Number 233 - 11th December 2004


More talent announced for The Magic Circle Centenary Celebrations in 2005. Added to the previously published line up (see What's On) the second wave of artistes has just been announced: Guy Barrett, Norbert Ferré, Finn Jon, Jason Latimer (photo), Levent, Jerome Murat, Bertie Pearce, Axal S, Marc Salem, Terry Seabrooke, Tic Tac Tango, Peter Wardell and David Wood. For more information visit: 11.12.04


Kevin Gallagher has a busy year ahead. Following his recent success at this year's International Magic Convention in London on November 27th Kevin has been invited to perform, lecture and present workshops at a number of international conventions including the Italian and Swiss National Conventions and the famous FFFF close-up convention in the USA. Kevin has also had enquiries from Sweden, Belgium, China and the USA. 11.12.04


Peter Wardell's current season of 'Late Night Magic in the West End' ends on Friday and Saturday, 17th and 18th December. There's a special '2 for 1' offer for the cabaret only (11pm - 11.55pm, doors and bar open at 10.45pm). Tickets £13.00 from the Box Office: 020 7287 2875 (mention MagicWeek when booking). Jermyn Street Theatre, 16b Jermyn Street, London SW1Y 6ST. One minute walk from Piccadilly Tube Station. If you've never see Peter live then don't miss this opportunity. 11.12.04


Five of Hearts Magic Productions have just added a number of new and exclusive items to their range of fine hand crafted magic, Click Here to see what's new. And for their 'Special Editions' section Click Here. 11.12.04


Mister "E" Enterprises are expecting limited stocks of "Sleight of Mind - Suggestion and Mind Control, A Mentalist's Toolkit" by Ian Harling and Martin Nyrup just in time for Christmas. Price £29.99 plus postage. To reserve your copy email Eddie today together with your postal address and telephone number. "'Sleight of Mind' is a Mentalist's toolkit of psychological quirks and techniques that anyone can use to enhance their performance and create stunning, original effects. No props or stooges are required - just observation and the application of simple methods that will change the way you interact with others - on and off stage - forever." 11.12.04


Andi Gladwin describes five of his original effects in Joshua Jay's column in MAGIC magazine this month. "The material is comprised of audience tested routines, rather than moves. Andi has supplied us with five polished routines... this collection only has two card items. The rest use an assortment of household objects that will evoke audience interest." writes Joshua. Subscriptions: (Photo © Magic 2004). 11.12.04


Vizage are currently appearing in Aladdin at The Spa Theatre, Scarborough, North Yorkshire. For ticket prices and performance times call the booking office on 01723 357869. The run ends on January 1st. 11.12.04


SCI FI Channel have just launched a one of a kind online Wizard Education and Certification Program as part of the premiere of SCI FI Channel's two-part original miniseries, Legend of Earthsea - based on the award-winning books by Ursula K Le Guin. SCI FI selected Paul Kieve, preeminent magic expert and stage illusionist, to develop the exclusive Wizard Certification curriculum. Kieve previously served as Physical Magic Consultant on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and as personal magic tutor to Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry. Kieve is the official magic consultant to the Guinness World Records and he, personally, holds two Guinness world records in the magic and performing arts categories. To read the full story Click Here. 11.12.04


Following on from a request placed in MagicWeek a couple of months ago by the BBC, Magical Mandy (Amanda Farrell) from Bath, who runs a business by day and then becomes a magician by night, will be featured on BBC1's Points West on Thursday, December 16th, at 6.30pm. (Digital Satellite viewers outside the region will be able to see the broadcast on channel 956). 11.12.04


Paul Gordon's new card effect 'The Apex' is now available. The routine features predictions, coincidences, and colour changes... "Easy to do - only minimal skill required!" See for a full description. 11.12.04


"Why is it that some magicians get great audience reaction while others who are just as skillful leave audiences so cold? The answers are in Strong Magic, the first-ever book on showmanship specifically for the close-up magician." Recommended and available from - also see Cool Magic. 11.12.04


Sean Heydon has just returned from a busy corporate event staged by Budweiser. Sean designed a number of Budweiser themed magical effects much to the delight of company representatives who described his performance as "absolutely fantastic." In fact Sean made such a strong impression that Budweiser offered to sponsor him, so Sean is now officially sponsored by Budweiser! 11.12.04


Electric Spider Pens. Mike Danata emails that he has the new Spider Pens in stock: "As you know I've been working with invisible threads for over 30 years. I can honestly say that this is the best ITR that money can buy, it's absolutely brilliant! The price is £35.00 post free. It is fast selling out all over the world, and I only have a limited supply. You can walk up to 25 feet away from the floating object! No noise - completely silent! Comes complete, I cannot enthuse enough about this pen, it's amazing!" Order from Mike Danata's Magic Studio, telephone 01202 391666. 11.12.04


The Rise of the Indian Rope Trick, by Peter Lamont, has again been selected as one of the 'Books of the Year' for 2004, this time by The Australian. It is described as one of the year's outstanding books - a "painstaking definition and history of a legend" of which the reviewer said: "If the book were as much of a hoax as its subject, that would not make it less amusing." Order from Click Here. 11.12.04


Mind-Blowing Magic - Miraculous Mind Reading Tricks is a brand new boxed set of magic from Marvin's Magic. "Show how you can predict the future with these amazing tricks! This pack includes the Incredible Haunted Key, Impossible Sixth Sense, Colour Block prediction, Hypnotic Choice and much more!" Available from, together with more sets in the same range, Click Here. 11.12.04


Ian Kendall's Virtual Magic Show website is ever expanding. He's recently added a number of new CDs (Basic Coin Magic, Hard Moves made Easy and Basic Chip Tricks) and also updated the other sections which include loads of video clips and free tutorials. Visit today! 11.12.04


"It looks like the entrance to an accountant's office, a plain wooden door at the top of three flights of stairs in a nondescript Tokyo downtown business district. Step through it, though, and you'll find yourself deep in a world of trickery and illusion - not the financial type, but honest to goodness magic. Such is the venerable magic specialty shop Magic Land in the workaday Kayabacho district. The place is as disordered as it is crowded: Silk hats, sponge rabbits, marked playing cards, rubber doves and stainless steel tumblers are spilling out of cardboard boxes..." Magic's experiencing something of a revival in Japan. To read the full story by Louis Templado in Click Here. 11.12.04


Dobson's Choice, TV Stuff Volume 1 is reviewed this week by John Derris, Click Here • Magic Dwight, update Click Here • On the Sunday 5th December, award winning Psychic Entertainer Peter Arcane and wife Averil became the proud parents of baby Sean Ian, weighing in at 8lbs 14oz. Mother and father have found the true meaning of magic(k) and wish to thank all who have sent their kind wishes • "In defense, the tricks that are revealed are shown, a lot of times, on TV..." To read the full story, Click Here • Escaping his dreams  - Eszter Balázs meets David Merlini, the Hungarian escapologist who made everyone shiver when he was plunged into the Danube... encased in concrete, Click Here • Magic's popularity levitates, Click Here • That's it for this week, see you next week, Duncan. 11.12.04