Number 221 - 18th September 2004


Close-up coin expert Mickey Silver from the USA, Flip (of 'Flip Stick' fame) from Holland and Nikolai & Nina from Russia have all just been added to the line up of talent on show at this year's International Convention in London (Friday November 26th - Sunday 28th). The whole event will take place at the Shaw Theatre, which is part of the HQ Novotel Euston, London. On the Saturday they'll be staging the Close-up Competition as usual with £1,000 first prize, and every evening the same gala show will play in the theatre allowing magicians to pick an individual day or attend the entire convention. Also booked: Vito Lupo (USA), David Williamson (USA), Ray Grismer (USA), Piet Forton (Switzerland), Paul Zerdin (UK) and Noel Britten (UK). Plus magic lectures and dealers from all around the world. For more information, and to book, Click Here. 18.9.04


Davenport's Christmas Wonder Show, A Magical Variety Extravaganza, presented by Davenport's Magic Kingdom Limited, opens on Sunday 19th December at the Auden Theatre, Gresham's School, Holt, Norfolk (Map) and runs through to January 1st. Starring Roy Davenport, Alexander Koplin, Mark Shortland, Michele Summers, Papillion The Flying Carpet, Paul Henri and the Demon Dancers. Daily (except Christmas Day) with matinee and evening shows on most days. Tickets: Adults £12.00, Children £8.00 (Concessions less £2.00). To book telephone 01692 405254 or send payment (cheques made payable to 'Davenport's Magic Kingdom Ltd') to: L Davenport Ltd., 7 Charing Cross Underground Arcade, Strand, London WC2N 4HZ. Or pop into Davenports, or Click Here for more information and to book online. 18.9.04


Geoffrey Durham's Little Miracles can be seen live on stage tonight (Saturday 18th) at the Palace Theatre, Redditch. His last one man extravaganza was so popular that he is taking to the road again with his unique combination of laughs, charm and staggering sleight of hand. This show is bigger and even more mind boggling than the last. Watch as he levitates a member of the audience, no less! "Delighted and mesmerised the audience with magic that can only be described as impossible" Guardian. For more dates see What's On. 18.9.04


Beslan School Appeal. Magician Peter Hopkins (Mr Hocus Pocus the Wizard) is planning to raise some money towards The British Red Cross Beslan School Appeal by performing free shows at a number of local schools and suggesting that the children donate £1 each towards the appeal. The appeal will address the emergency and longer-term needs of the affected population. It will help children and other people injured or physically disabled. It will also fund the cost of support for the survivors and their families at psychological and rehabilitation centres. Peter emails "It strikes me that there are thousands of magicians from the amateur through to the semi pro and full time pro and if most of these simply called a couple of local schools and offered to do the same, the potential amount of money that could be raised for this or any charity could be huge! I am interested to hear from any magicians around the country, no matter how new they are to the craft (charity events are a great way to get experience) who are equally interested in being involved in charity events. Maybe we could all end up making a difference in the future. I am by no means an expert but if anyone would like any help or advice just drop me a line and I’ll try and help out." To contact Peter visit: 18.9.04


Adrian Sullivan's Eliminator has just been released by "This is one of those killer routines that has been kept secret for some time. You will be blown away by the cleanness and impossibility of the effect and also by its simplicity! Whilst the performer's back is turned, two participants each look at a card from the deck. The selections are free choices and different every time. The deck is then shuffled and dropped into the performer's empty pocket. As each person merely thinks of their card the performer produces it from his pocket! All without a single move!!" For much more information visit: 18.9.04


The Farm, featuring Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee, starts on Sunday September 26th, nightly on Five (10pm - 11pm). From Five: "It's bye bye to bling bling as celebrities turn their backs on their city lives, convenience foods and luxury living, to face the harsh realities of life on a real working farm. As the celebrity farmhands tackle their daily chores, they'll find there's no room on the Farm for slackers or softies..." And "Pig Brother gets evicted" Click Here. 18.9.04


