Number 211 - 10th July 2004


Blackpool Magic Convention - Box Office Now Open! Next year's convention (Friday February 25th - Sunday 27th) will have a Las Vegas theme with the giant Olympia Hall housing a Ten Table Casino and 'Globe of Death' show, a Street Entertainers Competition, Juggling Displays and a Fun Fair! Every Gold Card Registrant (who registers before 31st December 2004) will automatically receive $20,000 in Fun Money to spend in the Casino. The person with the highest winnings at the end of the Convention will have won a holiday for two to Las Vegas.

The other rooms in the Winter Gardens Complex will be hosting the European Close-up Championships, the UK Kids Entertainers Competition, the British Magical Stage Championships, the Masterclass, the International Close-up Shows, Kidz R' Uz, Star Lectures, the Mainly Mental Show, the International Gala Show and a new set up for the After Gala Show Party in two different rooms with the Spanish Hall hosting a Showband and Magical Cabaret and the Theatre Bar hosting Bar Magic and Close-up Magic. Both rooms will serve Hot Pot and Apple Pie. This new arrangement will allow more registrants to attend as this event always sells out.

Just some of the stars booked so far include illusionist Rick Thomas (pictured) direct from his Las Vegas show, David & Dania, Eli Woods & Jim Casey recreating "Jimmy James & Co", Jay Sankey, Mirko, Rafael Benatar, Doc Eason, Shoot Ogawa, Bill Malone, Kenton Knepper, Mystina, Bernie Clifton, Dominique Duvivier & Alexandra, Mahka Tendo, Sabrina Fackelli & Blub, Ken Dodd, Tony Stevens, the Mirage Dancers with more to be announced...

All this, plus 102 Magic Dealers from all over the world, for just 65.00! To borrow from Paul Daniels "Now that's Magic!" Full details and a Registration Form can be found on the website:


Richard Leigh for False Impressions is looking for children's magicians (and clowns who perform magic) for a special season of shows at The Magic Cavern at Barons Court over Christmas and the New Year. Richard is also looking for close-up magicians interested in performing between January and April, 2005. Email or post publicity material to the office (address on the website: 10.7.04


Marco Tempest's Virtual Magician has been moved to a better time slot as it is repeated on Sky One. Tonight's show at 6.30pm is called Virtual Las Vegas "Marco Tempest is the award-winning illusionist brings magic into the 21st century. Each episode explores a magical theme in a fun and insightful way through a virtual journey of 3D graphics and expert perspective." 10.7.04


Magic Auction is a new website currently being developed by Kevin Gallagher, who writes: "I have finished testing a Magic Auction website which can be seen at I would like to run this as a free service initially to get it started. I am working on some Terms & Conditions (and maybe Privacy Policy) to include before it is used for real." Readers are invited to visit the site to see how it works and to try out its features. 10.7.04


The 38th Congress Illusion Convention in Saint Etienne, France runs from October 7th - 10th. Featured performers and lecturers include: Olmac, Tommy Wonder, Shoot Ogawa, Dirk Losander, Devil, Mayol, Klingsor, Sylvie Barrault and Jacques Pallas, Daniel Jacqadi, Henri Giraud; Christopher and Max, Greg et Bertrand, Yannick Chretien, Bebel, Jean Pierre Blanchard, Hjalamar and Gerda, Kamyleon, Mac Ronay Junior, Gidinis, SOS and Victoria, Bertran Loth and many others... For more information in PDF format Click Here or email 10.7.04


"Singer and television personality Shane Lynch (Boyzone) travelled from London, on the day of his 28th birthday, to spend an evening at the New Eden Christian Festival in Torquay to speak about how God changed his life. But the modest man, who was appearing for the first time at a public event to speak about his faith, told the audience how the material world is nothing without Jesus. He also warned of the power of editing in television and the power of television magicians Derren Brown and David Blaine..." From This is South Devon Click Here. (He is warning us about them!) 10.7.04


MagicBox have limited stocks of black backed Bicycle Cards (just like a standard red or blue deck, but in black). Apparently they handle really well and as far as we know no other dealers are offering them... so hurry! 10.7.04


International News: Las Vegas headlining magician Mac King launches syndicated comic strip Mac King's Magic in a Minute featuring Mac King and his sidekick Lewis, a cute, comical monkey, demonstrating one of Mac King's magic tricks. The trick is displayed in six or eight colourful informative boxes giving instructions on how to perform the trick. Each week Mac King's comic strip will feature a different magic trick in different themes such as, "Banana Jujitsu" and "Freezin' For No Reason." Mac King was recently awarded "Magician of the Year" by the Magic Castle, Academy of Magical Arts. His unique act contains an unusual combination of quirky humour, visual gags and amazing sleight of hand. 10.7.04


Kidology UK have changed the venue for their upcoming convention (September 6th, see What's On) to The Civic and Wulfrun Halls, North Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1RQ (Map). Further details from either Albion Magic 0121 532 4509 or Practical Magic 01691 690789. 10.7.04


Geoffrey Durham can be seen all this week on Countdown; Channel 4 at 3.15pm Why did Jack Nicholson's daughter bite magician David Blaine? "Well, I had to," said Jennifer Nicholson... Click Here (scroll down) "Magicians are appearing to learn more about the craft" Click Here and "Magicians keep techniques under their hats" Click Here The For Sale and Wanted ads are always popular but unfortunately around 15% of submitted ads never make it... please read the Terms & Conditions before submitting an ad Your UK magic news is always welcome, thanks to everyone who contributes. See you next week, Duncan. 10.7.04