liar. For more information visit 13.12.03


International News: Believe in Magic. "Genre going strong in Las Vegas, but some wonder how much longer it will last" states Mike Weatherford in the Las Vegas Review Journal. "Siegfried and Roy's favourite story used to be about how, when they were new to town in 1967, Tropicana boss K.J. Houssels sized them up and announced, 'Boys, I have to tell you, magic don't work in this town.' The punch line was evident in the '90s, when the Las Vegas icons were doing turn-away business at The Mirage. But now, with the duo forced into retirement and no heir apparent on the horizon, it may be time to wonder: Is it only a matter of time before a casino boss can again deliver that line with a straight face?" To read the full article Click Here. 13.12.03


International News: The 49th Austrian Magic Convention takes place from the 20th - 23rd May 2004 in Mayrhofen, Tyrol, Austria. 800 magicians from all over the world will meet in the beautiful surroundings of Austria's Tyrol region. Top Magicians already booked include Paul Daniels – England, Paul Potassy – Spain, Norbert Ferrι – France, Jason Latimer – USA, Armando Lucero – USA, Jean Merlin – France, Patrick Page – England, Tony Binarelli – Italy, Blub – Russia, Sabrina Fakelli – Germany, Manuel Muerte – Germany, Reed McClintock – USA, Andy McJoy and Chris Joker – Germany, Markus Zink plays Schrott – Germany, David – Hungary and Brando & Silvana – Argentina. For more information visit: 13.12.03


Loki has just returned from Istanbul, Turkey, where he was invited to perform in a new magic series Hokus Pokus which starts airing on Saturday. Other magicians on the show are Lee Alex (UK) providing stage illusions, "Lady" Ilkay Ozdemir and Ozgur Ozdural (Turkey) performing close-up and Tom Comet (Canada) who juggled chainsaws. Jeff McBride is booked for January. 13.12.03


We've just heard from Alakazam that Luke Jermay's Building Blocks is now in stock, but that they only have a small initial quantity. To avoid disappointment order right now! Just a hint of what's on offer: 1. Imagine having your spectator actually feel their thought leave their mind and enter yours - imagine no more! With the Burst Bubble suggestion, your spectator will believe they felt the moment of magic happen inside their own mind! 2. You cause the spectator's sense of time to physically slow down (we don't just mean their watch, although of course that happens as well!). They are almost unable to physically move as they are stuck in a single moment of time. For more information visit: 13.12.03


Escapologist Tom Lyon was challenged by the BBC to test a brand new padlock for BBC1's 'Innovation Nation' programme, which will air on Wednesday at 7.25pm. The programme is an invention competition and one of the top ten competitors designed the new padlock. It is not in the traditional hasp and body style but is shaped like a dumbell. The locking mechanism, also completely novel, is situated at the end of a two and a half inch deep keyway which is itself sealed with a plug. Tom writes "I had been looking to perform a tribute to David DeVal after his sad death last year. I dedicate this performance to him; I think he would appreciate what happens. If you are familiar with some of David's equipment watch carefully as what you think is going to happen will not!" 13.12.03


Paul Daniels Masterclass 2004, January 11th, 2004, Las Vegas. Paul Daniels is presenting a brand new one day Masterclass in association with the World Magic Seminar 2004. If you would like to attend visit for full details. There's a special ticket offer until the end of December. 13.12.03


Swedish magician Jahn Gallos is visiting the UK on a short two week lecture tour in April. The tour, organised by Tony Griffith, starts on or around April 15th, finishing on the 29th. Jahn's lecture is called Real World Magic and is a general magic lecture, which will suit all tastes. Jahn has just returned from lecture tours in South Africa and the USA and has received great reviews: Clubs should contact Tony Griffith as soon as possible on 01275 837017 or 13.12.03


The free For Sale and Wanted ads in MagicWeek continue to do well. Items that caught my eye this week: A rare signed edition of The Magic of Robert Harbin, the classic Card Magic by Manipulation by Lewis Ganson, a Sanada Gimmick (under-rated and very useful!) and, pictured left, an original Yogano Sit Down Levitation Illusion. 13.12.03


Kevin Gallagher reviews last weekend's 20th International Close-up Competition this week, Click Here. (I couldn't make it in the end... flu!) • offer an excellent selection of puppets ideal for children's entertainers • Despite appearing in official TV listings David Blaine's promised appearance on the Frank Skinner show last week never happened • Marc Dominic has sold his entertainment business Impact Productions. The company will continue to book entertainers throughout the Midlands and Marc will act as a consultant for several months. They can still be contacted on 0800 783 6348. Marc and his wife are moving to Havant • That's it. Your UK magic news is always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 13.12.03