Number 217 - 21st August 2004


Monkey Magic: Britain's Maddest Magicians - The new seven part series launches this week and is featured in the current Radio Times under Today's Choices. "The tricks are performed at machine-gun speed and without any of the usual spiel, so there's no time to work out how they're done. And you may find yourself giggling as often as exclaiming in wonder. Entertaining, but very, very weird." Jane Rackham. Tuesday August 24th, 8.30pm, on Five (Objective Productions). TV Magic. 21.8.04


Marc Paul lectures at the Sheffield Circle of Magicians on Thursday, September 2nd, at 7.30pm at the Three Cranes Public House, 74 Queen Street, Sheffield S1 2DW (Map). Visiting magicians are welcome but should first contact SCM Secretary Simon Green on 0114 248 8725 or email for more information. Marc's current DVD Mind 2 Mind is available by return from Click Here. 21.8.04


"Magic cannot die. It has been here forever, and it will be here forever; but in different forms, constantly changing to best suit the needs of the audiences and the technology of the times. David Copperfield has done that, David Blaine is doing that. Magic will always evolve to suit the supply and demand, utilising the available technology. There are limited effects in magic, but there is a constant addition of improvements through new and better methods." Says Peter Lamont in The Rediff Interview: parts One, Two & Three. 21.8.04


"Since 1965, Phil Goldstein has published over 1000 ingenious tricks and routines. From this huge body of work he has chosen 60 of his best card tricks. Focus contains all 60 of these choice effects; the very best from one of today's most acclaimed creators." Hardbound, 140 pages, fully Illustrated. Order from Earth's Largest Magic Shop Click Here. 21.8.04


Dominick Zwolinski and Doug Segal perform at The Magic Cavern on Monday 23rd August at 7.30pm and 9.15pm. "The Doctor of Magic Dominick Zwolinski (photo) presents 'Mysteries from History' and Doug Segal 'Telepathy? ESP? Mind Control?' combining cutting edge psychological techniques with the five senses we all possess Doug will astound and delight by creating the illusion of a sixth." Enjoy a meal before the show in 'The Curtains Up' pub, above the theatre, and a drink afterwards. Tickets: £10.00 in advance from or call 08700 600 100 (24hrs) Tickets also available on the door (£12.50) subject to availability. The Magic Cavern, Baron's Court Theatre, 'The Curtains Up', 28A Comeragh Road, London W14 9AU. Two minutes walk from either Barons Court or West Kensington Tube Stations. Further details 21.8.04


Philip Partridge has been invited to perform his magic at the stunning Burj Al Arab hotel, Dubai, on New Year's Eve. The hotel management saw Philip's work featured on Prince Charles' website, and negotiated the booking from there. Philip will be flown out at the end of December and will stay at the Burj Al Arab ready for his special performance. The hotel is ranked as one of the world's very finest. The Business section of the Manchester Evening News featured the story last week, Click Here. For more on Philip Partridge visit: 21.8.04


The Magic Cavern at Baron's Court celebrates its first birthday this week having staged 43 presentations during the year. Richard Leigh would like to thank the following performers for making the whole venture such a success: Corinne - Elise, Simon Coronel, Noel Qualter, Ian C, Matt Edwards, Joe Riding, Oliver Tabor, Martin Cox, Jim Bannan, Douglas Merrick, Chris Cox, Tom Salinsky, Sean Heydon, Mandy Muden, Alfonso Rios, Pat Page, all of the participants of 'Card Idol', Luke Jermay, Mark Shortland, Peter Wardell, Owen Lean, Doug Segal and Dominick Zwolinski. In the Autumn/Winter season The Magic Cavern will present Paul Anthony (20th September), Vizage and Douglas Merrick (18th October), Oliver Tabor and Ian C (15th November) and Loki (29th November). The Magic Cavern is booking through to April 2005. For more information visit 21.8.04


Fred Kaps: Seeing is Believing was released on DVD earlier this year. The disc features Fred Kaps at FISM in 1961, his famous long salt pour, several TV appearances and more. For more information and to order visit (The ordering page features 128 bit encryption). 21.8.04


Recently re-published by Dover Magic and Showmanship by Henning Nelms is still a good read, offering excellent advice and thought-provoking content. Essential reading for every magician, available from 21.8.04


Eyes, Lies and Illusions - 7th October 2004 to 2nd January 2005. "Eyes, Lies and Illusions explores a treasure house of optical wizardry, from magic lanterns, shadow plays, tricks of perspective and anamorphic images, to kaleidoscopes, zoetropes and other early forms of animation. The German experimental film-maker Werner Nekes has created one of the world's finest collections of optical devices and illusions, dating from the Renaissance to the early years of cinema, and this exhibition includes more than 1,000 of the most astonishing. Alongside these will be shown works by modern and contemporary artists - including Marcel Duchamp, Christian Boltanski, Tony Oursler and Carsten Höller - that demonstrate how perceptual ambiguities and paradoxes continue to fascinate and inspire artists today. Both instructive and entertaining, the exhibition complements the playful reflective qualities of the Hayward's new two-way mirrored Pavilion designed by American artist Dan Graham." For more information Click Here. 21.8.04


The Breaking the Magician's Code series is being repeated, yet again, on ITV1. The first in the series being shown late tonight (1.25am Sunday morning). A second Secrets of Magic show (Objective Productions for BBC1) is also in the pipeline featuring Etienne Pradier, Danny Buckler, Nick Knowles and John Lenahan. TV Magic. 21.8.04


Nick Einhorn can be seen every Friday evening on The Dan and Dusty Show performing close-up and stand up magic • More names have just been announced for the British Ring's Eastbourne Convention in September and a printable PDF brochure and registration form are now available online Click Here Thanks to Drew McAdam for submitting four Edinburgh Fringe magic reviews that first appeared in the Edinburgh Evening News, Click Here • Jon Allen is the current 'Guest of Honor' at The Magic Cafe Jus' Like That! is on at the New Victoria Theatre, Woking, from Monday 23rd August - Saturday 28th August at 8pm. Tickets from £9.00 + booking fee telephone: 01483 545900 or visit www.theambassadors.comEdinburgh Festival - It's a kind of magic. The unlikely pairing of an illusionist and a classical musician adds spice to variety, says Simon Fanshawe in Times Online, Click HereMarried... with magic - Pendragons plan to pull off new illusions at 'Abracadabra!' Click HereLesley’s career is pure magic, Click Here'Pride' may be too adult for toon audience Click HereRegister your name as a domain name, personalise your email address and never have to change email addresses again! Domain registrations from the makers of MagicWeek Click HereThat's it for this week, your UK magic news is always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 21.8.04