Under her spell. "I bet Susanna Clarke is hoping for a long, cold winter this year. For it has taken her 10 years to write a nourishing, 19th-century-style novel that will warm readers through any number of dark and stormy nights. Forget media speculation about the huge advance and the Booker Prize long-listing: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is not a book for cocktail gossip around a hip, urban table. It is a book for a favourite armchair, for readers in patched cardigans, with log fires and buttered muffins. Should your present circumstances offer none of these comforts, do not be deterred. You need only dip into this big, bubbling cauldron of a book to feel that Clarke has conjured them all for you. She opens by lifting the lid on a meeting of the Society of York Magicians in 1806. These men are no low, street sorcerers, nor gipsies with fortunes to tell behind dirty curtains. They are 'gentleman-magicians', 'which means to say,' explains our amiable narrator, 'not one of these magicians had ever cast the smallest spell, nor by magic caused one leaf to tremble on a tree, made one mote of dust to alter its course or changed a single hair on anyone's head.' Instead, these ineffectual scholars meet every third Wednesday of each month to read aloud dull and dusty papers on the history of English magic, and then pick petty quarrels with each other. But into this particular meeting comes John Segundus, a young magician with a most ungentlemanly question: why, despite its noble past, is magic no longer practised in England?" Writes Helen Brown in the Telegraph. To order from Click Here. 18.9.04


Magic at The Grill Room, The Cafe Royal, London. The line up for the first in this new monthly evening of magic in one of London's most lavish restaurants has just been announced. Luke Jermay headlines with close-up magic from Daniel Young, James Laver and James Cheung. The season opens on Sunday 26th September 2004. For tickets Click Here. And there's a Halloween Special on Sunday 31st October 2004, for tickets Click Here or call the 24 hour box office hotline on 08700 600 100. Or visit for more information. 18.9.04


Parade Of the Presidents. The Order of the Magi welcomed the International President of The International Brotherhood of Magicians Tony Wilson and his wife Mary to their Manchester headquarters recently. The event was also attended by many dignitaries from the British Ring. Tony presented some magic from New Zealand before being entertained himself by Magi members Frederic Plouzeau, Chris Stevenson, Brian Glover and Adrian Sullivan. There was also a guest appearance from Paul Stone. This very successful social evening was arranged by Secretary John 'Sly' Smith and after an excellent buffet and convivial chat, a vote of thanks on behalf of the visitors was made by Tom Owen. The picture shows International President Tony Wilson, President of The British Ring Cynthia Neptune, and Magi President Mike Sharples. Keep up to date with The Order of the Magi: Reported by Geoffrey Newton. 18.9.04


Chester Guild of Magicians News - Mersey Dee Cup. Chester Guild of Magicians hosted the Mersey Dee Competition last Monday between the Mahatma Magic Circle from Liverpool, North Wales Magic Circle, Rhyl and the Chester Guild of Magicians. Nine performers, three from each society, performed for a maximum of 12 minutes each. The performers where: Chester: Allan Russell, Andrew Nichols, Graham Leech. North Wales: Mark Thoruld, Russel Roberts and David Baker. Mahatma: Michael Diamond, Bob Gurney and Neil Collett. Guest magical judges where: Richie Smith, Cliff Cowling and Ron Pilkington together with two lay judges and the overall winners were and Paul Turner. The competition was won by the Mahatma Magic Circle, Liverpool. Reported by David Brandwood. 18.9.04


Magic Clubs, a  Yahoo Group, was founded by David Lang back in March. The concept being that magic club committee members can exchange information about events, subscriptions, entry requirements, rules, venues, lectures or anything else related to running a local magic club. So, if you're a magic club committee member, you are invited to join by sending a blank email to 18.9.04


The Magicians of Basingstoke will be holding their annual dinner and cabaret on November 12th at the Masonic Hall, Victoria Street, Basingstoke, starting at 7.15pm. Pat Fallon and Tanya have been booked for the cabaret. Tickets are £16 each. For more information contact Mr. B. Sarney or 0118 9311973. 18.9.04


Harry Robson lectures at the Bolton Magician's Club on Wednesday 22nd September. Harry presents "Close-up and Cabaret in the Trenches" at the Cotton Tree, Prince Street, Bolton at 8.30pm. Visiting magicians from other societies are most welcome (£3 charge). For more information visit or telephone Jim Hodgkiss on 01204 522651. 18.9.04


Happy Birthday to David Copperfield who was 48 on Thursday • "David Copperfield Says He's No Island Trickster," Click Here • "Roy Horn Says Tiger Bite Was Bid to Help Him" Click Here • "Paul learns some new magic," Click Here • Monkey Magic Series 2 suddenly disappeared after only three programmes had gone out... the series may be rescheduled for a screening later on in the year, or next year, according to Five • That's it for this week. Your UK magic news and reviews always welcomed. See you next week, Duncan. 18.9.04