Number 212 - 17th July 2004


The International Brotherhood of Magicians British Ring present their 68th Annual Convention from September 22nd - 26th. The international line-up includes Max Maven, Eugene Burger, Hyashi, Wladimir, Rich Bloch, Marcel, Mortimer, Hikari, Lu Chen, Mac Ronay Jr, Kenji Minemura (photo), Housch ma Housch, Gay Blackstone, John Styles, Richard Pinner, Vizage, Martyn James & Co, Zane, Pat Fallon, Paul Gordon, Paul Dabek, Michael Pearse and Paul Wilson. Plus a Giant Dealers Fair, Children's Showtime, Close-up Competition (1,000 first prize), Stage Competition (1,000 first prize), Junior Workshop, Star Lectures, the Eddie Dawes Show, Collectors' Seminar, the Banquet, the Late Late Gala and the International Gala. Eastbourne plays host this year and both day tickets and full registrations will shortly be available. For a registration form write, enclosing an SAE, to: Neville Johnson, 2 Tricketts Lane, Ferndown, Dorset BH22 8AU (Registration commences Monday 2nd August 2004). 17.7.04


Mandy Muden Burn the Witch Directed by Amanda Robbins, is part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2004. At the Metro Gilded Balloon Teviot, Venue 14, from August 6th - 29th (not 7th or 16th) at 9.15pm. Box office 0131 668 1633. In this, her debut full-length solo show, Mandy Muden will set out to exorcise her inner witch with her own unique concoction of stand-up, character comedy, magic, "friendly advice" and "psychic massage." Superb Mail on Sunday. More information: Click Here. Mandy can also be seen in The Magic Zone at the Pleasance Courtyard together with Luke Jermay and Jon 'Jacky' McClements Click Here. 17.7.04


Paul Gordon and Mark Worgan are going to stage a Close-up Convention on Saturday 14th May 2005: Close-up Magic Convention in Sussex They aim to present top lecturers, dealers and professional performers and have already signed Mark Mason (photo). The venue is Clair Hall, Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex (Map). It is really geared up for conferences and includes easy access, stylish rooms, catering, a licensed bar and free parking. It's only 2 minutes from the mainline railway station and just 45 minutes from London. For more information visit the website: (Interested dealers should contact Paul Gordon on 01903 211785 Registrants contact Mark Worgan on 01273 401841 Limited to 200 for the full-day ticket. Book early! 17.7.04


Pandoramagic is a new mail order business now advertising with MagicWeek. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company is run by Kurt Flemming and Tom Trix, who together have been involved in magic for over 30 years. Everything on the website is in stock and ready to ship and any emailed questions will be answered within 24 hours. Visit today! 17.7.04


Fifth Dimension, owned and managed by magicians Bill Duncan, Jeff Burns and Ivor Smith, are heading off to Las Vegas on a fact finding expedition... "Las Vegas was the obvious destination for our research trip as it's the magical capital of the world and the best place for us to pick up ideas for new magic effects. The city is home to some of the world's greatest magic shows and we will be catching some of the acts to see what the best in the world are doing, and also looking for some good inspiration for our own services back in the UK." 17.7.04


Men of Mystery, written and researched by Ian Keable and David Britland, is being repeated at 11.30am on Tuesday 20th July on Radio 4. "A look back at the careers of men who made their names reading minds and transmitting thoughts across the airwaves. Featuring interviews with mind reader Marc Salem and Lesley Hazlitt whose husband-and-wife act, the Piddingtons, attracted huge audiences in the 1950's." Also featuring Dunninger, Romark, Chan Canasta and Uri Geller. 17.7.04


Attention all magic club Secretaries: Supercharge your magic with story power! From Maskelyne's (and Copperfield's) use of magical 'sketches', to Guy Hollingworth's unashamedly-titled Once Upon A Time, top magicians have long understood the power of harnessing a strong story element in their performances. Now Ian Carpenter of Mindwriter Magic offers a brand new Workshop to Magic Clubs, 'The Trick of the Tale' enabling magicians to learn and apply these secrets from the greats! Ian trained and worked as a scriptwriter before becoming a full-time magician, so is well-qualified to offer insights on this subject. And says that anyone can do it, you just have to be shown how. So if you are interested in increasing the impact of your magic, without having to learn any difficult new skills, why not give Ian a call on 01225 350818 or email and book something special for your next club season 17.7.04


Romany, Diva of Magic, goes to Hollywood! From July 19th she'll be performing in the Parlour Theatre and from the 27th she'll be in the Palace of Mystery 17.7.04


Doctor Bondini will be the guest speaker at the Equity Thames Variety branch meeting on Thursday 22nd July at "The Spice of Life", Cambridge Circus, London. He will talk about the pros and cons of touring a large scale illusion show and describe some personal memorable moments. Doctor Bondini will be accompanied by one of his Ladies of Mystery and will finish the afternoon with a short extract from their current show, which begins another UK tour in September (What's On). 17.7.04


Modern Day Houdini. "For 30 years people have been calling Bill Shirk crazy. He has been buried alive ten times, hung 1,600 feet in the air from a helicopter by an ice skate (while in a straitjacket), run with the bulls in Pamplona (also in a straitjacket), and jumped off numerous bridges and cliffs (again in straitjackets). Now, for the first time, Bill Shirk reveals how he performed some of his most celebrated escapes, each more spectacular and heart-pounding than the last. Read how he survived being buried alive for three days with a python and a timber rattlesnake; learn how he escaped from a jail while chained and handcuffed; see what happened when ten tons of wet cement broke his coffin; and experience the feeling when the burning rope he was hanging upside down from dropped him into a shark-infested pool. Of course, just because Shirk tells you how to get out of a straitjacket in four seconds doesn't mean you'll be able to do it. Likewise, once you know how to put your head in a bag with a rattlesnake, you'd still be certifiable to try it." Available from Click Here. 17.7.04


Charles Pemberton emails: "A very sincere thank you to all MagicWeek readers who contacted me regarding last Sunday's Midsomer Village Fayre in Covent Garden and a very special thanks to those of you who put in an appearance at St Paul's. Your presence helped make the event the tremendous success it was. My most grateful thanks." 17.7.04


Congratulations to Michael Bailey on being awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Milbourne Christopher Foundation in the States last week The Mersyside Junior Magic Circle are looking for new members, for details email Graeme Knibb or visit their website: Rikki Udagawa is off to Japan for a holiday and can get hold of brand new Tenyo Magic (Japanese packaging and instructions) for any collectors. If there are any Tenyo items that you are after Rikki asks that you email him as soon as possible for information Next year's Basingstoke Festival of Magic will take place on 24th April at Kempshot Village Hall, details nearer the time Herts teenager runs away with the circus Click Here The 8th Top Secret Day of Magic is reviewed by Chris Wardle this week, Click Here That's not magic it's theft Click Here That's it! See you next week, Duncan. 17.7.04