Number 262 - 2nd July 2005


The Magic Circle was founded on 1st July 1905 at Pinoli's restaurant, London 100 years on and the society is thriving with 1,500 members worldwide, a beautiful headquarters in the heart of London featuring its own theatre, museum, library, club room and members bar, and now, on the horizon, the most exciting event in the society's history, The Centenary Celebrations (see What's On) featuring four days of world class magic. Happy Birthday The Magic Circle! As part of its ongoing programme to encourage new generations of magicians this year's Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year Competition will be held on Sunday July 17th. Seven magicians have made it through to the finals: Sam Clarke, Steve Dela, Henry Lewis, Darren McDonald, James More, Joe Ray and Jonathan Shotton. The Magic Circle Box Office is open for ticket sales on 0207 387 2222. There are two performances, an afternoon show at 3pm (not judged) with tickets at 7 each and the evening competition itself at 6.30pm (with just a few tickets left now, priced 12.50 each). The competition takes place in the theatre at the headquarters, 12 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HD (Map). 2.7.05


Marc Oberon presents his one-man show at the Nottingham Arts Theatre, George Street, Nottingham NG1 3BE (Map) on Friday September 23rd. This is a unique opportunity to see the act that earnt Marc the title "European Magical Close-up Champion" in Blackpool earlier this year, together with his highly original UV Black Art stage act, feats of mind reading, levitation and more. Tickets are 8 each, (concessions 6) from the Box Office on 01159 476096. 2.7.05


Headfry launches on Tuesday night at Jongleurs, Leicester. Tickets are selling like hotcakes... but you should still be able to pick some up on the door on the night. "Four of the UK's top Magicians bring the incredible to Leicester this summer as Headfry hits the stage. Eye popping mind warping reality twisting magic in an all new show. Kids, stay at home, there will be no rabbits being pulled out of top hats, and if anyone gets sawn in half, don't expect them to get put back again, as the hardcore of Leicester's magic underground come out to play..." Visit for details. 2.7.05


The Magic Hands of Mystery are now advertising with MagicWeek. "The Magic Hands of Mystery is a new website offering a unique DVD. It's the simplest and fastest way to create your very own magic DVD. You can create as many copies of this DVD as you like, as often as you like and sell them for whatever price you like, whenever you like. You are in complete control. You can even be the star of the DVD because throughout (and for reasons explained on the case) we have carefully filmed the effects so that only the magician's hands are seen." For more information visit 2.7.05


Rare Magic Memorabilia Conjured Up for Auction. Long before DVDs, video games, TV, records, movies or even radio, there was magic. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, names like Houdini, Raymond, Blackstone and Kellar packed theaters. They were the entertainment superstars of their time and were idolised by children and adults alike. Magic sets, meant mostly for children, materialised to help bring the fun and amazement home. And then, like magic, they disappeared. Until now. Random Treasures Auctions, a New Jersey based auction house is offering over 80 of these elusive magic sets in its upcoming auction. The Internet based auction will feature over 500 total lots. Bidding will begin on July 4th and conclude on July 22nd. Each one of the magic sets originates from the impressive magic set collection of Joel Miller (1937-2003), one of the best-known collectors in the field. According to Don Flanagan, president of Random Treasures Auctions, this is the largest assembly of magic sets ever offered. For more information on the auction or to register to bid visit 2.7.05


Magicseen issue 3 has just been published. We hear that it has a mental flavour with major features on Marc Paul, Kenton Knepper and Luke Jermay. The Masterclass trick section has four effects including one from Marc Paul and one from Max Maven, and a large number of products are given critical analysis in the Review section. Fighting Talk is present again, this time focusing on magic competitions, plus Grumpy Old Magicians, news, features and adverts from around the globe. Subscriptions and back issues are available from 2.7.05


International News: The MARS (Magic At the Red Sea) convention takes place in Eilat, Israel between September 25th - 27th. Starring: Max Maven, FL!P, Duane Laflin, Pit Hartling, Menny Lindenfeld, Anthony Darkstone and Charles Brook. "Magicians from all over the world will present three full days of magic lectures, stage performances, close-up sessions, late-night bar magic, international dealers, contests, street magic and more. Eilat is located at the southernmost tip of the country and benefits from everything to make a perfect vacation beautiful mirror-like sea, lively beaches, seafront bars and restaurants, first-rate hotels, all kinds of water sports, spectacular underwater world and coral reefs, diving clubs, desert treks, camel tours and even swimming with dolphins!" For more information visit: 2.7.05 - The UK Directory of Magicians, Mind Readers, Hypnotists, Pickpockets and Illusionists has a fresh new look. Launched in 2001 the site produces a steady stream of bookings and enquiries for professional magicians across the country. From the makers of MagicWeek. 2.7.05


