Number 219 - 4th September 2004


The Magic Circle have just announced the wealth of magical talent that they've booked for their Centenary Celebration Convention next year in London (20th 23rd July 2005). Confirmed to date: John Archer, David Berglas, Tony Binarelli, John Calvert, Steve Cohen, Paul Daniels, James Dimmare, Geoffrey Durham, Nicholas Einhorn, Guy Hollingworth, Mac King, Ronn Lucas, Jeff McBride, Hans Moretti, Patrick Page, Larry Parker, The Pendragons, Paul Potassy, Mark Raffles, Bob Read, Belinda Sinclair, Jim Steinmeyer, Juan Tamariz, Johnny Thompson, Topas & Roxanne (photo) and Michael Vincent. These stars of magic, with more to be announced, will appear in the stage and close-up Gala shows, lectures and other special events throughout the Centenary Celebration. Early Bird registrations are still available... but hurry! Visit: 4.9.04


Leo Ward and Spanish illusionist Yunke have been added to the line up for the 33rd Annual International Magic Convention (Friday November 26th - Sunday 28th) at the Novotel Euston, London. Performers already confirmed include: Vito Lupo (photo - USA), David Williamson (USA), Ray Grismer (USA), Piet Forton (Switzerland), Paul Zerdin (UK) and Noel Britten (UK). Plus magic lectures and dealers from all around the world. For more information, and to book, Click Here. 4.9.04


Blackpool Update: Bookings for the Blackpool Magicians Convention on 25th, 26th and 27th February 2005 are breaking all records with nearly 800 registered already! The star compere for the Sunday Gala Show is top professional Alan Stewart from TV's 'Who Do You Do' and 'Copycats' - for a printable registration form visit: 4.9.04


Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee are to work on a farm in new nightly reality TV show called The Farm which goes out at the end of September, running for three weeks. David Beckham's former PA Rebecca Loos will also appear together with Sophie Anderton, with other names still to be announced. Nine celebrities in all will take part, with the public voting them out one by one. Dan Chambers, the director of programmes at Five, said: "The Farm is a hugely exciting programme that we hope will capture the public's imagination." Other new shows from Five include Cosmetic Surgery Live, What Makes Alastair Campbell Run? and Boxing Academy. Dan Chambers went on to say "I honestly feel this is the richest and most complete schedule we have had on Five." Which tells you all you need to know about Five. "Magician Daniels to muck out on The Farm for new reality TV programme" Click Here. "Reality farm show lacks magic" Click Here. "Cow, that's Magic Paul!" Click Here. 4.9.04


Andi Gladwin has just returned from performing at Magic Magazine's convention, Magic Live!, in Las Vegas. Andi presented and discussed his handling of Equivoke to almost 1,000 magicians. The routine will be appearing in Magic Magazine in a few months. Magic magazine: Andi Gladwin & Andy Leviss: 4.9.04


Dizzy Lizzie is featured in the current issue of Bella magazine in an article entitled "Mums mean business!" "Liz Wilcox goes by the name of Dizzy Lizzie and always loved magic but never thought  of making it a career until her daughter Emma was born. 'I'd entertain her and her friends at parties, and other mums told me I was great. For Emma's fourth birthday I hired an entertainer and I realised I was at least as talented as him. With help from my husband, who cashed in an endowment policy I raised about 2,000 to buy equipment." 4.9.04


Master Cold Reading by Richard Webster. Back in 1986 New Zealand's Richard Webster recorded his first tape on cold reading (Commercial Cold Reading) with Martin Breese and it's still their biggest selling recording. Then in 2001 Richard recorded a sequel, "Further Commercial Cold Reading." This year, Richard has provided Martin Breese Magic with two new CDs. The first of these, "Mastering Cold Reading," has just been released, and the second, "How to Profit from Cold Reading" will be available in a couple of months. Each CD is priced at 13.75 plus postage and Mastering Cold Reading comes complete with a useful 16-page booklet. Available from: Martin Breese International, 10 Hanover Crescent, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 9SB, UK or from dealers. Martin Breese Magic. 4.9.04


International News. The College of Magic, South Africa, celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2005 and to mark the occasion, South Africa is planning its most exciting magical event ever! Three days of non-stop magic from February 25th. "Delegates can look forward to breathtaking stage shows, dazzling gala performances, a world-class invitational contest as well as unbelievable close-up experiences. You'll learn magic from the experts, take part in award-winning lectures, undergo hands-on workshops and experience first-hand some of the most mind-blowing magic ever!" The Evasons and Shawn Farquhar headline along with Pit Hartling. For further information visit: 4.9.04


Scrooge, The Musical featuring magic effects by Paul Kieve, is set to tour the US, opening at the Ford Center for the Performing Art's Oriental Theatre in Chicago, Illinois on October 26th. Richard Chamberlain will star as Ebenezer Scrooge. The UK production will open in December at he Palace Theatre, Manchester, starring Tommy Steele. For a review of last year's production Click Here and Click Here. Paul Kieve: 4.9.04


Magician Chris Nicholson will be performing some magic on Guinness World Records, A Few Records More, on ITV2. The show highlights the more unusual records and sets out to beat and set new world records and is broadcast live at 8.55pm on Saturday 11th of September. 4.9.04


How to Pick Pockets for Fun and Profit A Magician's Guide to Pickpocket Magic by Eddie Joseph is now available from Click Here. 4.9.04


Chester Guild of Magicians are hosting the annual competition for the Mersey Dee Trophy on Monday 13th September at Chester Guild headquarters, The Home Guard Club, Chester. The Mahatma Magic Circle, the North Wales Magic Circle and The Chester Guild of Magicians will compete for the trophy. Enquiries to David Brandwood, Secretary Chester Guild of Magicians, telephone: 01928 718496 email 4.9.04


"Money-Coutts fell in love with magic when he visited Davenports, the world's oldest magic shop, six years ago. He spent hours browsing in the store, and blew all of his Christmas money on books and sponge balls and cards." Writes Bryony Gordon. "I've had an unhealthy obsession with the paranormal, the inexplicable, for as long as I can remember. I've always wanted to find an answer for everything, which I suppose is what attracted me to magic." Said Drummond. To read the full article in the Telegraph Click Here. 4.9.04


The Darlington Magic Circle have a new website: Kidology UK 2004 (Monday 6th September) is now completely sold out, with no registrations being available on the day. Next year's convention will take place on Monday 5th September "60th birthday party being planned for magician Roy Horn" Click Here "Harry Potter wins press award in China with a million copies sold last year" Click Here A reader emailed us last week asking us to warn others of a domain name renewal scam. There are in fact a number going around - only ever renew your domain name through the company that you originally registered it with That's it for this week, your UK magic news is always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 28.8.04