Sean Heydon is booked to lecture at the Northamptonshire Magicians Club on Tuesday and the Surrey Society of Magicians on July 28th. Sean's lecture, titled "Onion Rings" is all about restaurant magic and covers: Ways to approach a table, Routines, How to get a residency, How to keep a residency!, and How to get bookings from a residency. Magic clubs interested in booking Sean's lecture should call him on 01604 740 111 or email 2.7.05


Albion Magic and Practical Magic have added a balloon session to the other planned events taking place at Kidology UK 2005. This session will be run by Mike Stokes of Playtime Balloons, who gave a very popular lecture last year. Tickets are 30.00 (includes a buffet lunch) and a printable registration form is available online at 2.7.05


The Order of The Magi Giant Auction takes place on Tuesday, July 12th, at The Irish World Heritage Centre, 10 Queens Road, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M8 8UF (Map) commencing at 7.30pm, with viewing from 6.30pm. Telephone Ian Ball, Entertainments Officer, on 01457 835990 for a lot number. For more information visit: "Come on and make some money out of those props you no longer use, or if you are looking for something special it might just be there!" 2.7.05


The museum of Mind Games. "The world's first Psychic Museum has opened in York, the brainchild of astrologer Jonathan Cainer and psychic celebrity Uri Geller." Chris Bond stepped into the unknown in the Yorkshire Post last week. Click Here. 2.7.05


Deafblind UK. Jonathan Lucia-Wright emails: "I work for a charity called Deafblind UK - don't panic I'm not after your money! We support people who are both deaf and blind throughout the UK. I used to work in the entertainment business and decided to put my talents to use in my work with deafblind people. I now use humour and tactile materials to stimulate the people I work with who often communicate and discover the world through touch. Some have been deafblind from birth whilst others have gradually lost their sight and hearing due to old age. Some had heard of magic and some hadn't but all were really interested. I thought it would be interesting to discover tricks that could be appreciated by touch. I'm holding a magic holiday break for deafblind people in September and would appreciate any fantastic ideas on how to use magic through touch or any old tricks you can spare. Davenports of London have kindly donated some items but thumb tips and silks or even a discount would be welcome! Please contact me with any suggestions and thanks for taking the time to read this. Jonathan Lucia-Wright, Senior Support Worker/Clown Doctor, telephone: 01733 325 353 (work) or email 2.7.05


A DVD is now available featuring highlights from the first sell-out 'Close-up Magic Convention in Sussex' held earlier this year. With performances from Mark Mason, Stephen Tucker, Mark Shortland, Al Smith, Paul Gordon, Andrew Murray and Mark Worgan. "One hour of great magic, great memories and clips of all the action in dealer's hall; beautifully produced by Bob Hamilton." Click Here for more information and to order. 2.7.05


Merlins of Wakefield have just published their latest Preview Catalogue featuring over fifty tricks, books and DVDs. Email your name and address (mentioning that you saw this offer in MagicWeek) to and you'll be sent a free copy. You can meet the Merlins team in person at The Magic Circle Centenary Celebrations later on this month. 2.7.05


Notice: A reader recently received a stolen cheque in payment for goods advertised in the 'For Sale' section on MagicWeek. Readers are reminded that they use the free classified ads at their own risk. If taking payment for an expensive item by cheque it may be wise to allow the cheque to clear first, having first agreed this with the buyer so that they understand that there will be a short delay. Never accept offers of "over payment" and please always read the Terms & Conditions before buying or selling via MagicWeek. 2.7.05


Tony Griffith is featured in Magic Profile this week. Busy on the lecture circuit, Tony also presents "Teach-in" days throughout the year Many thanks to Simon Shaw for his review of Michael Ammar's recent lecture at the Ipswich Magical Society, Click Here Last week we featured Radio Magic, since then we've been sent details of their website: News from that Davenports now have their highly praised Quick Change book in stock "What a magical night!" Click Here "Report can't explain tiger attack on Roy" Click Here Graham Lee's Balloon Workshops take place on July 6th and 13th - see What's On for details TV magician Penn Jillette is happy to be American - because every other country is "an absolute hellhole" Click Here "Sixth Potter book could break previous record" Click Here. 2.7.05


MagicWeek celebrates its 5th Birthday today. Launched on July 1st 2000, I'd had the idea floating around in the back of my mind for a while but it wasn't until April 2000 that I finally decided to go for it. I was performing at a festival in Japan and the only book I'd taken out with me was a website software manual, which I somehow managed to read cover to cover. Scott & Muriel were performing at the same festival and told me about their plans to enter FISM 2000, and I remember telling them about my plans to launch MagicWeek... Three months later they'd won first prize at FISM (the Grand Prix), and I had the pleasure of reporting it in MagicWeek. Today MagicWeek is read by thousands of magicians all over the world. Thank you to all our readers, advertisers and contributors for the first five years - and see you next week for more! Duncan. 2.7.05